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I'm trying to change; I really am

Identity is forged over a long period of time


Aleksandar from Belgrade, Serbia

Your romantic approach takes you too far sometimes. Colin threw a bad pick to Micah and barely escaped a limping fourth-stringer in their winning drive, not to mention a back-breaking pick to Tramon Williams earlier. That game was all about the defense for the 49ers and not Kaepernick's stellar play.

The Patriots should've intercepted Eli Manning twice in the Giants' game-winning drive in Super Bowl XLII, and David Tyree caught one pass in his ear hole, but they still named Manning the game's MVP. Just win, baby. Kaepernick has.

Jon from Fargo, ND

Coach Vic is now coaching high school football players, preparing them to one day play in the NFL. Other than safe-tackling techniques, how do you coach them differently now than you would have coached them 20 years ago, with the rules and culture change?

Coach Vic just resigned. Coach Vic can't fix the problem because Coach Vic is part of the problem. I'm trying to change; I really am.

Chris from Greensboro, NC

Great balanced game Monday night, but was scratching my head about the fourth-down call by Green Bay at about KC's 45-yard line. We failed and they took advantage of the short field for a quick TD. Thoughts?

It was fourth-and-5 from the KC 39 early in the second quarter. Punt? That's not Mike McCarthy's style. His style is to be aggressive early, protect a lead late. I like that style.

Jeff from Brooklyn, WI

The defense seems to be coming together early this year. Do you get the feeling they have already found their identity?

You can't find your identity this early because the sample isn't large enough. Success isn't always identity. Failure can also be identity. Your identity is what you've done and how you've done it, but over a long period of time. The Packers defense's early-season identity is improvement. If that identity continues throughout the season, it'll be true and defined. The Packers are off to a great start, but it must be maintained. No snowmen. They melt.

Peter from Irvine, CA

Vic, don't you think it's unsporting for a defense to change personnel on every play? Wouldn't it be fairer to keep the same players on the field, instead of rushing people off the field and risk getting caught with 12 men on the field? Just man up and play.

Defensive people would say the same thing to the offense: Stop trying to catch me with 12 on the field and just man up and play. I like the action. I like the rub, the edge, the confrontation, the gamesmanship.

John from La Crosse, WI

Once, again, you almost died from the cold while pumping gas. You need to get together with Steve Mariucci. He's a Yooper. He'll have you out golfing in two feet of snow at -30 degrees. Tough guys live north of Green Bay.

At that time of year, he'll have to come to South Carolina and pick me up.

Ross from Sioux Falls, SD

I feel like the Packers defense is on its toes always pushing forward, almost seems to be running downhill, and once they get to the ball they come in a bad mood. My question is: Do you believe it is a mentality?

First you do it, then it becomes a mentality.

Jon from Green Bay, WI

Hard-running Jesse. Lock your jaw and go. If something drastic happened and the Packers needed a new head coach, I want Jim Tomsula. How fun was that interview for you, Vic? Did it bring back any good memories?

It took me back to younger days and my birthplace. "Ketchman, you couldn't block a toilet seat." They have a way with words back there.

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