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Anxiety building for opener; I'm ready

Brett Hundley gives us good feeling to end preseason


Chase from Sunnyvale, CA

How come the NFL didn't provide all of the reports they had on Deflategate to the judge?

I don't know the answer to that question, just as I don't know what happened to Tom Brady's cell phone and its text messages. I'm not sure the judge knows, either. This was a case loaded with supposition, and I believe that's why the judge ruled as he did. It's not the ruling that bothers me. It's that the courts are now making the rules by which our game is played. That's the precedent that was set in this matter. Who'll be next to challenge the commissioner's authority? What will be the far-reaching effects of this ruling? It bothers me most that leaguethink was damaged. This was the league fighting the league. It was not 32 teams acting as one. I saw it in 1977 in the "criminal element" case. It was one team suing another team for something its coach said. It was a divisive court case and it set the table for a decade of legal wrangling. We are losing the philosophy that made this league great. I feel sorry for the legacy of Pete Rozelle, and sad for the unity that was lost in a courtroom on Thursday.

Michael from Princeton Junction, NJ

Now that the preseason is over, when will "Ask Vic Extra" return?

"Ask Vic Extra" will return on Monday, Sept. 14, and will continue through the regular season and postseason. This year, however, the Friday edition of "Ask Vic Extra" will be replaced by "Ask Vic Chat."

Jordan from Nevada, IA

Vic, it's here. Are you ready?

I am absolutely ready. I see a good football team. I see a challenging schedule. I already sense a degree of anxiety for the opener in Chicago. That's how I know I'm ready.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

Will the special teams big-letters promise affect the final roster cuts?

Sure it will. There will be players who make this team based on what they offer on special teams.

Daniel from Sugar Land, TX

Vic, has yinze ever heard of an iron? Try and find a more wrinkled shirt for the next "Final Thoughts" video, huh?


Jonas from Pembine, WI

Vic, after last night's game, lots of teams are waiting for the Packers to make their cuts. We have a plethora of talented young players who, unfortunately, we will not be able to keep.

Every team has talented young players it wants to keep but can't. The Packers will keep an eye on the players they have to release, just as every team in the league will stay in touch with the players they hated to cut. As players leave, they'll provide contact information and they'll be told to stay in shape. I have no doubt you'll see some of these young players make their way back here. They'll become part of what I like to call the Packers' "street free agent roster."

John from Springfield, IL

Vic, I don't see how anyone is worried about wide receiver. As long as Rodgers is at QB, there are no worries at the position. My concern is at CB. I have seen multiple times the rookies get beat bad. I know they just started in the NFL, but they are going to have to step up sooner rather than later. What is your biggest concern?

It's not cornerback. I think the secondary is the deepest and most talented area on the defense. My concern is at linebacker. In a 3-4, they're the stars of the show. Jayrone Elliott had a nice game last night and that eases some of my concern, but I need to see more young linebackers emerge. I need to see impact players at that position because the 3-4 requires impact from the linebacker positions.

Trevor from Clearfield, PA

Out of all quarterbacks in the preseason that had more than 30 pass attempts, Brett Hundley has the highest passer rating in the NFL. Why do you think he fell so far in the draft?

It's because teams made the mistake of seeing what he was instead of seeing what he can become. After playing well in 2013 and positioning himself as a possible high draft pick, his performance declined in 2014. That's exactly what happened to Dan Marino and caused him to fall in the 1983 draft. The Packers got it right and it only cost them a fifth-round pick.

Samuel from East Troy, WI

So, did head coach Vic sleep well after last night's game?

Take away the Jordy Nelson injury and we're chortling about the preseason. How many teams would like to eliminate one injury? The Packers are as ready as they can be. Defense will be a work in progress, but depth was developed at cornerback in this camp, and that is the most major of accomplishments.

Jeffery from Onalaska, WI

Would GM Vic keep Hundley on the active roster or risk losing him on the practice squad?

That's no longer an issue. If it wasn't decided before last night, it was certainly decided last night.

Paul from Hayama, Japan

Can you share any insights on what or how coaching and support staff are evaluated during training camp and the preseason games? We get caught up in player evaluations, but I assume all of the coaches/staff are being evaluated as well.

You make this sound as though it's "Team IBM." I've never known coaches and support staff to be evaluated during training camp and the preseason. They're evaluated during the regular season. The scoreboard provides the evaluation.

Mark from Wheaton, IL

Mike McCarthy said it will realistically take 2-3 weeks for the defense to establish its identity. What do you think the defense's identity will be?

I think the defense's early-season identity will be that of a unit playing a lot of people as it attempts to find a repeating lineup. I don't see a true starting lineup right now. I see a lot of players competing for playing time.

Ezra from Brisbane, Australia

Have we just seen Hundley overtake Tolzien as the new No. 2 QB? Tolzien played it safe and didn't test his arm, whereas Hundley took the game on. More importantly, is it too soon to name either QB as Rodgers' replacement?


I'm giving you a speeding ticket, and one for reckless driving, too. You know what cracks me up? My inbox has been full of people telling me preseason games are meaningless, but today's inbox is full of people gaga about Hundley's performance last night. So, when a player is lost to injury, it was in a meaningless preseason game, but when a player throws four touchdown passes in a preseason game, it's meaningful. Which is it?**

Patrick from Plymouth, MN

Honest question: Who is the second-string QB?

Honest answer: Scott Tolzien.

Paul from Minneapolis, MN

Vic, it seems Lombardi and McCarthy are almost polar opposites when it comes to how they view the preseason. Are they truly different or is it the same thinking in two different eras?

A coach today can't play to win in the preseason as aggressively as Lombardi did. Fans and media would "kill" him every time a player got a bruise. The question is would Lombardi play as aggressively to win in the preseason in today's game as he did in his era?

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