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World Bowl Race Explained


Jeremy Unertl and the Frankfurt Galaxy have qualified for World Bowl IX.

The race for places in World Bowl XI at Hampden Park, Glasgow, on June 14 could go right down to the final game of Week 10.

With one week remaining, one team (Frankfurt Galaxy) has clinched a place in the championship game and three others remain in the hunt for the second berth. Amazingly, none of the three chasing teams truly controls its own destiny. All three teams will need to rely on other results going their way even if they win their final game.

Here is a final reminder of the NFL Europe League's tiebreaker system.

NFLEL Tiebreaker System

If two or more clubs finish with identical won-lost-tied percentage, the following steps will be taken until a winner is determined:

  1. Head-to-head (best won-lost-tied percentage in games among the tied clubs).
  1. Best points differential in games between tied teams
  1. Best points differential in all games
  1. Best net touchdowns in games between tied teams
  1. Best net touchdowns in all games
  1. Coin toss

Note Regarding Multi-Team Tiebreakers: If clubs remain tied after third or other clubs have been eliminated from, or have won, a multi-team tiebreaker, the tiebreaker reverts to Step 1.

Team-By-Team Guide To World Bowl Race

Amsterdam Admirals (4-5): Eliminated from World Bowl contention and still seeking first championship game appearance since 1995. Need to win final game to avoid matching longest streak of losing seasons in NFLEL history (5 - London/England Monarchs, 1992, 1995-98)

F.C. Barcelona Dragons (5-4): Need to beat Rhein in Week 10 and then need Scotland to lose to Amsterdam.

Berlin Thunder (2-7): Eliminated from World Bowl contention, thus ending bid to become first team to qualify for three straight championship games. Need to win one more game to avoid posting worst record of a defending World Bowl champion (London, 2-7-1 in 1992).

Frankfurt Galaxy (6-3): Qualified for World Bowl for record fifth time.

Rhein Fire (5-4): Need to beat Barcelona in Week 10 and then need Scotland to lose to Amsterdam OR Frankfurt to lose to Berlin.

Scottish Claymores (5-4): Need to beat Amsterdam and then need Frankfurt to win at Berlin OR Barcelona to win at Rhein.

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