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April Fools! Today, I ask the questions



Well, maybe it's not a surprise since we did this last year. In keeping with tradition, this is "April Fools' Day Ask Vic." Today, I ask the questions. Your answers will appear in tomorrow's column. Try to keep them short, please.

  1. If you were the head coach, would you switch to a 4-3 defense?
  1. If you were general manager, what's the first thing you would do?
  1. In your unbiased opinion, who's the best quarterback of all time?
  1. Why do you get angry at me when I give you my opinion? You asked for it.
  1. In your unbiased opinion, who are the best fans in the league?
  1. Are you winsome?
  1. When you go nuts after a Packers loss, do you regret it a few days later?
  1. In your unbiased opinion, who's the best quarterback in the game today?
  1. Were you angry when the Packers didn't sign Jairus "Bird Is The Word" Byrd?
  1. Should the Packers maximize the Aaron Rodgers years by loading up on free agents, as the Broncos have done?
  1. Were you one of the ones last spring that said the Packers should sign Steven Jackson? Do you feel silly now?
  1. In your unbiased opinion, what's the best stadium in the NFL?
  1. Why do you dislike Colin Kaepernick for trying to do to you what you're trying to do to him?
  1. Why do you dislike Jim Harbaugh? He always speaks highly of the Packers and Lambeau Field.
  1. What would you change about "Ask Vic?"
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