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Inbox: He's been up for the challenge

Davante Adams has made the most out of every target this season


Brian from Pleasant Prairie, WI

In response to Buzzkill: We live in the age of technology! The lasers could clearly be configured to play a sound over the speaker system while incinerating the ball. It could be an artificial "bonk" though personally I'd prefer something similar to a laser blast or lightsaber sound. As for the flags, clearly the goal refs would wear beanie hats with fans and streamers while standing on elevated platforms behind the laser posts. Merry Christmas all!

What have I done? One flippant comment and here we are. Good morning!

Matt from Manhattan, KS

To answer the flags on the laser posts issue, clearly that's where you add a hologram arrow to indicate the wind to the kicker. Dream big, people.

Just like Madden. A little graphic in the bottom corner of the kicker's helmet/screen, showing him the speed and direction of the wind. You're welcome, future.

Holger from Guayaquil, Ecuador

If Davante Adams gets open so often, then why isn't he targeted more?

The man has 100 catches. Only two other wide receivers have more. The Packers have fed Adams like no other receiver over the past 20-plus years and he's made the most out of every target. What more do you want?

Joe from Dundee, IL

Wes, loved your article on Kapri Bibbs. How much run will he get in these next two weeks (pun shamelessly intended)? What intrigues me even more are his pass-catching numbers, small sample size I admit, but promising. I think RB passing yards were sorely missed this year.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out, Joe. Bibbs has been in the NFL in some shape or form since 2014, but there's still a lot of upside to his game at 25 years old. The returns this year with Washington were promising – 33 touches for 203 yards and four touchdowns. Jamaal Williams was limited in practice this week due to a toe injury, but removed from the injury report Friday. Assuming he's good to go, Williams is a workhorse back capable of handling a full workload. If the Packers call upon Bibbs, though, he said he'll be ready.

Josh from Nicholasville, KY

As an Alabama boy who starts getting ready for winter when it hits 45, I've gotta say that Kapri Bibbs is a better Packers fan than I am. I will keep my central heat on and my windows will be closed while I sit comfortably under a Packers blanket. But congrats to him. What an awesome story!

The underrated angle to this story – he also walked 1½ miles to school every day wearing a Packers coat in Chicago. Now, that's some dedication.

Mike from Fort Wayne, IN

Mike got me thinking if there should be an annual Desmond Bishop Award. Maybe the readers and Insiders could vote for the lucky player who made it all happen with coming out of nowhere and stepping up! Just a thought from the sideline.

You know who is an underrated guy for this award this year – Dean Lowry. I get he's been a starter, so maybe that doesn't meet Spoff's original criteria. However, Lowry has had to become "the man" on the defensive line over the past month. This is the same guy who barely played the first month of the season when he was behind Muhammad Wilkerson, Kenny Clark and Mike Daniels on the depth chart. Yet, he's quietly taken his game to another level with 36 tackles, three sacks and a forced fumble this year. He's been up for the challenge, especially with all the hits the Packers have taken on the defensive line.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

Wes, do you think the Packers will bring back Mo Wilkerson next year? I thought he was going to be a FA steal this year, but he never had much of a chance to show what he brought to the table before the unfortunate injury. Will the development of Tyler Lancaster and Montravius Adams have an impact on the decision on Wilkerson? Thanks.

I have no idea, but the fit is definitely there with the locker room. Wilkerson and Mike Daniels hit it off right away with their Jersey ties. He also seemed to be the perfect fit with Mike Pettine's scheme. Unfortunately, the Packers only got to touch the surface with how they wanted to use Wilkerson this year. Green Bay has a lot of talented guys coming back on the defensive line, but I think this year has proven you can never have enough depth in the trenches.

Jerry from Belmont, NC

I know Aaron Rodgers has played through two injuries this season, but if he gets injured and can't play through it, has DeShone Kizer gotten enough experience to fill in?

If Kizer ever has to play, the scene won't be new to him. He started 15 games and played like 700 offensive snaps as a rookie. A full year spent in the meeting room with Rodgers should only help whenever it is he steps back on the field.

Marc from Chandler, AZ

I haven't seen any updates on Jake Ryan lately and his name doesn't get mentioned when talking about the linebacking corps next year. Have you heard any news on him?

He's been around the facility all season. He seems to be in good spirits. Once the season is over, we'll get a chance to talk with Ryan and see where he's at in his recovery. By all accounts, things are going well.

Gary from Sheboygan, WI

A follow-up to Quinlan from Papillion's question about signing a player off another team's practice squad. Is that a direct transaction, or does it go through the league and the losing team gets notified the player has been offered a contract?

It's a direct transaction. The way it works is the practice-squad player technically "terminates" his contract with the original team. However, it also is very common for the player and his agent to inform his current team of what's happening and give the organization a chance to A) elevate the player to the 53-man roster or B) increase his practice-squad compensation to keep him in the fold.

Randy from Portage, WI

What exactly does a quality control assistant do?

Everything. They help assistant coaches in practice, analyze game film of upcoming opponents, identify tendencies and write advance reports. It also can require odds jobs. One of my favorite stories is how Scott McCurley used to type up all of Dom Capers' reports and notes.

Mark from Milwaukee, WI

Why does the O-line jump backwards instead of pushing forward on the snap? I see the pocket collapsing most often.

Which is a better way to stay on your feet – stand there and get hit in the face or to roll with the punch? In the simplest terms, the offensive linemen kick backwards to build a foundation to stop the rusher when pass blocking.

Don from Cedar Rapids, IA

Sean Payton is encouraging the NFL to expand game-day rosters (now at 46), in order to protect players. Last Monday, his team finished with only five healthy offensive linemen. Also, with "specialty" players taking up roster spots (long snapper, kickers), it seems reasonable that more players are needed in today's game. What are your thoughts? Do you think there may be a change in the near future?

I get it. Hey, I watched the Packers finish a playoff game with Letroy Guion at guard. Still, as I've said before, I'm only in favor of expanding the 46-man roster if they expand the 53-man roster. I'll never support allowing teams to activate their entire roster. There's a competitive advantage there, especially when teams are making the quick turn for Thursday Night Football.

Steven from St. Cloud, MN

So I know you stated that you are not in favor in changing the amount of teams in the playoff, how about the way teams are seeded? My second favorite team is the Chargers, from the days of LT and now former Badger Melvin Gordon III. I love to watch them. They are arguably the best team in the AFC and their reward as a wild-card game doesn't seem fair. I know this has come up in the past as well with under-.500 division champs. What are your thoughts?

I feel your pain, but those are the breaks. It's not a perfect system, but it's the only fair way to do it. You want a bye? Win your division. Simple as that. All the best to your second favorite team next month.

Daniël from Leiden, Netherlands

Not really a question but I just couldn't resist responding to Jeremy from Lethbridge, Canada. I know we're still somewhat searching what the definition of a catch is but I thought you either have a drop or a catch? I'm kinda curious what that looks like?

Based on what I've seen this year, the offensive player is good as long as the ball touches a part of his body. Let's see what the league decides to do after the season. The issue definitely needs to be revisited…again.

Rob from Louisville, CO

Alex Hornibrook missed a game a couple years ago with a concussion, has now missed three games this year with another one, and will miss the bowl game as well. At what point should the university just tell him it's time to retire? Also, is there any way they could honor his scholarship for one more year but not let him play? Do you think we'll start to see schools taking a more aggressive approach to cases like this?

That's above my pay grade. Well, since it's college, I guess it's technically beneath it. Regardless, it's not my area of expertise. I'm sure UW and Hornibook will come together this offseason and make the best decision for his future. Spoff would know better than me, but I'm pretty sure college athletes who sustain a career-threatening injury still get their scholarship taken care of. If not, they definitely should. I wish him nothing but the best.

Bruce from Green Bay, WI

The games at times lose me a little with bad calls. Maybe it is just me being critical but with all that is in place to prevent this, why hasn't the league adopted a way to stop this? Why have instant replay and challenges delaying games if the refs are not held accountable for bad calls even after they are able to slow down the game to assist them through instant replay in slow motion? Please respond to this, it really irks me. A season can be changed by this.

You're speaking to the Spofford. Mike has been a strong proponent since I came aboard at about allowing coaches to challenge penalty plays. I get the NFL is trying to speed things up, but it needs to make sure the officials can keep pace with the game.

Richard from Madison, WI

You're there six days a week, you say. Both of you? Or do you have some kind of overlap, so you can each get a two-day weekend?

Mike and I are here pretty much every day from training camp until the season ends. Our closest shot at an off day is the Saturday before home games. During the offseason, we'll organize it to make sure one of us is either in the building or a phone call away because, you know, there must always be a Stark in Winterfell.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

All Wes wants is a crossbar with frickin' laser beams attached. Is that too much to ask?

You're the best evil Inbox commenter an evil Inbox writer could ever ask for.

Justin from Dacula, GA

How are you? How many other team's websites have an II besides us and Jacksonville? Did Vic start the first?

I know of some team sites that do weekly mailbags, but I'm not aware of anyone who does Q&As six days a week. We're unique in that regard.

Tom from Emerado, ND

I believe the sound is "doink" off the upright.

It depends on what type of metal the upright is made from.

Margeaux from Tallahassee, FL

What do Rexdale, Ontario; Sydney, Australia; Innsbruck, Austria; Lethbridge, Canada; Ingolstadt, Deutschland; and Nintingbool, Victoria, have in common? A green and gold star if you answered Dec. 21 contributors to world unification, otherwise known as Insiders Inbox. Thank you Wes and Mike for all the joy you give us no matter the season.

And we're appreciative of every reader we have from every part of the globe. Also, a quick shout out to Lisa from Plymouth. A hearty thank you from myself, Spoff and Larry for all the time you put into the wonderful cards and stockings. Have a wonderful weekend, everybody.