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April Fools surprise: 'Ask Vic Raw'

My Jacksonville friends are being mean to the Packers


John from Madison, AL

Vic, you had mentioned that the game was growing and there'd be a team in Europe soon. Do you foresee an eventual pro football league in Europe that will rival the NFL similar to the way the AFL did 50 years ago? Then the Super Bowl as we know it could just be another playoff game prior to the "World Bowl" where the NFL champions play the champions of the European league?

I see a team in London. If it's successful, I see a team in Frankfurt. If the game grows in Europe, I can see the day when there's an international division, but it would be within the NFL, just as the other divisions are. I believe London is on the horizon, but expansion beyond London is way down the road.

kory from moseslake, wa

here is an off the wall idea lets get ride of the viking send them to the AFC bring in the bangles to the NFC NORTH , we could have the lions tigers and bears...oh no what say you?

I don't like your idea, I think.

David from Riverside, CA

Will the NFL change its name, or perhaps the names of the American and National conferences, as teams from other countries join the league?

No. The NFL is a brand, not a description, just as Big 10 is a brand.

al from port, wi

tod macshay says "...goff is the best passer of the ball...". what the heck else is he going to pass?

I get your point.

Chuck from Milwaukee, WI

Vic: Thanks for reminding me of Steinbeck. It's been years since I read him. His writing is as delightful as one of those cold, clear Green Bay mornings that take your breath away.

I don't like those mornings.

Adam from Green Bay, WI

What is the worse case of cut and gut you have ever seen in the League?

It's the 2002 Jaguars. Their inaugural-season roster was better.

Tim from Perrysburg, OH

Vic, Your punctiliousness is something up with which I will not put.

Well done, Winston.

Jacob from River Falls, WI

I understand your frustration for the overuse of the word "that". Do you often read questions with the word "like" overused? I'm not sure if it is a generational thing, but it bothers me when I have a conversation and "like" is overused. It almost makes me cringe every time I hear it.

Like is often used incorrectly; it should be as. Sometimes I make that mistake on purpose because I wanna be like everyone else. I like to be liked.

Mark from Canton, GA

Vic, you had previously stated you think that the Jaguars are a team on the rise. Do you think the game at Jacksonville may be the toughest non-divisional road game for the Pack this year?

I think it depends on the date for which the game is scheduled. I'm getting emails from my friends in Jacksonville. They say: I hope they schedule the game for one o'clock in Sept. Bring your green jerseys and your awnings. You're going down.

David from Coeur d Alene, Idaho

Mike McCarthy says he likes tall wide receivers. There is a 6 -6  wide receiver from BYU named Mitch Mathews available for the draft this year that looks intriguing. Do you have any thoughts on him?

Dude, where is your apostrophe? When you live in a place with a name as beautiful as Coeur d'Alene (Heart of the Awl), you shouldn't butcher its spelling. Somebody might've died for that apostrophe. It bothers me when people leave out the H in Pittsburgh. The Scottish lobbied hard for that H. Mathews is tall but not fast. If you want tall, he's your guy.

Justin from Los Angeles, CA

We always hear the cautionary tales of underwear league guys who shot up draft boards and flopped, but there have to be at least a few guys who came out of nowhere and turned into great pros. Who's the fastest riser you saw who actually justified the hype?

Jason Pierre-Paul.

Nick from Water Mill, NY

Vic, Curious,...what happens to the Packers after Aaron Rodgers ?

You have to find another one. It'll be difficult. Enjoy what you have while you have it.

mike from milwaukee, Wisconsin

how do you think a donald trump presidency would effect the nfl? do you think that players would try not to win the superbowl so they wouldn't have to visit the whitehouse?

No, they'd all want to go see his hair.

Mike from Rhinelander, WI

Vic,love your column,it has become a daily ritual with my first cup of coffee. You stated there will be a team in Europe sooner than we think. Wouldn't adding a 33rd team throw off the schedule,give one division 5 teams and defeat the purpose of realignment or are you saying you believe a current team will relocate ?


Chris from Summerville, SOUTH CAROLINA

The Panthers had an elite offense last year without elite talent at the skilled positions. They lost their top wide receiver before the season just like the Packers did. They have  The Man ; we have  The Man . How were they so much better on offense than us?

The Panthers were No. 1 in rushing, which helped open the passing lanes. Had the Packers' running game been more consistently effective last season, it would've helped open the passing lanes.

mycah from sharon hill, Pennsylvania

y'all should really get jared cook

Sonny and Cher are still singing in your bedroom, huh?

Glenn from Noblesville, IN

My students are going on spring break today. As much as I like vacation with my family, it's hard for me to totally get away from the job. How do you make it happen?

I live in a spring break beach town and this is spring break week. Yesterday, at our only supermarket, I noticed the shelves were depleted of beer, trash bags and toilet paper. Sounds like fun.

Bill from Ringle, WI

Because it looks like there are more good D linemen available How far up in the draft do the Packers need to move for a top ILB?

I don't think they'll need to move.

tom from vista, ca

I think what our insightful young friend is saying that we welcome the inevitable seasons of nature, but we're upset by the seasons of our economy. London will huddle Cmon mates let's stop the bloody Steelers


Ed from Valparaiso, Indiana

Why doesn't the packers want to bring in someone like anquan boldin or james jones with leadership for a cheap price?

I got to know James Jones in a more personal way last season, and I became very fond of him. He's a pro. It's a term of endearment for me. He's a pro and he knows it's a young man's game. I love those guys. They get it.

Ethan from La Crosse, WI

Vic, have spelling errors gone away since you asked us to do a better job?

Yes, they've declined dramatically. Thanks, everybody.

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