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If the Packers beat the Falcons and the Lions lose …

It sure would be nice to take some drama with us to Dallas


Ben from San Antonio, TX

Vic, why is it that I see other backup quarterbacks enter the game for other teams and move the ball, but ours seem to struggle mightily?

Other teams are moving the ball with their No. 4 quarterback in the game?

Tyler from Pierre, SD

With so many starters back on defense, I expected a lot more from them. What am I missing?

Whatever you're missing, I missed it, too. I genuinely, honestly believed this was a defense on the rise. My expectation was that it would be playing at a high level late in the season, and that would make the Packers a hot team for the playoffs. Blame it on me. I misled everyone.

Dan from North Las Vegas, NV

Detroit losing twice to finish the season I can see. So our playoffs have begun with four games left and needing help. If everything went perfect and we won it all, it would be some of the best drama you could ever write about, right, Vic?

Now you got me all fired up, and I'm afraid you've created unrealistic expectations and I'm headed for a fall again. Let's take this one step at a time. If the Packers beat the Falcons and the Eagles beat the Lions, we'll take some big-time drama with us to Dallas. I'll settle for that right now. You know what I mean? I mean, a win in Dallas and a Lions loss to the Ravens … I gotta stop there before I get all goofy again. I miss my friend.

Greg from Ironwood, MI

Can A.J. Hawk keep a helmet on? Seriously, doesn't it seem a little dangerous for a star performer to have a loose helmet most of the time?

Helmets are flying off all over the league. The bigger we make them, the faster they fly off the players' heads. Look at the LeVeon Bell play on Thursday night. How's that for insanity? A rule that's intended to protect him, takes a touchdown away from him and he still gets a concussion. Helmet safety has never been worse. Guys got hit in the head all the time and didn't get knocked out. Nowadays, it seems like every time a guy gets hit in the head, he gets hurt. Vic to NFL: The helmet is the problem. Stop making it bigger.

Mark from Stewartville, MN

Vic, can you offer any words of consolation?

Only one team is going to be happy when the season ends. The other 31 will be sad.

Dennis from Austin, TX

Vic, I'm a little disappointed in you. It's not because of the game's outcome yesterday, it's because you forgot to remind your readers to eat the dark meat.

I stopped eating the dark meat because it's high in cholesterol, or is that squirrel I stopped eating because it's high in cholesterol?

Mark from Amarillo, TX

Was Flynn closer to the line of scrimmage than Rodgers normally is on the shotgun snaps?

Do you really think it matters, Eddie, I mean, Mark?

Ryan from Minocqua, WI

Mike McCarthy said he and his staff put a poor game plan together. I'm not buying that excuse. Game plans are easily changed. It sure looked like it was a lack of leadership that didn't pick up the guys and inspire them to play harder. With the season on the line, I can't believe how poorly we played yesterday. What are your thoughts about McCarthy's comments?

I didn't hear the poor game plan comment, but Coach McCarthy is the best fall-on-the-sword coach I've ever covered.

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