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Inbox: He's the perfect example

It’s not over if you don’t make the 53-man roster this weekend


Ed from Chico, CA

Oh Lordy, I'm sure the Janis emails are flocking in like the salmon of Capistrano.

They are, but keep calm and Inbox on. Good morning!

Anthony from Kenosha, WI

I didn't see No. 12 play much during the preseason. Does he make the final 53?

I think he's safe.

Todd from Albuquerque, NM

Who'll be the starting running back Week 1? Is Jamaal Williams the guy? Is Ty Montgomery now a RB?

Williams started both preseason games in which he played with everything being equal, but that's just semantics. Both guys are going to play, especially these first two weeks with Aaron Jones suspended.

Lori from Brookfield, WI

Wes, since JK Scott has been kicking off as well as punting, is he being groomed to replace Mason Crosby?

Not this year. The Packers only did that in the preseason to take some snaps off Crosby's leg. If Scott and Crosby stick together for five or six years, maybe the time comes where the punter takes over those duties, but not anytime soon. Crosby's accuracy and consistency are too valuable.

Mahmoud from Laredo, TX

With all the online frenzy surrounding the potential Packers pursuit of Khalil Mack, I must say I'm one of those fans sincerely hoping the Packers aren't pursuing him. No non-quarterback deserves mortgaging the future for, regardless of how elite of a player he is, especially at the price of (at least) two first-rounders. That's a price too steep. Let's move on, please.

There are a lot of reports circulating this morning on Khalil Mack. I'm going to let the dust settle a little and let Spoff comment when more information is available Monday morning, but here was my thing with Mack from the start – it's not what will it take to acquire him (and two first-round picks as a starting point is significant). The real question is what it will cost to re-sign him? That price went up the instant Aaron Donald signed his extension on Friday.

Glenn from St. Petersburg, FL

What will be Josh Jackson's role? Happy to see ex-Hawkeyes with the Packers. I think back to the Ron Hallstrom days.

I have no idea how Mike Pettine and Joe Whitt Jr. will use all those cornerbacks in the opener against Chicago. I'd imagine a healthy Kevin King starts at boundary cornerback, but your guess is as good as mine how it will sort out. It's a great position to be in after last year, though. Jackson and Jaire Alexander look game-ready and can play either inside or on the boundary depending on where they're needed.

Karl from Bruce, WI

I always thought scouting would be an awesome job; flying all over and watching football. I'm curious, do teams give tickets to other team's scouts and designate an area for seating, or are scouts on their own to get into games?

Teams give other NFL scouts passes to attend games no different than media members. In most stadiums, scouts will sit in the same press box as the media.

Trent from Red Wing, MN

I understand they're veterans and won't play in the last preseason game, but why not travel? Couldn't those fighting for spots use the knowledge and expertise of those veteran players as the game goes on? I could see DeShone Kizer and Tim Boyle using the help of Aaron Rodgers.

I had no issue with it. Road trips are taxing, especially when you're just standing around during a preseason finale. I won't argue there's a benefit to having Rodgers on the sideline, but there's also a lot to be gained by having your quarterback and starters rested and ready for the opener.

Scott from Lincoln City, OR

Is there any football-related significance for using the different terminology of cut, released, or waived?

Cut and waived are virtually the same thing. Those terms indicate a player with less than four accrued seasons has been exposed to waivers. I use "released" to describe vested veterans who were let go because they're not subject to the waiver process.

Les from Las Vegas, NV

Good morning and good luck! How do waivers work? Does each team in order decline each player they don't want or do they have a certain amount of time and if they don't take him it automatically passes to the next team in order?

The NFL sends an official notice to the every team after cuts Saturday and teams have until 11 a.m. CT Sunday to submit the required paperwork to claim a player. Once the deadline passes, the NFL assigns players to clubs based on their waiver priority.

Dan from Muskego, WI

I just saw that Jeff Janis was released by the Browns. What do you think are the chances of the Packers putting in a waiver claim on him for a return to the green and gold?

Great example here of a veteran who is not subject to waivers. However, the Packers have a difficult enough call the way it is at receiver without adding Janis back into the mix.

Philip from Fishers, IN

I know Lance Kendricks is a proven vet, and that has value in this league, but why not take the young guy in Robert Tonyan and let him learn from Jimmy Graham and Marcedes Lewis? He made contested catches and some great blocks. What are your thoughts?

I get Packers fans have some recency bias because the Packers have kept only three tight ends for the last there years on the initial 53-man roster. Prior to that, however, the Packers went five straight years with at least four. For a converted receiver who took 15 visits before signing with the Packers in December, Tonyan really seized the opportunity. He has great size and speed for the position. Whatever happens, Tonyan can rest easy knowing he left it all out there this summer.

Mark from West Bend, WI

Will the Jason Spriggs bashing stop now?

I sure hope so because there have been a lot of positives to draw from with Spriggs this summer. That was the type of performance he can build on, and the Packers will be counting on Spriggs, especially if Kyle Murphy misses extended time with that foot injury.

Neal from Fort Worth, TX

I want to thank you both for getting us through the offseason and camp. Each of you has his own style yet both are entertaining and informative. My question is if a player is cut and then claimed by another team, what happens if said player refuses to sign with the team who claimed him? Is it possible he could forego the bigger paycheck and sign to a practice squad of his choice?

Thank you. The answer to your question is no. If a player is claimed off waivers, he has no choice but to play for the team that claimed him. If he doesn't report, he's placed on a reserve list and his contract is tolled.

Greg from Downers Grove, IL

First, great job by "Gute" with Rodgers' extension. Seems our injury list, IR and PUP lists coming out of preseason are pretty small versus last year and 2016. Can you tell us how we actually compare to the last couple of years? I am thinking the Pack is looking good on the injury front going into the season.

I no longer track injuries during training camp because it's an inexact science now with closed practices, but it seemed like a considerably healthy camp for the Packers. They only suffered one season-ending injury to a veteran (Jake Ryan) and nobody was diagnosed with concussions. You never know what will happen week-to-week, but Green Bay enters the regular season in a good place.

John from Fairfax, VA

Any major surprises in cuts you would predict? Will Trevor Davis and Quinten Rollins make the 53?

I'm not in the prediction business, but I think Rollins' versatility helps his case. He can play practically every position in the secondary. The coaching staff also trusts him to catch punts. You also have to see the big picture with Davis, a third-year receiver who was third in punt-return average last season.

Zachary from Loveland, CO

I wasn't able to watch the game, but browsing through the stats a 52-yard average on JK Scott's punts stuck out to me. Can you provide some additional insight on how it looked at game speed? Was his oft-mentioned hang time on display?

That was the JK Scott Spoff and I have been telling everyone about in practice. That 55-yard punt out of the Packers' end zone in the second quarter is the kind of field-turning play Green Bay has been lacking in the punt game. He needs to keep doing it, but I don't think you could have scripted a better way for Scott to end the preseason.

Take a look inside Green Bay's locker room in Kansas City, meticulously prepared by equipment manager Red Batty and his staff

Ben from Fort Worth, TX

Are there any recent examples of any offensive lineman (probably a center) that is also the primary long snapper? It seems odd that LS is such a specialized position that it warrants a dedicated spot on the 53.

Only in Madden. There's too much on the line to use an offensive lineman as a snapper in today's league. The position is too important, particularly in the playoffs, to leave it to a non-specialist.

Ken from Wolcott, CT

Do you think the injury to Jake Kumerow really hurt his chance of making the team, or do you think the Packers have seen enough to know if they want him or not?

To me, the two biggest questions going into the weekend are what the status of Kumerow's shoulder is and did the Packers see enough from him to make the 53-man roster? I can't think of a year when there was this much intrigue surrounding the receiver position. We'll see how it shakes out.

George from Hutchinson, MN

Have you ever heard of a player dislocating his shoulder while doing warmups like Oren Burks did? If so, was it the player's first time at such an injury, or was there a pre-draft history of such a pre-existing condition, like King (shoulder) and Biegel (foot) had?

I can't think of specific examples at this minute, but I know for a fact there have been a few players during my time on the beat who have dropped out with a new injury after pregame warmups. The good news is Burks hasn't had a history of shoulder issues. It seems like an isolated incident.

Tim from Spokane, WA

Here's a prediction for you: Geronimo Allison will have over 60 catches this year. He showed his potential in the Cincinnati game last year, and now that he'll be on the field more people are going to see how good he really is.

Allison had his best camp in three summers with the Packers, and is the perfect example of a young player whose game has continually evolved and progressed. Also, any young player who doesn't make the roster should take heed of his story from two years ago. It's not over if you don't make the 53 this weekend.

Branden from Oklahoma City, OK

I can't stop watching the route Allison ran to get free on that TD pass against the Chiefs. I am not very familiar with the names of routes in football, but was curious if that was designed and simply performed exceptionally, or if it was a "break-down" type of play where Allison had to improv after the initial route was over?

That was a scramble-drill play, so there was some improvisation at the end of the play. The promising thing was Allison beat his man initially and then used his second reaction to maintain separation after Kizer bought more time.

PJ from Minneapolis, MN

In response to Michael from Kaukauna, WI. Samkon Gado? Anyone? I think there's more Cinderella to his story than Andy Mulumba, personally.

Mulumba's story was inspiring because of his childhood and background. I'd also like to add Lane Taylor. While he doesn't play a superstar position, Taylor fits the definition of an impact player who rose from the undrafted ranks.

Tom from San Juan Capistrano, CA

In response to the question about Cinderella stories who went on to make an impact, how about Donald Driver, a seventh-round pick from Alcorn State who went on to be the all-time leader in receptions for the Packers? Not a UDFA but had to have been a roster bubble candidate at one time.

The greatest Cinderella story of all-time.

Mark from Vincennes, IN

What do the players who get cut get paid?

Nothing unless the player is waived-injured. That's the tragedy of this weekend. It's gut-wrenching for personnel executives because they know they're crushing dreams. There are hundreds of guys who played their last football snaps Thursday night.

Dan from Verona, WI

So with some of the starters not traveling with the team to KC, were they able to squeeze everyone on one plane? If so, how did this affect the seating arrangements?

The Packers still took two planes.

Randy from Aurora, CO

Wes, can you and Mike take some time to catch your breath, with the mini-bye ahead before the start of the season? Or is it full steam ahead until February?

Once the cuts are completed, we're full-steam ahead into the season. I am taking my other week of paternity leave during the bye week. Otherwise, no sleep till Atlanta.