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Inbox: He's a classic example of draft-and-develop

How many Packers fans will show up in LA?


Trevor from Carmel, NY

I see Blake Martinez's official nickname at is now "Boar." Congrats Wes!

Oh my.

Mike from Novato, CA

Quick comment about the Coliseum in LA. I used to go when the Pack played the Rams or Raiders in the late '70s/early '80s. To be kind, it's a disappointment. Better to head to the Santa Monica mall area, and catch the game in any of the (many) sports bars there. Not an option for reporters, of course...

I think for me and Wes there's something about going to a rather historic venue for the first time. From what I've seen on TV, I don't pretend it'll be anything other than that for me, though I am curious how many Packers fans will attend the first game in the LA market since, I believe, 1991.

Alan from Lakewood, CO

You know what's missing in all of this analysis and conversation? Physical perspective. Could you get a player to step into the "Three Things" segment to give me an idea of just how big these guys are? I see how Larry is bigger than Wes and Mike, but I'd like to see one of the big guys step in to give me some real perspective.

In the past, David Bakhtiari or another offensive lineman has video-bombed our segment on occasion. It hasn't happened this summer, but there's still time.

Peter from Benton City, WA

Mike, I am an ER physician. During my day I have quite a "large and attentive audience" yet somehow I manage to put my political opinions on hold while at work. Your explanation/excuse to the veteran was pathetic.

With all due respect to the work you do, which is far more important to society than anything I or any football players do, unless there's an 80,000-seat stadium around your ER with TV cameras broadcasting to millions of people, I get to dismiss this as a false equivalency as well. But thanks for playing.

Robert from Valrico, FL

Hey, guys! Haven't heard much about Trevor Davis. I'm intrigued with him because as heavy as we are at WR he seems to have "watch-out" speed others may lack. See him making the 53? Plus his Eraserhead haircut jumps out.

Davis has missed a ton of time through the spring and summer with injuries. The Packers like what he showed as a return man last year, and his experience in this offense would be an asset as well. He has to get back on the field to show what he has and how he fits.

Rod from Chugiak, AK

Fun being a Packer fan up here. At my Iditarod venue interacting with summer visitors, I've lately been visited by the parents of Zac Alcorn (2006 TE mix with Franks, Martin, and Lee), the man who sold A.J. Hawk his hyperbaric chamber, an Oregon gentleman who tipped me how to contact "Scott from Lincoln City" when I visit my cousin there, an Inbox reader who'd just seen my "North Pole to Antarctica" post, and season-ticket holders who invited my wife and me to attend a game as their guests.

The Inbox knows no bounds.

Brian from Alta Vista, IA

Mike, it's funny that you mentioned Jamaal making that guy miss on that touchdown. You said that you didn't see him do that a lot last year. Well I was just watching one of his interviews and he said this year he wanted to try and make guys miss more instead of just running them over. That's probably smart since it's a long season and seeking more contact would mean more wear and tear on the body. Anyway it looks like you will see Jamaal making more moves like that on Sundays!

I felt the missing piece from his game last year was explosive runs. He made some big plays in the passing game, but not on the ground. I'm not saying he has to go 80 yards, but the 15- and 20-yard runs happen when you make someone miss, and only one of his 153 carries as a rookie went for 15-plus. He's capable of changing that.

Joe from Monroe, WI

Listening to Aaron Rodgers in his interview made me realize, not only am I physically not talented enough to play in the NFL, but I don't have the mental capacity either. The amount of information they have to be able to analyze and react to in a moment's notice is astounding.

Like I've said before, they aren't playing the same game we played in the backyard. It just looks like it.

George from Hutchinson, MN

What's the Inbox volume on the Mack chatter? I hope cooler heads prevail and conclude the price of compensation is just too high for this kind of deal to get done.

What is the price? I'll go back to what I said last week – until I see anything credible indicating what the Raiders are looking for in a trade, I'm not going to believe they actually want to trade him. It would not be difficult for them to get the word out, yet there's been nothing. Maybe that'll change, but until then, while Wes is selling bridges, I'm not going to believe there's even anything for sale.

Dan from Grand Rapids, MI

Does a team conducting business with its rookies like the Bears and Chargers have done in recent years hurt their stance with agents and potential free agents? I don't understand how they could put themselves in a situation where their prized draft picks are missing so much practice time. It seems like in this day and age rookies should never have a reason to hold out anymore, yet these teams found a way to give them one.

Or is it Smith and Bosa and their agents who have hurt their stance with potential suitors down the line? There's always more to these negotiations than I'll ever understand, so I'm not big on picking sides. I don't think we can answer your question or mine right now.

Raul from Carlsbad, CA

Hey Spoff, really loved your take on Dean Lowry in "Three Things." I'm a Northwestern grad so I may be biased but I don't think you can top a Wildcat's brains!

I try not to let my grad-school bias show, but Lowry's game is so much more versatile now than when he came in as a rookie. He's a classic example of draft-and-develop. I've also had my eye on Tyler Lancaster since he arrived and want to watch him more in these preseason games.

Jim from Appleton, WI

Do coaches intentionally put younger players in bad positions or circumstances during the preseason to evaluate how they perform against adversity? When the only thing about the games that really matters is not getting hurt, is it a bad idea to go for it on fourth-and-6, just to see who steps up? I don't think so. Show me now, because it'll eventually happen in the games that count.

Coaches go for it all the time on fourth down in preseason games. We saw it five times total last Thursday night. If a rep in that situation is more valuable than kicking a field goal, why not?

Joe from Asbury, IA

Mack is talented indeed, but my question is how long would it take him to get acclimated if by some minor miracle he would end up in Green Bay? He'd be an awfully expensive toy to just be learning a new defense and fitting in when it's already game time. Are there any other big-name trades you can remember happening mid-preseason and how did that player fare on the season?

It wasn't a big name, but the best example in my time here was the trade for Ryan Grant at the end of training camp in 2007. He posted his first 100-yard rushing game in Week 8, added four more 100-yard outings by Christmas, and then set franchise playoff records with 201 yards and three TDs in the snow globe game. My point is, if a player is good enough, he'll find a way.

Sharon from Woodruff, WI

Hi guys, thanks for helping me relax during my work day – only during lunch, of course! In regards to Pettine's preference for being up in the booth, I think players easily understand why he prefers that view, because they themselves are always looking at the jumbotron to see replays. That got me thinking about the fact that I rarely, if ever, see officials looking up. Are they trained to avoid using the stadium replays?

I wouldn't look up at the video board if I were them. It would indicate uncertainty, which in their position, even if you possess it, you can't show it.

Joe from Louisville, KY

If Aaron and the starting O-line play this Thursday evening, do you think he will play again in Game 3 like he normally does?

At this point, I would say yes.

Dar from New Orleans, LA

Given the under-the-radar and nuanced nature of the long-snapper battle, I'm curious if you can give us insights. Assuming no one bombs and hikes one over the goalpost, is it just the coaches that have a say into who is performing better? Or do Crosby and Scott also provide input since they are on the receiving end of the snaps?

It's up to the coaches and personnel department. Ron Zook said on Tuesday the priorities are accuracy and protection. The film will tell them, and the two road games to end the preseason provide another environment for them to handle.

Bill from Wilmington, DE

Mike, do you think Nick Perry will get any preseason work? Should he be full-go come Week 1?

When Perry spoke with reporters on Tuesday, he revealed no timeline, but he also gave no indication he expects to be held out of the opener.

Dylan from Apple Valley, MN

Great article on Rodgers and Graham, Spoff! "His message, in a nutshell, was this: If his words served a certain purpose, so be it, but they weren't necessarily intended as motivation, because he shouldn't function as anyone's source in that department." So basically it was not intended to be motivation, because every player should be motivated anyways, but if players want to use it as motivation then it can be. Man, he's good at this. Is Rodgers a better football player or mind-game player?

I don't think he was playing any mind games. He was just being completely honest.

Sean from Portland, ME

I don't think anyone disagrees that QB is the most important position in the NFL and an elite QB instantly makes you a contender. That said, can you envision a scenario in the future where there is a "cap" for single-player salaries? Top QB salaries are approaching 20 percent of the team's cap. I think if it keeps trending up forever then it will really start to hurt the overall quality of the game.

I don't see the players' union ever agreeing to that.

Cody from Oak Creek, WI

I thought Josh Jackson looked great against the Titans last week. He looked to me to be someone that could turn into a shutdown CB, that also isn't afraid to come up and make a tackle. My question is, has Jaire shown this much promise?

Hopefully we find out on Thursday night. Alexander missed the first preseason game. What I like most so far about the two rookie corners is they've looked natural both in the slot and on the boundary.

Bradley from La Crosse, WI

Are practice-squad players allowed to watch the regular-season games from the sideline?

Yes, and they often do.

Dan from Radcliff, KY

On our team page there was always a section for the injury report. Since the new design that section is no longer there. Why have the Packers taken that away? Or will it return again and when?

It'll be back during the regular season when official injury reports are released.

Nick from Grafton, WI

The LED light installation was one of a couple big projects happening around Lambeau Field this offseason. Pictures of a helicopter being used for installation were awesome. What was your impression of the new lights during Family Night and the first preseason game?

I wasn't there for Family Night, but last Thursday from the press box, when looking up at the lights, they actually appeared less intense than before, though the field looked the same. It was strange.

The Packers held practice inside Lambeau Field Saturday night in front of a packed house

Tom from Maple Grove, MN

How long do you think it will take for Mack, Dez, and B.J. Raji to develop a good chemistry once they all arrive in the GB locker room?

Good one.

Tony from Eden Prairie, MN

How can there be only three practices left in camp, but a month until the first game?

There are only three public practices left, but the Packers have other practices scheduled that aren't open to the public. T-minus 25 days and counting. Have a great Wednesday.