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I kept yelling, 'Come on, Aaron'

It was a crossroads game, not a season-saver


Maurice from Pittsburgh, PA

Is there anything you can share about Otto Graham? Was he really as dominant as the achievements say he was?

I interviewed him a few years before he died – I wish I could find that story – and I was amazed by the presence I felt in the man as I sat next to him. Even at his advanced age, I could feel the athletic ability and power that once made him the best quarterback in football. It's one of my most memorable interviews.

Cody from Soldotna, AK

Run to set up the pass or pass to set up the run?

Run to pass because that's how you're able to sell play-action, which an offense needs on the goal line.

Jim from Indianapolis, IN

On one of the Dolphins' punts that ended up being a touchback, the ball went into the end zone and was bouncing around loose. Both the Dolphins coverage team and the Packers return team seemed to quit on the play and head to the sidelines, except for one Packer, who scooped up the still moving ball and appeared to be running it out. But at approximately the same time he picked it up, the official blew his whistle and signaled touchback. Shouldn't that still be a live play? Did the official blow the play dead prematurely?

The Dolphins touched the ball first and batted it into the end zone; that's why the play was blown dead. Had the ball been touched by the Dolphins first but not gone into the end zone, the Packers could've picked up the ball and returned it without risk of losing it.

Ben from Perth, Western Australia

Vic, do you believe this win has in some way saved our season?

I think it was a crossroads game, but not a season-saver. I think the win in Chicago was a possible season-saver, at the least a season-changer.

Sam from Sparta, WI

Vic, my heart was pounding hard and fast on the final drive. What was your reaction from the press box? Were you sitting or standing?

I was in the interview room at that point. I was pacing and my stomach was in a knot. "Come on, Aaron," I kept yelling. When the Packers scored, I let out a yell that annoyed some of the other media in the room.

Jerry from Wilmington, NC

Vic, I believe the chance of a game ending in a tie and the possible ramifications associated with it adds to the drama of the NFL. What are your thoughts?

I'm OK with it. It's a result. It factors into the standings and tiebreakers.

Benjamin from Nekoosa, WI

There are fans calling for Mike McCarthy to be fired because that game was too close for them. It's incredible the perspective some people have. Do they enjoy anything?

The fire-everyone people have become comic relief for a nation that takes football far too seriously.

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