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How will this draft class fit in? senior writer Mike Spofford took reader questions in a post-draft chat.


Hey everybody. Been a long time. Thought I'd jump on this week to chat about the draft, the schedule, or other things on your mind. Let's get to it.

Comment From Tony C

Hi Mike. Nice to be back. Looking at the totality of what TT has done in the off season, I think its fair to conclude GB's roster is now stronger. In addition to a very good draft that prioritized need, the Jahri Evans signing was particularly good; plugging a hole at OG amidst a weak OL draft class. Add to that two very good TE's, bringing House back into the fold, signing RJF and I like it. It's may not be "all-in," but "I'll see ya and raise ya" works for me ...

It's been the most active offseason I can recall in quite some time. Lots of free agents left, others signed, 10 draft picks. Still a long way to go before Week 1 though.

Comment From Travis1233 

How will the packers use Josh Jones

Remains to be seen, but the idea is to use him in a number of ways. He can be a third safety in a dime package, an inside LB type in another sub-package, maybe he can play some slot corner, and he can always fill in at a regular safety spot if Burnett or HHCD get hurt. Lots of possibilities.

Comment From Steve 

Mike, which of our draft picks surprised you the most in terms of how far they fell in the draft?

I was a little surprised Adams was there toward the end of the third round, but I don't study the players and rankings as much as others.

Comment From Matt 

How many of the three rookie RBs do you anticipate to make the roster?

It doesn't matter right now. These things have a way of sorting themselves out, and the Packers have given themselves options to hit a potential home run. If they have an incredibly difficult decision at the end of the preseason, they won't complain.

Comment From Jon 

what can you say about your interactions with Bob McGinn who is retiring

I'll miss Bob. His meticulousness and attention to detail is forever admirable. I'll admit I didn't interact with him a whole lot but always enjoyed a brief chat. I wish him well.

Comment From Bryce 

Hey Mike, hope you're having a great day. I've got two questions for you. Do you think we will see Jamaal Williams in the backfield this year? Besides his height, what do you like about Kevin King?

I think Williams has a chance for a backfield role early, but we'll have to see. Love King's ball skills.

Comment From COREY J 

Which rookie do you think will make the most impact from the start of the season

King is the obvious choice, but he'll have to earn it. House and the young corners have plenty of reasons to be motivated.

Comment From HailMarys12 

What should we expect from Kenny Clark in Year2?

More snaps and more pass rush. His stoutness against the run is already pretty good in my view. I think his pass rush was starting to come on late last season.

Comment From Josh 

You've stated that you think having Fackrell make the biggest jump this year would be the best yr 1 - 2 guy. Who from the 2-3 stable do you think will help us the most by making a jump?

Lots of options there, namely Randall, Rollins and Gunter. Montgomery could make another jump, too.

Comment From Dean 

Mike, I was all in on King at 29 and when the Packers traded back I got more than a little nervous. If he was their guy at 33 why the long wait and delay. I thought the Seahawks were ready to pounce.

I didn't expect King to get past Seattle at 26, and then they traded with the Falcons, who took McKinley, a player I thought the Packers might take at 29. Interesting how it all worked out.

Comment From Louis 

Why do they call it a defense's "base package" if they play nickel most of the time. Wouldn't your nickel package become your base package?

That's pretty much how it's been for several years now. The old "base" should just be called a run D sub-package.

Comment From Chris 

Hi Mike, 3 new RBs , 2 new TE , will we see a total or only a slight different offense this year

What stood out to me about the TE additions was the talk about their blocking skills. I really see McCarthy trying to create a balanced offense, not statistically, but in the way defenses have to line up to defend it. I think that's what he's after.

Comment From John 

Do you think MM or TT read Insider Inbox?

If they do, they've never said anything to me. I firmly believe they have more important things to do. Every day.

Comment From HailMarys12 

Do you think Jordy Nelson will continue to build off last season and bounce back from his injury?

No reason to think he can't. He spoke at the beginning of the offseason program about being pretty much done with all the rehab now. Last season was one heck of a grind for him. I think he feels back to his old self finally.

Comment From JD in FL 

How baffled were you by the Trubisky pick after already spending the money on Glennon?

I wasn't baffled as much as I thought it was a heck of a bold play. Pace is putting his career as a GM on the line with that move.

Comment From Ray N 

I read somewhere that the farthest west GB travels this year is Minneapolis. Contrast that with the NFC East criss crossing the continent during the season. Scheduling is a strange science ....

Our travel schedule is pretty favorable, but night road games (ATL, PIT, maybe another flexed) are always tough to deal with from a work perspective.

Comment From Anton 

Not only do i like the Vince Biegel pick because of the Badgers connection but also because i think this is an incredible value pick. In a normal draft without this unbelievable depth at OLB and his production decreasing a little bit in his senior year due to injury i believe that is a second round pick. Hope the mullet comes to Green Bay.

He'll get a lot of attention, and not just about the mullet, regardless. I remember him speaking at the combine very confidently about what he feels he brings as an OLB. He hasn't said anything about believing he should have been drafted earlier, but you wonder how he feels. He'll probably keep those thoughts to himself either way.

Comment From Matt 

What kinds of things should we be watching for from Davante Adams to improve upon this year? He had a great season last year, what can he do to take his game to an even higher level?

Adams' feet at the LOS are amazing to watch. He's tough on the quick routes because of it. Can he more consistently make plays deep now? He had several last season, but are there more to come? That's what I'm watching for.

Comment From KD 

In what ways is it different for a CB to play the slot or on the outside? I'm wondering because Wes mentioned today that some guys play both and some guys play strictly outside.

The slot corner has no boundary to use as leverage if he wants. That's really the biggest difference. I think the immediate reactions can be tougher.

Comment From Dean 

Mike, Yancy or Dupree, who makes the bigger impact. Long term and short term?

I really have no idea. Both guys didn't have the best QB play in college. That won't be a problem now.

Comment From ron 

Do you expect to see more 2 tight end sets now that we have 3 quality tight ends?

Definitely. Goes back to the balance comment I made earlier.

Comment From Brian 

Have you or will you in the near future, have a chance to talk to the draftees one on one?

They have media sessions on Friday and Saturday this week. Wes and I hope to use those to provide several stories as we head into next week.

Comment From Balaji 

Mike, what's your opinion about "Opportunity led Miami punter Justin Vogel to pick Packers"?

No job is totally safe in the NFL, and Schum has held the job here for only one year, so it's less safe than many. That's just reality. I fully expected the Packers to bring in someone to compete with him.

Comment From Dean 

Mike, Adams seems a little light for a nose tackle. Do you think he can play at end in the 3-4 base?

They think he can line up in several spots along the line. His best chance for impact as a rookie is to provide inside pass rush. If he can become a productive part of that rotation, that'll help Daniels, Clark, etc.

Comment From Collin G 

Hopefully with the slew of successful GM's TT and Ron Wolf have brought up, someone will be hired from within when Ted steps down. That being said do you think Mike McCarthy could be a successful GM and HC?

McCarthy has never shown or expressed any interest in getting involved full-time on the personnel side of things. He's a coach and loves being a coach. He doesn't strike me as one to stray from that.

Comment From tghn 

So do you think a decision on Guion still needs to be made?

They don't really have to make a decision until Week 5.

Comment From Jacob 

Mike, can you explain the benefit of cutting two rb's at this point in the year? Why not keep Michael and Jackson around for a bit longer to stimulate some more competition in the preseason?

If you have too many guys, there aren't enough reps to go around. The Packers want to get all three draft picks reps, and this will be Montgomery's first full offseason at the position as well.

Comment From Brian 

I think the Packers are better positioned to win the super bowl than they have been in some time. The only area of concern I have is in an edge rusher. Our current edge rushers all have a history of injury. Any chance that Ted might make one more move to get a more reliable pass rusher to add to the mix?

Wouldn't surprise me.

Comment From Don H 

We face some very high caliber QB's this year. The secondary and the LB/S coverage between the numbers will be tested ... mightily ....

Just like every year.

Comment From Dean 

Mike, I know teams have a 5th year option on first round picks. I don't necessarily see this as an advantage in many cases Do you see any advantage to picking a guy in the 2nd over the 1st?

The rookie contract is cheaper, but you lose that option to keep him from getting to free agency after four years.

Comment From Pam 

I was really impressed with Martellus Bennett as a Bear, couldn't believe TT got him. Great move. Do you believe he will be a goto for Rodgers?

Definitely. I think we all saw the impact Cook made down the stretch last season, and he would have been that kind of player all year for Rodgers if not for his injuries. Bennett will be a big part of this offense.

Comment From Ron 

The pass defense was a complete disaster at the end of the season. Will the addition of King and House be the solution or is that just the beginning of a long road back to respectability?

King and House can't fix it themselves. As noted earlier, the development of the three third-year corners will have a lot to do with it, too. They aren't finished products.

Comment From Russell 

With all three starting interior offensive lineman free agents in 2018, do you see Springs getting the chance to compete after another off-season of training?

It sounds like they want Spriggs working at tackle. That's what he has the body for. Maybe that'll change down the road, but I don't see it right now.

Comment From Marin 

Hi Mike, with three RBs drafted this year, would you believe this may have an affect on the number of reps Montgomery has during training camp?

It's going to be a tough balancing act, but as I said, that's why they released two guys after drafting three.

Comment From Josh 

What's your take away from this draft class as a whole?

As I wrote in my wrap-up late Saturday night, I think the Packers added some dynamic players on defense. The size-speed measurables of King and Jones are hard to ignore. On offense, the three RBs was a signal they wanted to upgrade their depth behind Montgomery and have viable options available at any time.

Comment From Jack 

Being from out of state, how is the area around Lambeau coming along?

Amazing how fast it all happens. Work continues on the Titletown district and the Johnsonville Tailgate Village out front. This place never stays the same.

Comment From Dio Murray 

Hey, Mike. What do you think about our QB situation? Signing a new QB could be the definite lead that Ted Thompson plans on Trading Hundley, If so, do you think Joe Callahan has what It takes to be our back up?

He certainly has that potential. I want to see how the 2017 preseason goes with both of those guys.

Comment From BenC 

I thought Thompson might trade a 2018 pick for a 2017 pick, but no such move.

I wondered, too, but it's not his style.

Comment From Vincent 

Do you know when Throwback game day will be this season? Being from out of town, I want to goto a home game with the Packers wearing the classic Green and Gold...

Haven't heard anything yet.

Comment From Matt 

I hope you're answering enough Packers questions today.


Comment From Dean 

Mike, I've seen several lists of UDFA's that have agreed to sign with the Packers. Any timeline on when you'll be able to release the real list? I don't trust the ones I've read.

The rookies arrive tomorrow to go through physicals. I would anticipate we'll have the official list by Friday morning.

Comment From Hans 

No hot weather games this year; leave the sunscreen at home I guess ...

Carolina in December won't get a bad getaway, though.

Comment From ron 

What affect will the loss of Lang have on the offensive line this coming year?

Right now, I'd say that depends on what Evans has left to give. He's probably not a Pro Bowler anymore, but he went to 6 of them.

Comment From BenC 

When does your schedule get to the non-stop pace typical of the season? Is this still a slow period?

Everything from February though July feels slow compared to when training camp starts. Then it doesn't stop.

Comment From Nick D 

Mike, what are your thoughts on Malachi Dupre? I think he was unreal value in the 7th, and watching some of his tape has me a bit hyped.

I don't know much about him, but athletic slouches don't play receiver in the SEC.

Comment From Brian 

The Packers have to have their eyes on home field advantage this year to get over the hump and get to the super bowl. What do think they need to do to get that home field advantage? Getting to 7-0 at the break would go a long way towards that.

I think home field would be big for this team, but you don't really start looking at it until December to see where you stand. Weeks 1-2-5 could go a long way toward settling that equation, but no matter those results, there will still be a ton of season left for everybody.

Comment From Erik 

Is the Atlanta game going to be indicative of how much our defense has improved, or will it be too early in the season to tell?

It'll be one step in the process in my mind.

Comment From Guest 

it seems all three insiders felt edge rusher was the bigger need for the defense, and would help with the pass defense. Is it fair to say Ted perceived the back end to be the bigger need? Or was the selection of DBs with the first two picks the manner in which the draft unfolded?

I was surprised the Packers didn't address edge rusher until the fourth round, but they've evaluated the players and they're going to take the guys at the top of the board. If the value for the edge rushers there at 29, 33, etc., wasn't worth it, you don't reach.

Comment From Reggie 

What do you expect from the Falcons this year ?? That SB loss was devastating and will define the franchise until they get back and win. I expect them to take a step back this year, though we will find out a bit about them in game 2, opening their new building ....

That's a heck of a team, but the SB loss hangover can be tough. Look at Carolina, and others. From what I've heard of Quinn, he'll get his guys through it, but it'll be a challenge. It's not about Week 2 and opening the new building for them, it's about the long slog through Oct. and Nov. to get back to the playoffs and get another shot.

Comment From GersomGM 

Mike, what are your thoughts on LaDarius Gunter? Some of us don't believe he's got a bright future...

I think he'll be a better player for the challenges he was presented last year, some of which he passed, others he didn't. I think he's got a bright future, and the Packers hope to have enough options in the back end to use him in a way that brings that out. He was forced into some really tough situations last year.

OK, my hour is almost up. I'll take a couple more. Thanks for all the participation.

Comment From Ron 

I'm very pleased we added some speed on defense. I guess a 4.5 40 isn't very fast anymore.

At certain positions, no, it isn't. This game is played at incredibly high speed. The times I've watched bits and pieces of action from the sideline have taught me that.

Comment From Blaine 

Which game do you have circled on the schedule this year?

As I said when the schedule was released, I'm looking forward to seeing Heinz Field under the lights, maybe with a little late November snow. That would be cool.

Comment From Dean 

Mike, Do you plan on doing the chat every week now? We missed you.

Sorry, can't do every week. I'll be signing off for a while but continuing to do Inbox every other day. The regular weekly chats will return when the new season rolls around. Thanks everybody. Hope you enjoyed the draft. Take care, Mike

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