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Every generation breeds legends

The Packers have been fortunate to house many of them


George from Hutchinson, MN

During the draft, the Packers have chosen two WRs and three RBs. Much has been written about them from several outlets. Each of these players at least one time was deemed the best prospect amongst their peers. There seems to not be just one consensus on whom is the best, at least for now. This bodes well for an exciting and unpredictable preseason worth the price of admission right there alone.

You very rarely are going to find finished products on the third day of the NFL Draft, but you look for attributes and traits worth developing. I think all five of the skill-position players the Packers drafted possess the necessary tools to succeed in the league. The question now is how each of them will put those skills to work this offseason. The Packers provided the proving ground. Now, they have to make the most of it.

Fidel from El Paso, TX

I am from El Paso so of course I'm super-excited about Aaron Jones. How much impact do you think he will have in our backfield?

I had a lot of fun**telling Aaron’s story last week***. It was interesting talking to both him and his brother, Alvin, about their journey. Jones' production is what stands out to me the most. He racked up more than 4,100 yards in only 35 collegiate games, but it goes much further than that. He was a complete college player. Advancing to the NFL is a big step, but one his family feels he's ready for. *

John from Madison, AL

Just thought all you football freaks like myself would like to know that we have reached the halfway point of the NFL offseason. Starting with the weekend after the Super Bowl, 15 non-football weekends down and 15 more to go.

The NFL season is fast approaching. As the excitement and anticipation builds, it means the less time Spoff and I have to squeeze in PTO.

Mike from Novato, CA

Just thought I'd say few words in defense of our pass rush. While it could always be better, we were sixth in sacks last year. And from what I remember of several games (Atlanta, most notably) our rush was this close to getting home before the pass came out. Just a little improvement in the secondary, and our pass defense suddenly looks a lot better. Can't wait to see if King is the real deal.

Every good pass rush needs a good secondary and vice versa. The two work in unison with one another. That's not always easy to achieve, though. There is an element of magic to creating a dominant defense. The Packers achieved that in 2010 and reaped the ultimate reward for it.

Ben from Colchester, CT

The running back debate has me wondering. How many of the folks trying to determine who our new RB1 is are really trying to figure out the fantasy value of these players? Fantasy football confuses me. I just like to watch the game.

You might be onto something.

Joel from Green Lake, WI

Regarding why the "sweep" isn't as effective today, my high school football coach was Fuzzy Thurston's father-in-law. Many years ago, he told me that Fuzzy had remarked that defensive linemen were getting too fast for the sweep, pretty much the answer you gave. Just wanted to give your answer some credibility and who better than Fuzzy to give it.

*I loved Vic's answer to the question Monday. It brings proper context to a question I frequently have been asked over the years. The sweep was a staple of '60s football. It was the perfect time and place. *

Thomas from Altoona, WI

The Packers are chief rivals of all three NFC North teams. Is that more because of their location or because they always seem to be the team to beat in the division?

It's probably a mix of both, but every division game is important because of the ramifications on the season. The road to the playoffs begins in your division. After all, that's where you play 37.5 percent of your regular-season games. If you don't win in your division, it's unlikely you'll be playing in January.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

If you had your choice, what three positions would you want your three fastest players playing? I would want two receivers and a defensive back.

Boundary cornerback, hybrid linebacker and receiver.

Andy from Tomahawk, WI

If Vic, Mike, and Wes were all allowed to design the Packers' next alternate uniforms, what would they look like?

It's probably just the millennial in me, but I would've gone with all black or all gold, though I have to admit white was pretty cool. Traditional, but still different. It was a good look.

Jarrid from Shawano, WI

Undoubtedly my favorite Packers play was Donald Driver's 61-yard touchdown against the 49ers. I also find it harder for me, who grew up in Favre-Rodgers era, to ever truly be in awe of plays in previous eras.

You have to appreciate eras for what they are. Cecil Isbell throwing 24 touchdowns (including 17 to Don Hutson) in 1942 was insane given the makeup of the league at the time. Bart Starr's 104.8 postseason passer rating and 9-1 record in the postseason underscores his legend. Every generation breeds legends and the Packers have been fortunate to house many of them.

James from Chicago, IL

My grandma was a huge Packers fan. On the morning of Super Bowl XLV, I called her to talk about the game before I headed out to claim my seat at my favorite establishment. What she said that morning has stuck with me and changed my perspective on watching football. Her words were, "I really want them to win, but if they don't that's OK. I am happy I get to see them play in the Super Bowl at least one more time."

Great story. My grandfather told me something similar when the Packers advanced to Super Bowl XXXI, as well. He was 69 years old at the time and 39 when the Packers won Super Bowl II. Now think about all the winning the Packers have done in my 29-plus years. Everyone wants to win it all, but there's also something to be said for winning itself. It's not as easy as the Packers have made it look the past three decades.

Louis from Wauwatosa, WI

Thanks to Vic and the continued good work of Mike and Wes, all Packer fans and readers have gained valuable insight. I was reviewing the Packer roster and noticed that some players that were rookies last year had different seniority listings. Some had one year while others had two years. Why?

Vic had a magnificent answer to this a week or two ago. You're only a rookie once, but you can be a first-year player forever. That number represents how many seasons a player has played in the NFL. If a rookie spent all of his rookie season on the active roster, he's credited as a second-year player with a '2' by his name. If a rookie spent most of the season on the practice squad like Brian Price and Herb Waters, then he is deemed a first-year player with a '1' on the roster page.

Don from Albuquerque, NM

Would you expect Aaron Rodgers to play in preseason, given the slow start last year, and the new offensive pieces this year?

I made my thoughts very clear on the preseason last summer. Rodgers will play as much as the Packers feel he needs to be ready for the regular season. Last year, that meant one game. Practice reps are just as important as preseason. Don't worry. He'll be ready come Week 1.

Tabb from Saint Louis, MO

What if Davante Adams is just getting started?

Is that really a "what if" question? I think he is on the verge of something special. Last year was a reminder of the kind of player the Packers always felt he could be. I'm guessing this year will back up that belief even more.

John from Platteville, WI

What's the deal with Vogel wearing No. 5? I thought that Paul Hornung's number was unofficially retired at the Packers' annual press party on July 10, 1967.

There are only so many numbers available during the offseason with 90-man rosters, so the Packers sometimes hand out No. 1 and No. 5 to undrafted free agents. If one would happen to make the active roster, I'd anticipate a number change is in order.

Bryce from Ames, IA

The secondary has seen some great improvements and seems to be the hot topic right now, however I'm excited to see what Blake Martinez can contribute his second year alongside Jake Ryan and Joe Thomas.

Thomas made a quantum leap in his second NFL season. I think everyone is excited to see what Martinez can do with a full year under his belt. Inside linebackers still have a place in this league and the Packers are going to need all three of those returning veterans for the defense to get where it wants to be.

Greg from Naperville, IL

A comment in response to you suggesting someone sees a game during the Rodgers era. I remember being at the Week 17 game in 2010 against the Bears. I was sitting in the end zone when Rodgers rolled to his right and threaded a laser over a linebacker for a completion (don't remember who caught it). Seeing the precision and velocity on that throw left me in awe. Seeing that throw on TV would never do it justice. Does one throw or play in particular from Rodgers leave you speechless?

Too many to count, though Detroit will go down as one of the greatest passes in NFL history. I cannot repeat the words I uttered when Rodgers completed the Hail Mary to Richard Rodgers in Detroit. I was stunned and immediately took a lighter to my 1,000-word running game story.

Jason from Medford, OR

Why do you suppose the Packers let Jerel Worthy leave? I know he got hurt, but that's no reason to give up on him. Am I mistaken thinking he was a good player?

It didn't appear he was going to make the roster in 2014, so the Packers traded him during the final week of camp to New England. Worthy is still in the league. He had 12 tackles in 13 games in Buffalo last year.

Jake from River Falls, WI

In thinking of the retired HOF player returning to action, Calvin Johnson came to mind. If he were to get inducted on his first ballot, he would be 35 years old and one could argue he left near his prime. At his position, would he still be able to play the game four years from now?

I don't see why not, but I also don't think Johnson has any regrets about his decision to walk away last year. He did what he felt as best for him and his family. I respect that.

Matthew from Washington, IL

How likely are the Packers to look at a veteran like Reggie Bush to help out with our young backfield?

If the Packers went this long without adding a veteran running back, I don't see what would change that now. They're confident in this group's talent and Ben Sirmans' ability to coach these young backs up.

Justin from Myers Flat, WI

I'd like to know why they don't make overtime another quarter, played out just like the first four with the exception of a coin toss for first position.

Player safety, overall length of the game, and short turnarounds for teams playing Thursday nights all contribute to the argument against full 15-minute overtimes.

Zachary from Racine, WI

I know draft picks have to sign four-year contracts, but what's the rule for undrafted free agent contracts?

Most will sign two- or three-year deals, but they'll have to make the 53-man roster to earn most of it. The only guaranteed money is a modest signing bonus in most cases.

Damone from San Jose, CA

Are there any thumpers on the Packers' roster?

Josh Jones' film screams thumper. He should fit in well with Morgan Burnett, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Kentrell Brice.

Tom from Iron River, WI

With what Ty Montgomery accomplished in his crash course in running back, why do some fans still believe that he'll be moved back to receiver?

Probably because last week was one of the quietest weeks of the offseason on the NFL front. Montgomery will be fine at running back.

Corbin from Adams, MA

Am I the only fan who thinks Ty Montgomery has the body and style to be a 240-carry back?

I wouldn't be so quick to disqualify Montgomery from being a bell-cow back. We'll see what the Packers have in mind for him this season, but he's in the same ballpark as the top five rushers in the NFL last season in terms of size.

Luke from Onalaska, WI

"Standing-room-only viewing will be available on Oneida Street for fans to follow the action." I'm hoping to attend the OTA practice on June 1. Is the bleacher seating open?

It will be standing room only for all of the public practices during organized team activities and minicamp.

Quanshai from Tutwiler, MS

My boyfriend is a big fan of the Packers. I am trying to see do you allow a tour of the home stadium? If yes, when, what's the price?

Yes. You can find all the information on tours**here**.

Jerry from Wilmington, NC

Warriors or Cavaliers?

Celtics (sorry, Ryan Hartwig). Never count out a team coached by Brad Stevens.

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