Executive Committee

Executive Committee And Board Of Directors

Now in their 99th season of existence and their 98th season in the National Football League, the Green Bay Packers are a team and an organization unique in both structure and accomplishment. They represent – from an organizational standpoint – the only publicly owned franchise in the 32-team NFL. On the field, they have won 13 NFL championships, more than any other franchise.

The Packers have been a community-owned team since 1923 when the Green Bay Football Corporation was founded. After it was forced into receivership in 1933, the franchise was reorganized in 1935 as Green Bay Packers, Inc., which is still operating today.

While the Packers still think of themselves as community-owned, their community has grown since 1923 to reflect their worldwide fan base. There are 5,011,566 shares of stock owned by 361,060 shareholders. A seven-member executive committee elected from a board of directors governs the corporation. The committee directs corporate management, approves major capital expenditures, establishes broad policy and monitors management’s performance in conducting the business and affairs of the corporation.

Executive Committee And Board Of Directors

Executive Committee
The seven-member Executive Committee of the Green Bay Packers presently is composed of: (back row) Mark J. McMullen, Treasurer; Daniel T. Ariens, Secretary; Mark H. Murphy, President; Thomas M. Olejniczak, Member; Michael D. Simmer, Member; (front row) Susan M. Finco, Member; and Thomas L. Olson, Vice President and Lead Director.


Board Of Directors:
  • Marcia M. Anderson
  • Daniel T. Ariens
  • Thomas D. Arndt
  • Ave M. Bie
  • Thomas J. Cardella
  • Richard J. Chernick
  • Casey Cuene
  • Valerie Daniels-Carter
  • Ricardo Diaz
  • Craig S. Dickman
  • Andrew E. Farah
  • Susan M. Finco
  • Philip B. Flynn
  • Beverly A. French
  • Terrence R. Fulwiler
  • Gerald L. Ganoni
  • Johnnie L. Gray
  • Michael J. Haddad
  • Jeffrey A. Joerres
  • George F. Kerwin
  • David Kohler
  • William F. Kress
  • Thomas G. Kunkel
  • Donald J. Long Jr.
  • Thomas J. Lutsey
  • Laurence A. McCarren
  • Michael J. McClone
  • Mark J. McMullen
  • Dexter E. McNabb
  • Mark H. Murphy
  • Thomas M. Olejniczak
  • Thomas L. Olson
  • Gary M. Rotherham
  • Diane L. Roundy
  • Karl A. Schmidt
  • Michael D. Simmer
  • Mark D. Skogen
  • John L. Skoug
  • Albert L. Toon Jr.
  • Dr. Elizabeth R. Trowbridge
  • Mike L. Weller
  • Michael A. Wier
  • Hon. John P. Zakowski



Directors Emeritus
  • John F. Bergstrom
  • Terry J. Bogart
  • John E. Broeren
  • Robert C. Buchanan
  • Robert G. Bush
  • James M. Christensen
  • Virgis W. Colbert
  • Willie D. Davis
  • Robert C. Gallagher
  • Dr. Donald F. Harden
  • Robert E. Harlan
  • George F. Hartmann
  • Thomas J. Hinz
  • James F. Kress
  • Bernard S. Kubale
  • Carl W. Kuehne
  • C. Patricia LaViolette
  • Charles R. Lieb
  • John N. MacDonough
  • Dr. Thomas A. Manion
  • John C. Meng
  • Stewart C. Mills Jr.
  • Peter M. Platten III
  • Herman J. Reckelberg
  • Pat Richter
  • Leo J. Scherer
  • Paul J. Schierl
  • Allan H. “Bud” Selig
  • K.C. Stock
  • Edward A. Thompson
  • Larry L. Weyers
  • Hon. Donald R. Zuidmulder


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