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Aaron Rodgers might have a magic wand

Cowboys fan wants Packers to decline the win


Russ from Chicago, IL

It seemed pretty clear Aaron's mobility was affected. Do you think that will be more of an issue against Seattle's defense than it was against Dallas?

Seattle is No. 11 in sacks per pass play; Dallas is No. 28. I think it's only logical to expect Aaron Rodgers' lack of mobility will be more of an issue against the Seahawks than it was against the Cowboys, but only if Rodgers doesn't get the same great pass protection he got against the Cowboys. I think we need to trust Mike McCarthy's judgment of his football team. In 2013, he promised the running game would be improved, and it was, greatly. This year he promised the defense would be improved, and it is, greatly. He also said his offensive line is the best he's ever had, and he was right, again.

Nathan from Denver, CO

Did we just see a one-legged quarterback running a one-dimensional offense come from behind in the second half?

There's a strong possibility Rodgers has a magic wand. Beware of magic-wand quarterbacks.

Greg from Melbourne, FL

Vic, how impressed are you with Aaron Rodgers' performance?

It is one of the most memorable performances I've ever covered. Terry Bradshaw was famous for his rise-from-the-dead performances, and I saw Mark Brunell execute a jaw-dropping, one-legged performance on Monday Night Football, but Rodgers has done it three games in a row, and his passer rating during those games has been something that would make any great two-legged quarterback proud. We're witnessing greatness.

Rick from Cameron, WI

I feel for Bryant, but the fact of the matter is every team has been adversely affected by that rule at some point. If Cowboys fans gotta complain/blame someone, don't blame the officials for getting the call right, blame the rules committee for implementing the rule.

I like the rule and here's why: You have to draw the line somewhere, and the rule makes the line most distinct. If you want it to be a catch, then catch it and eat it. That'll work. Reaching the ball out for the goal line has become a dangerous mania. There's a point at which ball security is more important than breaking the plane. This was one of those times. As soon as I saw the replay, I knew the call would be reversed.

Joe from Clio, MI

Very interesting game. Kind of old-school. Cowboys ran it 28 times and passed 19 for 315 yards. Your thoughts on how the Packers defense played?

One coach's challenge is the difference in our perception of how the defense played. If it's a catch and the Cowboys score, we're probably not as satisfied with how the defense played. I like the four sacks, but DeMarco Murray rushed for 123 yards and a 4.9 yards-per-carry average. In my opinion, the Packers will have to do a better job against Marshawn Lynch to be able to win in Seattle.

George from Irving, TX

Dallas won. You should do the honorable thing and decline the win because of a very bad call.

That's probably not going to happen, George.

Mark from Ladysmith, WI

Vic, I think it was great the Packers didn't show Cobb in the backfield the whole first half, so the Cowboys couldn't make second-half adjustments on it. Do the Packers do that more than we think?

I didn't think it was a big deal. The Cowboys knew it was coming. They were prepared for it. Stopping it is another matter.

Dave from Groton, VT

Would you figure Aaron's leg might be better for Seattle than it was vs. Dallas?

I didn't get that sense in Rodgers' postgame interview. He said it felt a little worse for the wear and, of course, he'll only have a week of recovery time before the next game. I don't think recovery is the issue. The issue is being able to play on it the way it is, and Rodgers appears to have adjusted beautifully.

Jeff from Hudson, WI

Vic, a lot to digest about this game. To me, one of the biggest moments was before half when the Cowboys chose to pass on third-and-1 instead of giving the ball to Murray, who was getting positive yards every time he ran the ball. They didn't even give the look they might run going out of the shotgun. Big momentum swing. No way I pass it there with the league's leading rusher on my team.

I thought one of the big decisions of the game was trying the field goal late in the half. When it failed, the Packers had the ball at their 40 with :29 to play and they were able to kick a field goal and cut the halftime deficit to 14-10. Sometimes not being aggressive is the smart play. If the Cowboys had punted and pinned a one-legged quarterback against his own goal line, the Packers might've taken a knee and gone to the locker room down 14-7. What would those three points have meant to the Cowboys on their final drive of the game?

Rob from Moline, IL

So how would Vic approach the Seattle offense?

Stop the run and make Russell Wilson beat you.

Jon from Bloomfield, NJ

Vic, here's a question I've heard you answer before: What is a catch?

Nobody knows.

Mike from Upham, ND

Lang's postgame comments about his penalty are very interesting. Watching it live, the flag was thrown well after his block on the defender. The flag appeared to come during the scuffle. He stated the refs from upstairs decided to levy it against him. Slippery slope for that type of call/direction from upstairs?

I like the fact it appears the league wants to get this kind of stuff right, instead of always penalizing the retaliator. We saw a lot of top performances yesterday, and one of them belongs to referee Gene Steratore. He's outstanding.

Abby from Bloomington, IL

So what do the Packers need to do in order to win in Seattle? Are you at all concerned we won't be able to run the ball in Seattle?

Why won't the Packers be able to run the ball in Seattle? The Packers can run the ball on anybody. Run the ball and stop the run. That's how you win in Seattle.

Keith from Andover, MN

Just before the Seattle game, I sent you a bold prediction that the winner of that game would host the losing team in the NFC Championship. Lucky guess?

I think a lot of people believed those were the top teams in the NFC heading into the season. I did. The Packers had three other opportunities to win home field advantage for this game. Had they won in Detroit, New Orleans or Buffalo, the Seahawks would be coming to Lambeau Field this week.

Brett from Rochester, MN

I'm surprised the Cowboys didn't call many blitzes early on to test Rodgers and the offensive line. The few times they did call blitzes, however, I noticed the offensive line looked extremely strong. Did you notice this as well?

I noticed Eddie Lacy running the ball down the Cowboys' throats early in the game. They didn't have a chance to blitz. The offensive line was outstanding again.

Noah from Brisbane, Australia

Vic, what can the Packers learn from their loss in Week 1?

Don't overprepare. Do what you do best.

Hugh from London, UK

How is the ticker this morning, Vic?

Good thing I got that tuneup.

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