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Inbox: A beautiful finish to a very good game

The Packers’ return to the L.A. Coliseum in 2018 made for a surreal experience

Former Packers TE Jared Cook

3. What is your best memory from attending a Packers road game?

David from Lawton, OK

Packers at Dallas in January 2017. About a half a minute left in the game and Aaron Rodgers drives all the way down the field. Rodgers to Jared Cook for the win. A beautiful finish to a very good game. My wife and I attended the game with two good friends from back in my Army days. Best part was all three are Cowboys fans so I got the last laugh with all of them. They all thought we were done for when Dak Prescott ran in for that last touchdown with nearly the game over. (Editor's note: This is my favorite Packers game I've covered. I'll never forget sitting inside the bus in tunnel at AT&T Stadium and writing my Mason Crosby sidebar, while a tornado warning roars outside the stadium. It was a wild night.)

Joshua from Pineville, LA

Living in Louisiana, road games are all I can reasonably attend. I've seen the Packers in Houston, Dallas, and New Orleans. But my best memory from attending a Packers road game was Dec. 21, 2014. My wife and I raised our daughter a Packers fan from Day 1, so there was no joy like taking her to her first game on her eighth birthday. Driving to the game from a friend's house, we learned that day was also Ha Ha Clinton-Dix's birthday. He was already one of her favorite players. That sealed the deal. We sat near the pirate ship, so we'd gotten our daughter a foam cheese sword to wave as she cheered. Everyone around us, many of them from Wisconsin, took note that it was her birthday and made a point of celebrating big plays with her. The Packers won in front of a crowd wearing far more green and yellow than red or creamsicle. The national anthem being performed by two members of my favorite band (Sister Hazel) was icing on the cake.

Frank from Wake Forest, NC

I was at a Monday night game in Charlotte in 2004. There was an inebriated Panthers fan, very obnoxious. The Packers just scored on a short run and the fan stands up and hollers at the top of his lungs "Come on D, stop them!" I hollered back "Too late!" and the Panthers fans around me were high fiving me and cheering. I think they were tired of the drunk, too.

Jeff from Vandenberg SFB, CA

The Monday Night Football game in Seattle in 2006. The Packers lost, but it was a close game in a phenomenal stadium. What I remember most, however, was the ice storm that hit that night making the highways a mess and getting home at 3 a.m. The other is the 2018 Rams game in L.A. Such an electrifying crowd and great game, despite the result.

Mike from Niceville, FL

Tramon Williams' 70-yard interception return at the end of the first half of the NFC Divisional Game in Atlanta. Seeing Williams weave through the Falcons' players on his way to scoring, after Aaron Rodgers had an unbelievable second quarter, made me realize I was seeing history in the making and the Packers might just be a team of destiny. Awesome!

Richard from Livermore, CA

Best memory from a Packer road game: Took my family of four to the game at Oakland the day after Brett Favre's father passed. We were all decked out in our Packers gear, which I thought at first was a mistake as we were serenaded by Raider fans walking through the parking lot: "Now there goes some brave fans!" We remained subdued in our cheering until Favre started slinging the ball all over the field and his receivers caught everything. Then, even the Raider fans near us, started applauding his play.

Shawn from Blaine, MN

For me, it was 2019, Week 16 at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. We stunk it up in the first half with the Aaron Jones fumble and the Rodgers pick, and the Vikes fans were giving me an awfully hard time. The D was strong all day, and the Pack's offensive flood gates opened in the second half. There were at least 40 nearby Vikes fans wanted to do bodily harm on me just for cheering for my team, but I could not have had a better time!

Keith from Chesterfield, VA

Packers-Cowboys, 2013. I'm originally from Wisconsin but live in Virginia now. My girlfriend, a Cowboys fan, and I flew down and stayed the entire week. My dad, brother and his wife came down with Packers tours. Meeting up with family before and after the game was very nice. Oh, and the ending of the game was also nice after being down 26-3 at half. The girlfriend didn't enjoy dinner after the game as much as the rest of us, but she was a good sport.

Scott from Lincoln City, OR

Sept. 29, 1996 at Seattle. It was the first Packers game I ever attended. In the season the Packers would bring the Lombardi Trophy back home after a 29-year drought I watched Reggie White return an interception 46 yards down the sideline right in front of me and Favre throw four touchdowns for a blowout victory. That, and it was the Seahawks.

Kevin from Louisville, KY

Being turned away at the gate because my girlfriend's purse was too big. We didn't have our car there and feared we would have to miss the game, but we found a family clad in green and gold who were tailgating amidst a sea of enemy colors. They not only offered to lock the purse in their SUV, they fed us brats and cheese curds. We're still friends with them today.

Bob from Riverside, CA

I try my best to catch the California road games. My favorite was at the 49ers with my daughter-in-law on October 4, 2015. It was a gorgeous day. The crowd appeared to be about 60% Packers fans and sounded like it was 80%. At one point, a 49ers fan got belligerent about all the Packers fans around him and was escorted out. Always a pleasure to go to a game with my daughter-in-law who is a huge fan. And we won, which is always nice.

Luke from Inglewood, CA

The October 28, 2018, Rams game at the L.A. Coliseum was absolutely surreal. More Packers fans than Rams fans attended, even though the Rams had an undefeated season at the time, and there was so much Packers fan noise that the Rams offense had trouble communicating throughout the game, which never let up until the shocking play at the end. I left the stadium that day a little sad, more than a little hoarse, and very proud.

Jon from Hampshire, IL

Thanks, II. My favorite road game memory is from my first one back in 1988 vs. Atlanta. Two poor, college students drove three hours from Tuscaloosa, AL, to watch our beloved G&G (2-8 at the time) turn the ball over seven times and get shut out by the Falcons (3-7). Here's the one thing I'll remember forever: the Fulton County Stadium parking lot pre-game and the seats during the game were full of nothing but Packers fans. It's a something I think about often. Win or lose – we are TRUE BELIEVERS!

Andy from Lowell, MI

Season finale in Detroit 2019. The wife and I had no intention of attending the game. I made a comment about tickets being available that morning and about 30 minutes later we had loaded the four 4-year-olds in the minivan and were headed to Detroit. We were the very last row in one of the endzones and the kids had a blast cheering the Packers at their very first game. I'll never forget not being able to cheer for the game winning field goal because I had two kids asleep in my lap.

Bill from Graniteville, SC

My favorite memory from a road game was the season opener vs. Jacksonville in 2016. It was unbelievably hot but I took Vic's advice and bought seats on the home side of the field so as not to fry too terribly in the second half. My oldest two children, a son and daughter, were with me and we had a great weekend including the pre-game pep rally on Saturday. I don't remember much from the game except for the Rodgers-to-Adams TD pass, but it was great being with my kids watching football. (Editor's note: First, that was the largest Packers Pep Rally I can recall and it was my first. Second, words cannot describe how hot it was on that field.)

Brian from Twain Harte, CA

At age 10, I watched the Packers play the 49ers at Kezar Stadium on Nov. 1, 1970. My older sister and I made a sign out of an old bedsheet that read "The Pack is Back." During halftime, we unfurled it and paraded it around the entire stadium. The Pack lost 26-10.

Steve from Alexandria, VA

The 2015 Wild Card game in Washington. During TV time with about 7 minutes left in fourth quarter, and Packers comfortably ahead after training by 11 early, Rodgers breaks from loose huddle inside the 10, wanders into end zone and looks around; I'm double-pumping a two-fisted thumbs up from 10th row of end zone corner; he looks dead at me from about 30 yards away, dips his helmet and nods back. Nirvana!!

Kevin from Savanna, IL

Favorite away game Nov. 21, 2010, against Vikings, the last time I saw Brett Favre play. Vikings had a good first quarter and I thought this horn is going to be really annoying. But Aaron and Co. turned things around. Midway through the third quarter, they quit blowing the horn when they got a first down. At the end of the third quarter, the crowd was chanting, "Fire Childress," as a sea of purple jerseys headed for the exits. Great win.

David from Riverside, CA

Best memory from attending a Packers road game: Watching Favre and the Packers destroy the Chargers in San Diego with my friend Bob and soaking up the home-game atmosphere. I can still hear the deafening chants of Go Pack Go! Nice touch with the "Have an Answer?" link :) (Editor's note: Thanks)

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Jim from Seminole, FL

Back in the days of the Big Sombrero in Tampa, three of us from Fernandina Beach (near Jax) traveled to catch the game. We read the time wrong - showing up at 10 a.m. for a 4 p.m. game. Gates were wide open and we walked right out on the field. While tailgating, the Milwaukee Sentinel/Journal writer and photographer come along. The following day my father sees my picture in the evening paper. I still have a copy.

Matt from Bloomington, IN

2019 at Kansas City. Pregame, Davante Adams was gracious with fans (even though he was clearly upset that he was being held out of the game due to injury) and he signed my jersey! In game, Rodgers found Jamaal Williams in the corner of the endzone for a TD on what looked like a throwaway to avoid a sack. It was one of the wildest plays I've ever seen!

Ryan from Milwaukee, WI

I've only been to one road game, but I picked a good one. My wife and I went to a frigid game at Soldier Field in 2016. She isn't even a Packers fan (originally from Dallas, so you can guess whom she roots for), but she sat through three hours of minus-11-degree wind chill with me with no complaints. My favorite memory on the field is the long pass to Jordy to set up the winning FG. (Editor's note: Incredible game…and the second coldest I've ever been during a pregame Periscope. Coincidentally, the first also was at Soldier Field, in 2013. I'll never forget our iPhones continually shutting down due to the cold and watching the heaters get lit on the sidelines).

Josh from Napoleon, OH

My favorite memory of attending a Packers road game was in San Francisco at Candlestick Park for the season opener (2013). I was in the military so I was able to be a part of the flag holding for the National Anthem. I just remember being on the field when Patrick Willis name was called out and him running out of the tunnel looking like he was going to destroy anyone in front of him. I remember thinking to myself, "I need to get off this field ASAP."

Keith from Lincoln, IL

In 1999, I took our oldest daughter to see the Packers play the Lions at the Pontiac Silverdome. The tickets were provided by a Lions player at a charity auction, so they were good seats. I'll never forget the look on my 11-year old daughter's face when she saw Gilbert Brown in person. "Dad, he's huge!" was all she could get out!

Michael from Adams, MA

A snowy Sunday afternoon at Met Life Stadium. Rodgers drops back, throws, the ball is up…and caught for the touchdown! A group of teammates congratulate Marcedes Lewis after the touchdown. A historic moment in the career of Rodgers. This will be the first time he has ever thrown a touchdown pass to a former first rounder.

Deb from Green Bay, WI

I haven't been to many away games. Does Super Bowl XLV count? It was a surreal experience. In the third quarter, it was pretty tense for fans. Will always remember the 'Slip it Pickett' play, though we didn't know to call it that until later. I have always been impressed with how respectful Steelers fans were to us after the game and appreciated it.

4. What is your favorite sports movie?

Andy from Verona, WI

We do watch "Draft Day" every year during the week leading up to the draft and it is the best recent sports movie. The best old school sports movie is "Major League." It is very bad to drink Jobu's rum...very bad.

John from Belleview, FL

Two favorite sports movies are both baseball films. "For Love of the Game" with Kevin Costner. Loved the "Engage the mechanism" aspect of his pitching, and the fact he didn't realize until late in the game that no one had been on base yet. "Bang the Drum Slowly" with Robert DeNiro and Michael Moriarty. Loved the relationship between the two with pitcher Moriarty insisting on keeping catcher DeNiro on the team and in the game when he finds out DeNiro is dying. (Editor's note: I rip on "Draft Day" a lot but "For Love of the Game" is the original so-bad-it's-good Costner film.")

Sal from Hailey, ID

"Remember the Titans." Even after watching it 30-plus times, it still hits me right in the feels. Attitude reflects leadership!

Margo from Solvang, CA

"A League of Their Own." Growing up as an athlete in the '60s and '70s, I have many memories of having cast-off uniforms, early morning practice times, driving ourselves to games, old equipment and holding bake sales to fund teams. It was not a level playing field for boys and girls, by a long shot. Loved watching these women pioneers play for the love of the game.

Spencer from Crystal Lake, IL

"Rudy." Talk about a story of perseverance. Everything was thrown at him to get Rudy to give up, and he wouldn't. His team recognized his drive (eventually) and rallied around him. Holy cow. Gave me goosebumps.

Nick from Plainwell, MI

"The Replacements" is my favorite football movie. Keanu Reeves as Shane Falco was the perfect casting. Just a light-hearted and funny movie, highly recommend to anybody who hasn't checked it out.

Mike from Franksville, WI

As a kid, I could have watched "The Mighty Ducks" every day, and it's still my favorite sports movie. "Do you think losing is funny?" "Well, not at first, but once you get the hang of it." Coach Bombay, the Flying V, "GOLDBERG!", the theme music, all of it brings back fun memories.

Jan from Flat Rock, NC

My favorite sports movie is "Brian's Song." I saw it when it first aired at a time when our family was dealing with my mom's passing. My dad and I used anything football to help keep us grounded. We laughed, cried, and came out with a sense of moving forward. We always made a point of watching reruns together as the years passed. Dad's with mom now, but that film will always be No. 1 for me.

Richard from Madison, WI

I don't much like hockey, but "Miracle" (2004) blew me away, especially the scene near the end of the game, with the USA team clinging to a small lead, and the assistant coaches planning how to respond when the Russian coach pulled his goalie. And the seconds tick by, and he doesn't do it, and finally one of them says, "He doesn't know what to do", and we realize that it's because the greatest hockey team ever assembled has never lost before. Subtle.

Scott from Wausau, WI

Not sure it counts, but "Caddyshack" is mine. Bill Murray was hilarious. Rodney was Rodney (and that's a good thing). Ted Knight was perfect as the judge. In my opinion, one of the most overlooked comedic geniuses ever. That movie goes nowhere without Ted Knight's brilliant-stuffed shirt, pompous idiot routine. As Ted Baxter or Judge Smails, he carried every scene. "It's easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you've got the stock market beat..." -Smails, 1981.

Gary from Davenport, IA

My favorite sports movie is "Field of Dreams" because of my connection to the Burt Lancaster character. When "Moonlight" Graham said his career consisted of one inning in right field with no fielding chances and no plate appearances, I got the chills. Those were the exact statistics of my high school baseball career. I never played another inning of competitive baseball in my life. Being a math geek, I was especially upset when my year-end average was shown as .000 instead of undefined.

Dave from Germantown, TN

My favorite sports movie is "Tin Cup." I loved the scene were Don Johnson hit a 7-iron down the road to win a bet. At our club the 18th hole has a lot of water and I can picture myself hitting multiple balls into the water (been there, done that). "The Bad News Bears" is also a favorite. Walter Matthau was great as the coach. It reminded me of the experience of coaching my son's team to a robust 3-18 record.

Mike from Glen Allen, VA

My favorite sports movie is "Bull Durham." It remains funny and charming after multiple viewings. It is a show that I must finish watching if I catch it on TV. The movie has so many quotable lines that crop up in daily conversation like an inside joke for all the people that like the movie.