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Canton really does this right

Brett Favre takes his place in Hall of Fame on Saturday night


Kathy from Temecula, CA

What is it like in Canton during HOF weekend? Are there multiple venues/activities going on? Is it easy to get around? My husband and I were thinking about going this year (he is a Raiders fan) but we were unable to go. We are now planning to go in five years for Woodson's induction.

I'm not in Canton yet, but I forwarded your question to Spoff. Here's what he said: The Gold Jacket Ceremony Thursday night was really neat. I could have done without NFL Network's endless commercial breaks, but just being in the same building as 100-plus HOFers was awe-inspiring. There was a classiness to the whole event, and hearing Favre call it a new family he's joining gave a first-time visitor like me a new appreciation for it all. Canton really does this right, and I can't wait for the induction ceremony on Saturday night.

James from Tualatin, OR

I wonder how many people fell in love with football and the Packers thanks to Brett Favre. He played the game with so much heart and a child-like joy I will always remember and cherish. Will we ever see another player like him?

I don't think so. As he's stated, there may have been more accurate passers with stronger arms, but few had as much fun as Favre did playing a game. His contribution came at a time when the Packers needed a football facelift and his personality put Green Bay back in the national spotlight. Win or lose, you cannot tell me you didn't enjoy watching him play the game. Frustrating at times? Sure, but every minute was a thrill ride.

George from Torrance, CA

I keep hearing about the strength of the secondary, particularly with Randall and Rollins, but is there any news on Micah Hyde? What kind of role should we expect from him this year?

Hyde has been on the field the first two weeks of camp, alternating at safety and slot cornerback. I'm guessing you'll start hearing his name pop up in the weeks to come, particularly with the punt return. You're reading and seeing so much about Randall and Rollins based on how the Packers have utilized them this offseason. As of right now, Hyde is still working the slot in the dime defense and the first to substitute in at safety behind Morgan Burnett and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

Audrey from Bellevue, NE

Will there be an "Insider Inbox Extra" or "Insider Inbox Halftime" throughout the season?

I'm glad you asked. Mike Spofford will be doing a live halftime chat on during the Hall of Fame Game, so make sure to bring your questions.

Dennis from Hudson, WI

I don't see any reason to believe that Green Bay's run defense will again be no better than 15th in the NFL. Barrington has been out all season plus on pup. My question is why doesn't Ted Thompson value and spend some money to find some great inside linebackers.

Assuming Barrington can get back to how he played in 2014, I think this is the deepest the Packers have been at the position since 2010 with A.J. Hawk, Nick Barnett, Desmond Bishop and Brandon Chillar. Thompson has put resources in the position, but he's done it through the draft. We'll get a better feel for where the group is at once the preseason games start. So far, Blake Martinez looks promising. It doesn't seem like the game will be too big for him. If Jake Ryan makes a jump, the Packers have a multitude of options there in addition to the Clay Matthews wild card.

David from New Berlin, WI

"When he spits on the sidewalk it cracks," Biff and Spoff? That was an awesome monologue! Is that stuff scripted or does rock do that off the cuff?

All unscripted. Larry doesn't even tell us what he's going to talk about until he says it on camera. The man is a magician.

Kelly from Antigo, WI

Watching Kevin Greene and Brett together at the banquet last night immediately brought back the memory of Greene planting Brett into the ground in the 1994 Christmas Eve game (the Thigpen game). It was my first Packer game and I thought Greene killed him. Jim McMahon took a couple snaps, Brett promptly walked back onto the field and threw a TD pass the next play. That's when I knew we had a legend on our hands. Memories. They're a good thing.

I actually was at the Thigpen game, too. That's one of my earliest football memories. That crowd was absolutely insane. Seeing him come free in the end zone, it was like, 'Well, here we go again,' and then he drops it. I taped the game and came home to see that image of Sean Jones walking off the field with his arm around Neil O'Donnell's shoulder. Favre's heroics get overshadowed by that ending, but it was his resiliency and toughness that put Green Bay in that position.

Mike from Stillwater, MN

I've been a Packer fan since the late '60s. I was able to feel some of the joy of the Lombardi years. I felt the sting of defeat and disappointment through the next 25 years and finally the continuing pride and excitement of these past 25 years of the Favre/Rodgers era. My memories of Rodgers are, of course, not yet complete, but my memories of Favre are. The memory that I will always keep with me of Brett Favre is one of joy. The joy he brought to this franchise. The joy he brought to the game of football. And the joy he brought to Green Bay and to all Packer fans everywhere. What a gift he gave us all! So my question is this. Do you have a one- or two-word memory of him that you will always keep with you?


Maggie from Kenosha, WI

I think it's safe to say there are seven WRs on every Packer fan's radar going into the preseason, but what about Geronimo Allison? Does No. 81 have a legitimate roster shot? Everything I've seen from him has impressed me. He's got the height and reliable hands. Thoughts?

One of the most interesting things about camp so far has been all the options the Packers have at receiver. We're often talking about the seven veterans at the top of the depth chart, but Allison and returning practice-squad receivers Ed Williams and Jamel Johnson have made some nice plays in practice, too. With five preseason games, the Packers will get extended looks at all of them. Allison's size certainly jumps off the page, but he and Williams have caught everything thrown their way so far.

Fayla from Spring, TX

When will Brett Favre be recognized for his HOF induction at Lambeau? Which game? Please say the Texans game...We can't wait to experience Lambeau!

He's going to be honored during a halftime ceremony against Dallas on Oct. 16. Enjoy your trip.

Jennifer from Milwaukee, WI

I finally found time to watch the Family Night practice. What is with the PURPLE T-shirts? I would NEVER wear purple in Green Bay unless it was a non-sports shirt or T-shirt.

A few people have asked this. I believe it was for March of Dimes. Purple is their primary color.

Brian from Champaign, IL

How much do Ted Thompson and the scouting team help decide which players are kept of the original 90? Is it all decided by the coaches? Do the scouts help evaluate during camp and preseason? Thanks for the column.

Ted Thompson gathers the opinions of his scouts and coaching staff throughout training camp, but ultimately it's his call as the general manager on who makes the 53-man roster. I have no idea as to how much give-and-take there is, but you'll frequently hear Thompson talk about how much he appreciates his scouts voicing their thoughts on particular players. At the end of the day, he's the one deciding what form the roster takes.

Noah from Brisbane, Australia

What's a few things you will be watching for when the Packers take the field against the Colts on Sunday?

I'm excited to see the young linemen play on both sides of the ball. Kenny Clark and Jason Spriggs are off to productive starts in one-on-ones, so it'll be interesting to see if it carries over to a game. We'll get our first game-day look at Blake Martinez, who should get a lot of playing time. Plus, there's always an undrafted rookie or returning practice-squad player who makes an impact. Even if a lot of starters sit, a lot of storylines to follow.

Jason from Fort Collins, CO

Biff, you had me at 5-8! Don't forget the ½. That's amazing. Do the Packers have some kind of height requirement for reporters before they hire them similar to the height line at county fairs before you go on a ride? 5-8 and under and no dice, but here comes Biff sliding in at 5-8½...You're hired!

I'm a natural over-achiever. Like quarterbacks under 6-feet tall, I probably wouldn't have been given a chance 20 years ago, but the game has changed and I appreciate the Packers organization being open-minded about the height of their reporters. I have a small wingspan for group interview huddles, but feel I make up for it with my tenacity.

Alex from Kaukauna

Guys, we need more one-word answers.

I agree.

Peter from Providence, RI

Wow, Justin Rose quit his job as a successful PGA player to take the coveted lead intern role at Vic leaving clearly left a sizable vacuum.

Justin was looking for a new opportunity.

Justin from Titonka, IA

Who would be your starting Games of Thrones lineup?

General Manager: Daenerys Targaryen

Head Coach: Tyrion Lannister


QB: Jon SnowRB: Arya StarkFB: Davos SeaworthWR: Jaime LannisterWR: Robb StarkTE: Brienne of TarthLT: HodorLG: The HoundC: Samwell TarlyRG: Tormund GiantsbaneRT: The Mountain

Defense (3-4 alignment)

DL: Jorah MormontDL: Robert BaratheonDL: Areo HotahOLB Khal DrogoOLB: Arthur DayneILB: Ned StarkILB: Stannis BaratheonCB: Cersei LannisterCB: Oberyn MartellS: Daario NaharisS: Sansa StarkK: Grey WormP: Petyr Baelish

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