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An elite GM needs an elite QB

Trade allowed Ron Wolf to build around Brett Favre


Corey from Whitehall, PA

How is Brett Hundley looking so far? I know we already have "The Man," but it's nice to have a solid backup.

Hundley is in the beginning stages of his development as an NFL quarterback. Scott Tolzien is Aaron Rodgers' backup.

Taylor from Temecula, CA

How do you think "Deflategate" should be resolved?

It should be resolved by the league and the Patriots, absolutely not by the courts. The courts must not be permitted to make the rules of professional football. A terrible precedent must be avoided. I'm counting on Robert Kraft to act in a leaguethink way.

Rick from Kenosha, WI

As far as tradition and fan base, which team, in your opinion, comes the closest to the Packers?

No team even comes close. Everybody else is just in the league so the Packers have somebody to play. Is that what you want to read? Seriously, it's time to begin having the same respect for other teams and their fans as you want them to respect you.

Carrie from San Jose, CA

What are your favorite memories from each of the three teams you've covered?

I'm not sure how to define favorite. For me, it doesn't always mean winning. My favorite memory of my years covering the Steelers are the afternoons I spent in Joe Greene's training camp dorm room, learning about the game that would dominate the rest of my life. My favorite memory of my years covering the Jaguars is the three-week Cinderella story that carried the Jaguars to the AFC title game in the Jaguars' second season. Fate was the 12th man. It started to get weird. My favorite memory of my four years covering the Packers is sitting in the postgame interview room in Seattle with about five minutes to play in last season's NFC title game, and thinking to myself this team is going to win it all, and how it had been a long time since I had covered that kind of team. A couple of minutes later, that thought began to pass. We don't get to pick and choose our favorite moments. Our heart makes that decision. Any memory is a good memory.

Chad from Minneapolis, MN

Ted Thompson may be the most underrated GM in football. The quality of our offensive line is a masterpiece of the draft-and-develop philosophy. Do you consider Thompson an elite GM?

He is absolutely an elite general manager, and it begins with having the most important ingredient, an elite quarterback. Would Ron Wolf be in Canton this weekend had he not traded for Brett Favre? Would Bill Polian be in Canton without having drafted Peyton Manning? An elite GM must have an elite quarterback as the team's centerpiece player. It gives him the opportunity to build around that player, and that's what Thompson, Wolf and Polian have done.

Juan from San Antonio, TX

Vic, in the draft-and-develop philosophy, when do you decide a first-round pick will not help your team, as compared to a fourth-round pick?

When do you quit on a first-round pick? After having given him every possible chance to prove he can perform as you expected he would when you invested a first-round pick in him. It's a question you don't even begin asking until year three of the player's career, and I think that's even too early. One of my favorite GM types was fond of saying, "Get 'em good or get 'em gone." It sounded cool, but I never believed that to be true. In my mind, get 'em good or you'll be gone.

Doug from Miami, OK

I agree with you about Nick Perry playing defensive end. I thought he should've stayed there. Any idea why he was moved to linebacker? I guess the coaching staff saw something to warrant the move?

He was likened to Lamont Woodley, a big-bucket pass rusher off the edge in a 3-4. I think he can still deliver on that promise. Does he have to be a yard off the line of scrimmage? Maybe he can play as a standup end. Necessity is the mother of invention, and it's necessary to find a way to get Perry success because he has the talent to make this a better defense. Don't think in terms of formation. Think in terms of function.

Jeremy from Grande Prairie, WI

Vic, the Packers, by most accounts, have had unprecedented success assembling their receiving corps in recent years. Is this due to superior drafting, development or both?

It's due to drafting, development and Aaron Rodgers.

Gary from Wausau, WI

"Opportunity is often the difference between success and failure." Your words are powerfully written. Will you please give me something else to marinade on about opportunities?

Opportunity is a chance to overcome our mistakes.

Nick from Seattle, WA

Vic, will all this money talk and salary cap concerns surrounding the Seahawks be the start of their downfall?

No. Pete Carroll will have his team focused and ready to defend its NFC title. Packers fans are spending too much time trying to predict the Seahawks' downfall. Don't wish them ill, beat them.

George from Dauphin, PA

Vic, I'm going to the Packers-Steelers game in a couple of weeks. I'll be looking for a Packers-friendly bar the evening before. Suggestions?

Go to Greenfield and ask around.

Nate from Pueblo, CO

One position, inside linebacker. We're worried about one position! How many other teams and their fans can only dream about wanting to upgrade just one position?

In the salary cap era, no team is worry free. My greatest concern for the Packers is their defensive line going into the season. It's absolutely imperative for the Packers' young defensive linemen to develop quickly, because the Packers will be facing Matt Forte, Marshawn Lynch and Jamaal Charles in the first three weeks of the season.

Andy from Stratford, WI

Which press box serves the best food?

Tampa Bay and Green Bay top the list.

Taylor from New Richmond, WI

With the recent release of the whole "Deflategate" stuff, where do you currently stand? What is your opinion on the whole thing up to this point?

My opinion hasn't changed since this first came to light. I'm in complete agreement with Mark Murphy. The ball is the centerpiece of the game. It must be inviolable. If the NFL has problems that go beyond this issue, then they must be fixed. The idea of allowing teams to play with a football of their inflation choosing is so ridiculous it saddens me to think there's a faction of fans and media that would think that way. I am 100 percent in support of the commissioner's position on this matter.

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