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Wonderful week is upon us; plan for joy

With the 27th pick of the 2016 NFL draft, the Green Bay Packers select...


Jeremy from Milwaukee, WI

Vic, there is evidence the Packers were historically a color rush team. I hope our team goes with the 1953 all-shamrock-green uniforms. Throwbacks that double as color rush? What more would a Packers fan want? Some prideful folks could even say we invented it.

Lies, lies! This is an outrage.

Tyler from Crane Lake, MN

It looks like the Panthers had a price line and stuck to it. I commend their conviction.

It looks like Josh Norman also had a price line and stuck to it. I commend his and the Panthers' convictions. It's nothing personal. It's just business.

Bob from Germantown, WI

I finished reading "Ask Vic" at 6 p.m. and there were just under 1,900 comments. That's crazy!

The pride I feel for what this column has launched in the way of expression is my reward for doing it.

Shane from Superior, WI

My wife and I are traveling to Jacksonville to adopt our first child. Any places you recommend visiting while we wait for the paperwork to go through?

Get a place on the beach, walk on the water's edge each morning and visit with each other. Your lives are about to change forever.

Nick from Charlotte, NC

Building a culture without fear of the howls of wolves is critical to success, as the wolves tend to be shortsighted and partly blind.

If you listen to the howl of the wolves, you'll be howling with them in a couple of years.

Dave from Minneapolis, MN

"I like a little bit of unfairness. It challenges us to overcome it. No replay review here." Thanks for this advice. It reflects an honorable attitude that transcends football and it helped me get through a tough day. Don't ever change.

Do I look like a man who would change?

Ramon from Paramount, CA

What do you do on draft day, Vic?

I like to watch and remember. Remembering is the big part because the draft will shape the future of the league. Five years from now, what will we remember of the moment the commissioner said, "With the 27th pick of the 2016 NFL draft, the Green Bay Packers select …"?

Ramon from Paramount, CA

I remember being shocked by the selection of Aaron Rodgers and then, again, with Randall. I will just sit back and watch now. In Ted we trust!

It's really all we can do.

James from Washington, DC

Vic, how do you quantify football instinct?

Without it, the measurables are meaningless.

Jan from Frytown, IA

You are a part of my every day. At 70, having survived a couple of heart issues, I know we have some things in common. Continue to take the best care.

We are all members of the fraternity of football, and you have been a part of my every day for 44 years. You helped me put my children through college, pay the mortgage and hear the waves that awakened me this morning. I owe everything to you, Jan.

Zaye from Melrose, WI

If the Packers don't win the Super Bowl, it's time to clean house.

Why plan for misery?

Ryan from Green Bay, WI

Vic, I am having a vision. I see the 2016 Packers going 14-2 with seven of those victories by large margins. I am seeing our offense using the five-WR set often, spreading out and embarrassing defenses. I see our defense making plays and getting turnovers. I see the Lombardi Trophy coming home at the beginning of 2017. Vic, is this a legitimate, prophetic vision, or am I just having delusions again?

You've failed to see the adversity the Packers will have to overcome to achieve all of that. Adversity is inevitable. All championship teams have to overcome it. It's what makes victory taste so sweet.

Jack from Downs, IL

Has there ever been an NFL player you have covered that truly adored the media?

Two immediately come to mind: Joe Greene and Tony Boselli. They loved talking to the media. Why? Because through the media they were talking to the fans. It's such an easy thing to do. Tell the fans what's in your heart following a thrilling victory or a galling defeat. When you avoid the media, you avoid the fans. That's my opinion.

Don from Gurnee, IL

Vic, if the league is so interested in expanding its presence to other markets, why have they not tried to get a team in Canada?

It's out of respect to the CFL, which has been a very good professional football league for a very long time. I don't favor expansion of the NFL in Canada, and it's out of respect for the CFL, but I would favor a merger of the two leagues. I favor the growth of professional football.

Dan from Stockbridge, WI

I thought your answer regarding the government infringing on the free market was interesting. Do owners feel the same way today about being forced to give away their games? There's no doubt the TV side of the NFL has played a huge part in its success. I wonder what any given team's revenue would look like today if that ruling hadn't been made. Much lower, I presume?

The 1973 Act of Congress turned out to be good for everyone, but that was 43 years ago and you can't apply today's standards to the landscape of the game back then. The big TV contracts were still on the horizon. Ticket revenue was almighty back then, plus, the days of empty seats were still fresh on owners' minds. Again, we're talking about the evolution of the game. Sometimes, unintended consequences produce popular results. The league didn't want players to have unrestricted free agency, either, but I think everyone would agree it's a fair system and it's helped increase the game's popularity. Maybe one day I'll feel the same way about replay review, but I doubt it.

Mark from Vincennes, IN

Should the NFL limit the number of future year's draft picks a team can trade to protect a team from sacrificing the future of its team?

I can't help but wonder what the result would be of a rule that forbid teams from trading draft picks. I think it would result in more player-for-player trades, and I'd like to see that happen.

David from Green Bay, WI

I love this time around the NFL draft.

I love it, too. The disappointment of the previous season for 31 teams gives way to hope for the future. Attitudes brighten. Anticipation builds. Football becomes fun again because there is no fear of losing. Everybody's a winner in the draft. This is going to be a great week. Make a plan for joy.

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