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Inbox: It'll take every second of that clock to get it done

Zach Tom has made right tackle his spot


Ross from Summerville, SC

Gents, it feels like this week's game against KC is a bigger moment than just a Week 13 matchup to this year's Packers team. Almost like a coming out party for this team if they can pull out a victory.

Last week's game was a reminder of this team's potential. A win over the Chiefs would show this team's progress. But it'll take every second of that clock to get it done.

Jeff from Indian Lake, NY

Hey Wes. Which in your opinion is more likely to happen on Sunday: the defense records three-plus sacks of Patrick Mahomes, or they generate multiple turnovers? If one or both happen, and our offense continues its arrow pointing skyward, I like our chances. Enjoy the game everyone!

The turnovers. Mahomes has been sacked just 14 times this year, with only one game where he was sacked three times (a 24-9 loss to Denver). Mahomes has had three games this season with at least two giveaways, including that Broncos game. So, what does that tell you? Let's ride with the takeaways.

James from Appleton, WI

With the Chiefs-Packers matchup, what would surprise you more, a really low-scoring game or a track meet?

I'd be surprised if this game turned into a track meet on a 30-degree evening at Lambeau Field, but you never know. Like Detroit, I'd argue against judging this game off a stat sheet. Mahomes will make plays. Kelce will catch passes. Maybe that results in 30 points or 300-plus yards, but that doesn't mean the Packers can't win. They must limit the explosive gains, take the football away and win the situational aspects of this game. That's the key to victory.

Kevin from Westminster, CO

How do you ensure your defense stays focused on run defense when facing a Patrick Mahomes?

Stay gap disciplined and tackle. Isiah Pacheco is a good back, but his utilization reminds me of how the Packers used their running backs before Eddie Lacy got here in 2013. Pacheco is a complementary piece to a pass-driven offense. Green Bay needs to minimize Pacheco's gains to keep Mahomes in longer third-down situations. No gimmes.

Lori from Broomfield, CO

Considering Mahomes' arm and legs are intertwined for success, which element do you consider minimizing for a SNF victory? I'd emphasize keeping him in the pocket with maybe a spy on critical third downs?

Pick your poison, but it's better for a defense if Mahomes isn't afforded the opportunity to extend plays with his feet. That's when bad things happen. If I'm the Packers, I want Mahomes playing on time and forcing his receivers to make plays while their QB stands in the pocket.

John from Simpsonville, SC

Zach Tom = Bryan Bulaga. Why would you move someone who can be a 10-year fixture at a valuable position?

I was leery at first, but I'm now sold on Tom staying at right tackle. The guy can start everywhere on the offensive line, but Tom has made right tackle his spot. In my estimation, Tom has performed at a Pro Bowl level this year. If it's not broken…

Al from Green Bay, WI

On paper, it's a tough matchup. The NFL's youngest team against the reigning SB champs. Then again, it didn't look good on paper before the Thanksgiving feast. The Pack can win this one! Reasons to believe: 1) December at Lambeau Field where Coach LaFleur has a 15-0 record. 2) With three extra days of rest, the Pack is rested and getting healthier. 3) The arrow is pointing up for this team with the offense clicking and the defense attacking. 4) The fans will add a jolt of energy. GPG!

It all should make for a great atmosphere at Lambeau Field. This Packers team has come a long way this season. This is a chance for the Packers to show their work on the NFL's biggest weekly stage against one of the league's most recognizable franchises.

Dan from Catonsville, MD

Can the Packers come with the same salt and vigor as they had when they played the Lions on Thanksgiving?

Clear eyes. Full salt and vigor. Can't lose.

Ray from Phoenix, AZ

I was excited about selection of Lukas Van Ness just like I was when Rashan Gary was selected. It seems Van Ness has started to get more plays. Have you noticed a marked improvement in his game? If Preston Smith is still under contract, edge rusher could be a real strength next year.

Through 11 games, Van Ness (249) has played roughly the same number of snaps Gary (244) did as a rookie in 2019 and that early experience is making a difference in his play. The Packers have all their outside linebackers locked up for the next three seasons, allowing these veteran and young edge rushers to grow together. Van Ness is in a great spot to learn from the likes of Smith and Gary in seasons to come.

Kevin from Winnemucca, NV

Great story on Tucker Kraft…Here's what I gathered: Two former third-round draft picks, two TEs, old HOF vet and promising rookie… Tucker Kraft (TK) rode in an elevator to the top of the building with Travis Kelce (TK)…Does everyone see the symbolism?

Kraft admittedly is on the ground floor of this thing but has had a tremendous opportunity to grow this season. That's an advantage Kelce was not afforded during his injury-marred rookie season in 2013. Kraft respects Kelce and everything he's done for the tight end position. But like Kraft said in the story, it's all about what he can do to help Jordan Love and the Packers' offense once the whistle blows.

Doug from Onalaska, WI

With regard to underthrown deep balls by Love, there is a saying in golf that 100% of putts that are short don't go in. You could also say 100% of overthrown balls won't be caught by the offense. Further, the underthrown deep ball was Randy Moss's most effective play. He either caught it or got a PI call.

That aligns precisely with what Spoff wrote in his mid-week chat – not every 60-yard pass is gonna be on the money. Or put it this way – it's not as easy as Aaron Rodgers often made it look. But deep balls give receivers a chance to make a play and that's what Watson did on his 53-yarder.

Ryan from Bloomer, WI

What moment would you say was the turning point for the run the Packers are on right now? Mine would be when Aaron Jones ran up and lifted Wicks' head up after his fumble in the Rams game. I remember feeling in that moment, no matter what happens, they're gonna be OK.

That was a great moment and kudos to Jones for his leadership. But recency bias aside, the Packers taking the ball in Detroit could be a major turning point. No fear. Just football. What's more, Green Bay finally got the fast start it's been seeking all season.

Ed from Windsor, CO

Two guys being able to run more than 21 mph is crazy and 23 mph is insane. I think my top speed is single digits. Can we put a radar gun on stolen lunches? Have you been clocked? Do you accelerate when leaving Lambeau?

As impressive as it is to see receivers and running backs hit 20 miles per hour, did any of you catch Jordan Davis chasing down Josh Allen last week? Next Gen Stats said he hit 16.96 mph. That is simply ridiculous for a 6-foot-5, 327-pound individual.

The Green Bay Packers will wear special cleats supporting a cause of their choice for Week 13's game with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Craig from Sussex, WI

Really liked seeing throwback uniforms from the Eagles and Seahawks recently! I don't know why those teams don't use those unis all the time.

What's the saying? Everything old becomes new again. As a Wisconsinite, I pushed hard for the Brewers to go back to the ball-and-glove logo, but I don't know how Philadelphia and Seattle feel about their throwbacks. I think both unis are sweet, though. The Philly Kelly green always brings back positive Randall Cunningham memories for me.

Gary from Davenport, IA

Thursday's game was the fifth regular-season game in NFL history to have zero punts. Did you know Mike McCarthy was coach in three of them?

I did not, but it doesn't surprise me. I remember talking with Tim Masthay in 2014 when he played in two games that didn't require him to punt. Masthay booted the ball just 49 times for the season.

Brad from Solon Springs, WI

Mike/Wes, I'd like to thank you for your accurate reporting as opposed to the article I read Thursday morning on an ultra-popular sports site about the playoff chances for a few teams. The Packers part was loaded with stats, but two glaring mistakes. 1. The Packers will be at the Chiefs Sunday night. 2. The Packers have won their last four games? The article has since been edited with the proper facts and of course no posted correction apologies. Carry on!

There's no art in click-bait. Anyone can do it, which is why most do. It's much more difficult to create content that informs, amuses, and leaves the reader feeling as though they gained something from spending their valuable time consuming your work. In a world of hamburgers, I'm trying to cook a filet. I don't always succeed, but I'm trying.

Richard from Madison, WI

What's the over/under on the number of minutes NBC devotes to Super Bowl I?

More than a headache, less than a migraine.

Michael from Baraboo, WI

Will she or won't she attend the game? I sure hope Simone Biles is there to support her husband!

Owens said on Thursday that his wife will be there.

Neil from Tunbridge Wells, UK

Excluding games on national holidays, which games do you hate covering either home or away? Thursday, Sunday night or Mondays?

Hmm…hate is a strong word, but my least favorite timeslot is 3:25 p.m. CT home games. It doesn't give you much time to spend with family in the morning, but you're still getting home at midnight.

Greg from Sydney, Australia

Hi Mike. My girlfriend thinks it's strange that I recite your sponsor obligations each time I watch "Unscripted." I don't actually know what a sub is or why you'd put one in a bowl? You're good.

Sydney is calling for a Cousins Subs.

Dylan from Deronda, WI

The keys are the keys. It is what it is. Bygones will be bygones. Waste not, want not. Fight fire with fire. I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. The jolly is in the jogging.

The baloney is baloney.

Jay from Altoona, WI

There was controversy this week when it was revealed that a prominent sports site was using artificial intelligence to churn out articles. Can you assure us that the reporters on the Packers beat are all real? Can you assure us that Hod and Spoff are both real? How long until the Insider Inbox questions are answered by A.I.?

When you see 20 questions posted and all the responses are "OK," then you'll know something is up.

Keith from Lincoln, IL

Taylor Swift calls and leaves a message for you asking where to get the best lunch in Green Bay tomorrow. What do you tell her when you call her back?

Not By Bread Alone…once I start speaking coherently.

Paul from Northglenn, CO

After the Thursday Night Football game, Dak Prescott was asked what factors are responsible for the recent elite play. He credited resiliency, trust, and belief. Coincidence aside, these same three attributes were deemed responsible for Packers crossing the abyss by Spoff. T-SHIRT TIME?

I agree. An image of Spoff fording the abyss would make for a nice shirt. Dak made a solid postgame point, too.

Matt from Kula, HI

At this point, I'm just happy that the Packers are still playing meaningful games. I remember those many years when that wasn't the case when 2/3 of the season was reached.

And this is gonna be a fun one.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

In Detroit a young Packer team matures and delivers
Now the defending Super Bowl champions come to Titletown
Three words, "This is doable"
Show us what you got, Green and Gold

"This is doable" is the best line I've ever heard uttered on "Three Things." Well, let's get to doing. Have a great weekend, everyone.

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