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Bears look like legitimate contender to me

Here’s an idea from the world of soccer


Craig from Las Cruces, NM

Which 3-0 team do you think is the biggest pretender?

They all look legitimate to me. If you want me to say it's the Bears, I'm going to disappoint you. Mel Tucker has that defense playing aggressively. Marc Trestman has Jay Cutler playing with much more discipline.

Craig from Las Cruces, NM

Vic, the Packers are in the same situation the 49ers and Falcons are in. Do you see a situation where one of these three teams will not make the playoffs?

They're all being challenged by undefeated teams in their divisions. This is hardly panic-button time, but I guarantee there's a sense of urgency in each of those three teams' facilities.

Travis from Brookings, SD

Vic, I saw a story on FOX about coaches receiving fines for running up the scores in high school football. I think it's pretty ridiculous. Your thoughts?

Have we lost the ability to act in a sportsmanlike manner, even on the high school level? Must we even have a ruling body to enforce common sense? This goes to the whole keep-your-foot-on-the-gas commentary that flooded my inbox last week, and that was following a win. What's the goal? Is it to win or is it to humiliate?

David from Huntsville, AL

Do you think not allowing Rodgers to break the passing yards record over Matt Flynn affects the player-coach relationship? Why not let him throw for one more yard? It did not seem like the Redskins could have stopped it and a turnover would not have affected the outcome at that time.

This was reported in our coverage following the game, but here it is again: They didn't know. Neither Mike McCarthy nor Aaron Rodgers knew they had tied the Packers' all-time yards passing record. When Rodgers was asked about it after the game, he seemed to enjoy having tied Flynn for the record. They were teammates and Rodgers was very supportive of Flynn in free agency. I don't think we need to search as hard as we are for reasons the Packers are 1-2. They failed to convert a fourth-and-inches play that was returned 58 yards for the game-winning touchdown. We don't need to search any deeper than that. You have to convert those plays. It's been a problem for this team and it's something I sincerely hope Eddie Lacy will remedy.

Benjamin from Houston, TX

English soccer matches often have two commentators: one is an avid fan for one team, and the other is an avid fan of the opposing team. They spend a large part of the game talking up their respective teams and putting down the opposing team. It's the only commentating I've ever been able to enjoy, and I'll never understand our concern with having unbiased commentators. This is football, baby! If you want respect, earn it.

That sounds weird and, yet, another reason why I'd close the blinds if they were playing the World Cup in my backyard.

Paul from De Pere, WI

What can reasonably be expected for in-game adjustments to lost personnel? Can you game plan to lose a Finley?

Unless you have another Jermichael Finley, "There goes the wildcat."

Matthias from Zurich, Switzerland

Vic, after the fumble on fourth-and-inches, the TV guys made a comment about a rule regarding fumbles on fourth downs. I am a bit confused on this because it is only ruled on offense. At least this is what I got because my friend overscreamed the TV comments in frustration. Can you explain this rule, please? Just for the record, I love your column and attitude. It helps me cool down after a loss like the one last weekend.

Search Holy Roller, Dave Casper. It's a good read. You'll enjoy it.

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