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Defensive line, running game make Packers better

Why exactly did the Browns sign Charles Johnson?


Koigi from Lynchburg, VA

"You make the playoffs 11 times and you're out in the first round seven out of 11 times. You love to have the Star Wars numbers from Peyton and Marvin (Harrison) and Reggie (Wayne). Mostly, you love this (ring).—Jim Irsay. "What good are stats if you're losing? Winning makes everything right. Aaron Rodgers doesn't need more stats, he needs more titles. When you have the titles, you have immortality."—Vic Ketchman. Both on the same day. Case closed.

The difference is I don't own the team that's playing Peyton Manning this week. I'll bet Chuck Pagano was really happy to hear what his owner said.

Bob from Wauwatosa, WI

Vic, I heard Jerome Bettis on ESPN radio today responding to the question about the lack of an NFC North team exerting its dominance. His response about the Packers? The defense has not improved one bit from the last two years, and that the desire to improve the running game has slowed down the offense.

I disagree on both counts. The Packers defensive line is greatly improved and in time that'll translate to better play on the back end. The running game is not only giving the Packers a big-play element in their offense they didn't have last season, it was largely the reason for victory in Baltimore.

Casey from Coates, AK

Vic, I want to cry. First, Hayward's not back, then Matthews goes out, and then Jones and Cobb went out. As if that isn't enough, now Perry broke his foot. Can you console me?

You need more daylight. I'm starting to feel the same way in Green Bay; it must be much worse up there.

Mike from Sussex, WI

Vic, why would the play have been called dead had Kuhn (or another Packer for that matter) not tried to fall on it or pick it up? Is a blocked punt treated differently from a fumble as far as recovery by the other team goes?

The punt was blocked on the Ravens' side of the line of scrimmage. Once it crossed the line of scrimmage, it was live, as any punt is. If the Packers had touched it and fumbled it on the Ravens' side of the line of scrimmage and the ball not crossed the line of scrimmage, it would've still been the Packers' ball.

Cale from Titletown, WI

Vic, how impressed were you with the way David Bakhtiari handled Suggs?

Terrell Suggs had one tackle for a loss. That's it. No sacks, no hurries, no battled balls, no interceptions, no strips, no fumble recoveries. What's that say?

Steven from Brookfield, WI

I disagree completely that Bob Costas' editorial was "measured, even and fair." At risk of digressing to a debate on this particular instance, Costas' piece came to subjective conclusions and argued that a particular point of view ought to be universally adopted. Do you not see this sort of insertion of political, social and moral beliefs into sportscasting as a negative?

No, I don't. My mind is open to varying opinions.

Matt from Nampa, ID

Vic, the only questions you seem to post are the ones where they praise you and your "insight." Come on, enough of this. We all need a pat on the back, but you're just praising yourself by posting that on this site.

OK, I stink.

Tom from Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Do you see the Browns signing Charles Johnson as bad timing for us, gathering intel for the upcoming game, or addressing a need for them? I was excited by his potential after the draft.

I think the Browns had some questions they wanted to ask Johnson. Once upon a time, that would've cost you your quarterback. The culture clearly has changed. I'll never understand how teams justify the conditions of the practice squad, but then go all stealth when it comes to providing the most insignificant piece of information to the media and the fans. When you put a guy on your practice squad, you often pay him to be a spy for the enemy. A week before you're to play a team, that team signs a guy off your practice squad and he proceeds to tell them everything there is to know about your players' injuries, your playbook, your snap count, etc. It makes no sense to hide information from the media and fans, and then pay players to provide that information to future opponents.

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