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Draft is the No. 1 event of the offseason

Packers’ track record is pretty good


Lasse from Svendborg, Denmark

Although I agree with you on banning gloves, I don't think the casual fan will. Isn't the Odell Beckham catch exactly the kind of play the casual fan enjoys?

That's why gloves won't be banned, but let's please keep in mind that Raymond Berry didn't have that kind of equipment available to him.

Joshua from Collegeville, MN

Vic, with the offseason here, what is the most important part of it for the Packers and why?

The Packers are a draft-and-develop team, therefore, the draft is always the most important event of the offseason. The draft is at the heart of the Packers' success. If they draft well, they'll win. If they don't draft well, they'll lose. What does it tell you that the Packers are winning?

Paul from Green Bay, WI

Apparently I have been banned. Must be nice to have such power.

You weren't banned, but you are now.

Mark from West Allis, WI

What did Ed Sabol do for the NFL?

He romanticized it. He turned football into art.

Jerry from Littleton, CO

Vic, is Mike Spofford really as talented as he seems or is it just in contrast to your seemingly limited (but winsome) skill set?

I've been telling him for four years that I would make him a star.

Conor from Bloomington, IN

Vic, what did you see from Datone Jones this past year?

I saw development. I saw a young, talented defensive lineman learning his craft. I expect him to take another step in his development next season.

Rick from Shawano, WI

Stifling any and all dissent makes "Ask Vic" the cleanest and the best? What about your continual lying?

Does it show?

Rob from Spring Lake, NJ

Hasn't Tom Clements been heavily involved in play-calling for years?

He's been involved in the process for so long that he knows exactly what Coach McCarthy wants called and what he expects to achieve with the call.

Dale from Raytown, MO

Vic, I keep hearing fans wanting to restructure Peppers' contract so we don't take a big hit next year. Why can't they just void this contract and sign a new, cheaper one?

What about the bonus amortization left on the old contract? If you void that contract, all of that amortization accelerates onto the Packers' 2015 cap as dead money.

Sue from Appleton, WI

Vic, Ted Thompson is all about draft and develop. He continually talks about it. I understand there's a salary cap, but we must find a way to keep Cobb and Bulaga, two young guys in their prime. If he lets them go, then I really don't understand his philosophy. Draft and develop, as long as they don't get too good?

I think you're out ahead of the story and worrying unnecessarily. Did he lose Sam Shields? Mike Neal? B.J. Raji? When haven't the Packers shown a willingness to retain their own guys? How many draft picks have the Packers allowed to leave and later regretted the decision? Thompson's track record in these matters is pretty good. Relax.

Jake from Franklin, WI

Vic, when Favre retired and subsequently left, I was just a kid who was heavily disappointed. Now, I can't wait for his return. Time truly can heal wounds.

The heart has amazing recuperative powers.

Matt from Bloomington, IL

I get a kick that, after the loss, people blame McCarthy for his play-calling. Then, after rumors that McCarthy is going to stop calling plays, people call him a great play-caller. Does Packer nation in your inbox change its opinion quickly after a dramatic event?

Mike from Pickerington, OH

Vic, you stated we could compare franchises. Which four teams would be on Vic's NFL franchise Mt. Rushmore?

Packers, Steelers, Cowboys and Giants.

Brent from Baton Rouge, LA

Can one not reconcile BAP with drafting for need, as long as you trade your picks to where need and BAP meet?

That's the idea, isn't it?

Peter from Toledo, OH

Vic, you said you hope Clements becomes the best play-caller you ever covered. I dare say that was touching. I know you're a reporter and not a fan, but those who dismiss you because you don't bleed green and gold should notice such overtures. In other words, you didn't say, "Hey, I just report. What do I care what happens to the Packers' play-calling?"

Why would I not care? I'll never understand the difficulty fans have in comprehending the balance a reporter must achieve between doing his job and enjoying his job.

Josh from Mercersburg, PA

Vic, I know people love to talk about the greats back then, but players today are faster, stronger and more athletic. An All-Pro team from back then vs. today's team and today's team wins very easily, in my opinion. Your thoughts?

They have better gloves, too.

David from Wichita, KS

ESPN columnist Gregg Easterbrook said that if the 1966 Packers team played the 2014 Raiders (worst team in the NFL this year), Green Bay would lose by 50 points due to the size and strength of today's players. You agree?

I think that's a highly disrespectful and unprovoked comment. If I read something like that, I don't go back.

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