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How many Cowboys fans will be in Lambeau?

John Crockett has become the new Jeff Janis


Daniel from Cabo San Lucs, Mexico

I know this might sound stupid, but right now I'd rather finish fifth than win the division. Wild card as fifth means playing away but against the East winner; they are all beatable. Winning the division would mean playing the sixth seed, possibly the Seahawks; yes, at home, but a red-hot playoff veteran team. I'd take the East winner all day. Agree, Vic?

No. Fear is your identity. I don't want that to be mine.

Morgan from Kaukauna, WI

Knowing we must beat Minnesota in Week 17, should we be cheering for Arizona on Thursday?

I want the Vikings to win. That would possibly set up a showdown for homefield advantage between the Packers and Cardinals. The Packers can win the division without help. If the Super Bowl is the goal, as so many of my readers boldly state during the offseason, then December is the time for bold pursuit of the Super Bowl. Now's not the time to find ways to sneak into the postseason.

Chris from Saint Louis Park, MN

Did the Hail Mary fix the newel post?

The character the Packers showed in their second-half comeback is the fix. The Hail Mary is the reward.

Del from Sterling, IL

Vic, I like drama, but I'd prefer to avoid the Seahawks. I think because we beat them earlier this season, people have forgotten how formidable they are. Do you really want a rematch?

My inbox has greatly disappointed me. It demands bold play-calling, but I'm reading a whole lot of run the ball and kill the clock right now.

Vincent from Monterey, CA

Vic, I saw someone voicing their disdain with Antonio Brown's celebration and how they hope we never see it in Green Bay. I think it was just a guy having fun playing a game he loves. It's a game, people. It was hilarious. Live a little.

I saw it on a highlights show. It didn't impress me one way or the other. He was penalized. Now fine him and let's move on. Celebrations are meaningless.

Brian from Albertville, AL

Forty degrees predicted against the Cowboys, and the Vikings are not a dome team this year; no weather advantage in December? Get loud, Lambeau?

Whatever it takes. You know, I wouldn't mind that becoming the Packers' identity.

Matt from Mount Pleasant, WI

Vic, what makes Dallas dangerous?

Hope makes them dangerous. Now they have it.

Josh from Pullman, WA

Who do you think will win the Heisman?

Deshaun Watson.

Karl from Holmen, WI

Just a note for Packernation: The NFC East is what the NFL wants, and the only two teams consistently defying that are the Patriots and the Packers. Players? Plays? How about organizations?

Once upon a time, the Cowboys and the 49ers were the two teams defying that. It's the system, and it will always win. No team will escape its wrath. I mentioned to a friend yesterday the NFL did it. He asked what I meant. I said nearly everybody is good. The Cowboys lost several games in a row and now they're one game out of the lead. The Jaguars are 4-8 but they host a Colts team with major issues at quarterback, and the Jags could move to within a game of the division lead this Sunday. The Panthers are the model of FULL CONSISTENCY, but the more they win the more likely it is they'll lose at the wrong time to lose. It's almost as though there's a reward for losing early because the system then says you'll win late, which is exactly what every team wants. Instead of a fast start, teams should want a slow start?

Chandler from Eau Claire, WI

How likely is it the Cardinals lose one of their remaining games other than against the Packers?

Have you seen the Cardinals' rankings for offense and defense? They're all single digits. I think they might be the best team in the league. Yeah, the Cardinals, folks.

Beau from Lancaster, PA

Vic, you wrote "all of the weeks prior to December are a rite of passage." It reminded me that after Week 5, I wrote to you the team I feared the most in the NFC was Atlanta. They were 5-0 and had what I thought was the easiest schedule of the other top teams. If you read my question, you must have just laughed and said just wait and see, December is still a long way off.

Now we find out who the real predictors are.

Dan from Whiskey Hill, WI

Last night I noticed how well Cowboys fans travel. Their team has had a tough road this season and I saw a lot of white and blue in the stands for the Monday night game. How many of these white and blue jerseys do you suspect to see Sunday at Lambeau for the Cowboys' attempt at revenge on the Packers for knocking them out of the playoffs last year?

Now we find out who the real fans are? If you love this team, don't sell your ticket. You'll hate yourself for doing it.

Patrick from Chicago, IL

Vic, I know you touched on this during "Ask Vic Halftime" last week, but have we gotten an explanation from the coaching staff as to why so many runs took place out of the shotgun Thursday night?

That's a question that's not going to be asked because it involves strategy and Coach McCarthy isn't going to answer questions involving strategy. Be that as it may, I can tell you what the answer to the question is: Because they thought it would work.

Aaron from Louisville, WI

Best "Ask Vic Extra" ever on 12/7/15. Thanks, Vic!

We have an "Ask Vic" and an "Ask Vic Extra!" The "Ask Vic Extra!" is good for you.

Courtney from Butte, MT

You kill me by avoiding this question. Aaron is throwing high. Even McCarthy noted the Hail Mary was a bit high. He has overthrown more than usual. This is not normal. I have bone spurs in my shoulder and it causes the same. What do you think his issue is? Should he start targeting hips instead of chests of his receivers to compensate?

I'm sorry to hear about your bone spurs, but do you have any idea what would happen if I asked your question in a press conference? "Coach McCarthy, Aaron's Hail Mary pass was a little high. Does he have bone spurs that are causing him to throw high?" I'd get laughed out of the room. All around the league people would be laughing at me. I think I'm going to continue avoiding this issue.

Ricky from Gainesville, FL

The John Crockett hype train is rolling right now.

He's the new Jeff Janis. I'm serious. Crockett has literally shoved Janis out of my inbox. What causes this mania among Packers fans? I've never seen this anywhere else.

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