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Inbox: It's a distinct possibility

He has a treasure trove


Benjamin from Burlington, VT

No question today, just wanted to take an opportunity to say "Thanks a Brazilian" for what you guys do.

You and all else who sent in a similar joke, please see yourselves out.

Dale from Port Washington, WI

Do we know what time the game will be played in Brazil? Who would have thought there would be a conflict with a Packers game when making plans for a Friday night in early December.

I assume you mean September, and I also assume it'll be a primetime game starting in the 6-7 p.m. range, Wisconsin time (8-9 p.m. range, Brazil time), give or take.

Flavio from São Paulo, Brazil

Bom dia, Insiders! Some info the São Paulo game: The playing field is a mixture of natural grass with interwoven synthetic fibers, very similar to many NFL fields. September is dry season here, rain should not be a concern, BYNK. Temperature-wise, be prepared for anything between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit (it´s South America, people). And, by the way, North, Central and South America are part of the American continent. We´re all Americans...

Appreciate the knowledge. I'd like it noted now I could do without 90 degrees, thank you.

Jeffrey from Eveleth, MN

Spoff, are there good brews in Brazil? Do you intend to find out?

If granted the opportunity, for sure.

Scott from Norwalk, CT

Wes's comments about Arena Corinthians led me to do some research. Normally with a capacity of about 47,000, the stadium was apparently augmented during the 2014 World Cup to seat about 18,000 more (total 65,000). Any thoughts on whether they would add those extra seats again for a Packers game?

I'm curious myself. I would imagine it's a distinct possibility.

Gary from Sheboygan, WI

II, prior to announcing that the Packers would be playing in Brazil it was often mentioned that the Packers are one of the two most popular teams in Brazil. What is the other team?

Miami has laid claim to Brazil as an international home market through the NFL's initiative, so I assume it's the Dolphins? If not, I don't know. And to fend off the next round of questions, the Packers have not claimed any individual international home market to date because the fan base is spread so worldwide.

Shilo from Wildomar, CA

Could you guys please clarify which local TV markets will be allowed to watch the Brazil game for free? Is it just Green Bay; Green Bay and Milwaukee, all of WI, or something else?

Green Bay and Milwaukee. For the rest it's Peacock or bust, to the understandable chagrin of many.

Ed from Windsor, CO

Go Pack Go takes on a new meaning for the opener and you thought a West Coast trip was long. 5,362 miles x2 means you will be getting a lot of frequent flier miles. Perhaps an upgrade to first class in your future?

The frequent flier miles are the organization's, if there is such a thing for charter flights. Those don't trickle down to team employees. Nor do the hotel points, alas, not that I'm complaining.

Mark from Vienna, VA

Having the Eagles game on the opening weekend gives a mini bye to both teams. If it was scheduled anywhere else during the season recovery time would be diminished.

True, but even if the team flies back right after the game, it'll be getting home around noon or 1 p.m. on Saturday. A day and a half isn't really a mini bye, but it'll be much less taxing than the London turnaround from '22.

Mike from San Diego, CA

Allegedly the São Paulo Corinthians stadium has a literal ban on the color green due to rival fan colors. Will they be considering an early color rush game for both green teams to wear their all whites? Will the Packers become the Bay Packers for a day? Why did no one think of the controversy?!

I've heard about the Corinthians' distaste for green. Perhaps the Eagles will be wearing their black jerseys as the "home" team with their black or white pants, with the Packers in their road white jerseys and gold pants? I'm not anticipating an all-black vs. all-white color rush, but we shall see.

Mark from Garden City, ID

Since the Packers will have two preseason road games, would it make sense to schedule the last one at a place with a larger runway and leave for São Paulo from there (getting a chance to acclimatize in Brazil), or would cuts make that even more of a nightmare?

There will be two weeks, as well as roster cuts, between the final preseason game and the Brazil opener, so that's not happening.

TK from Grafton, WI

  1. If you've ever studied Spanish, you've got a leg up on Portuguese. 2. Could an argument be made that the trade of Rasul Douglas netted a third-round pick AND (the cap space needed for) Xavier McKinney?
  2. I did study Spanish (as a second major, it turned out) and spent a semester in Spain during college. The weekend we went to Portugal, I didn't understand anything. 2. Maybe, but it's a bit of a stretch. The Packers would've had other ways to clear cap room to sign McKinney, but moving Douglas' contract did ease the burden a bit.

Ferdinand from Woodbury, MN

If only there were a way that the 2024 Packers could guarantee breaking the non-home opener streak in 2025…

A common sentiment expressed by many via the Inbox.

Caleb from Knoxville, TN

The last time Green Bay opened the season on the road against the Eagles, we won the Super Bowl. Maybe that's what we were missing all these years?

I guess we'll find out.

Mike from Glendale, CA

I'm sure the 1967 Cowboys would disagree with the claim there's never been an NFL game played in Antarctica.

This crowd is on a roll today.

Bob from Fredericksburg, VA

Just wanted to say good luck and Godspeed to Red. Hope he is able to enjoy his well-deserved retirement. I would love to be able to have a beverage with him and listen to some stories. I bet he has a few.

He has a treasure trove of them, which is fitting for a man who is not just a gem, but a treasure himself. All the best to Red.

Jeff from Littlefork, MN

Your favorite Red Batty story in honor of his retirement?

As many great Packers stories as Red has, his hockey stories are the best because he's so passionate about that game and it's in his blood. One time in the midst of telling a hockey story, he needed to check on a detail so he pulled out his phone and called … Wayne Gretzky.

Adam from Chippewa Falls, WI

I just wanted to congratulate Red Batty on his retirement. As a kid, I used to send football cards to Packers and some would sign them and mail them back to me. I had a Red Batty football card and he was gracious enough to sign it for me, which I really appreciated.

If you'd sent 500 cards, he would've signed all 500.

Jim from Algoma, WI

Nice story about Red Batty, Packers equipment manager, upon his retirement. In that vein, who is responsible for issuing the players numbers? Also, do the Packers have an unofficial policy for not re-issuing the numbers of longtime players for a year or two, like No. 69 for the world's most famous beer chugger?

In my time here, the GM or another high-ranking member of the personnel department assigns the uniform numbers, and I'm not aware of any moratorium for a number that's not going to be retired. Five years ago, Rashan Gary was assigned No. 52 a little more than a month after Clay Matthews signed with the Rams.

Etienne from St. Joachim de Tourelle, Canada

Good morning II. Is 2K in 14 games is the greatest running back season ever?

Interesting question. Of the eight 2,000-yard rushing seasons in NFL history, I think the only one that really compares to Simpson's 2,003 in '73 is Barry Sanders' 2,053 in 1997, because Sanders had just 53 yards through the first two games and then ran for exactly 2,000 over the final 14. For what it's worth, Simpson averaged 6.03 yards per carry that year to Sanders' 6.13, and he had just 70 receiving yards to Barry's 305, which included a 100-yard receiving game in Week 2 when he was held to just 20 yards rushing. Coin flip, I suppose.

Ray from Phoenix, AZ

The AZ Coyotes NHL team has had two stadium proposals turned down and it appears they could very well be moving to Salt Lake City. The KC Chiefs and Royals are having their own stadium issues. So last week the mayor of Dallas says, "Bring the Dallas Texans back home." The Packers have not been successful extending their lease. Different situations, BUT they all come back to money. What gives?

You said it, they all come back to money. Conflicts over money are as germane to professional sports as balls, strikes, first downs and touchdowns.

Keith from Dodgeville, WI

Guys, I could see the Pack doubling on picks of OL, LB and S just to make sure they get the player they want. What do you think?

Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. I wouldn't rule out running back, either.

Richard from Eau Claire, WI

Greetings Insiders! With the recent feature piece on Kenny Clark I've been thinking … Does he play three-technique? With the switch to 4-3 why aren't draft projections considering DT and interior push? It seems even with Wyatt and others in rotation the position could benefit from big bodies and competition. How versatile are these body types and techniques in the new scheme? I thought the old wisdom was get the "big guys early." Is that still true? I'm excited to see what unfolds.

The old adage still applies, and Clark does play the three-tech. I'd never turn down a high-impact D-lineman, but the past few years the Packers have built more depth on the interior than they've had in a while by drafting Slaton, Wyatt, Brooks, Wooden and Ford. Green Bay's need for depth up front is greater on the offensive side right now.

Josh from Playa Majagual, Nicaragua

In this nickel world in which we live, I think one of the biggest benefits to switching to a 4-3 "base" defense may be the continuity along the D-line when switching between the formations. We should now see less hog mollies scrambling to get off the field when we switch to nickel on passing downs and similar alignment and gap responsibilities between formations should allow the DL to think less and play more instinctively. Which DL do you think benefits the most from this shift?

Clark, Wyatt and Brooks.

The Packers Tailgate Tour presented a $5,000 check for Play 60 at Beloit Memorial High School and a $1,500 check to Turner High School on Thursday, April 11, 2024. The Tour also made a special stop at Kwik Trip to distribute gift cards.

Rich from Grand Rapids, MI

Given the makeup of the roster and the number/quality of draft picks, GB seems to be in position to take risks that they might eschew in other years. With which "risk areas" would you, as GM, be most comfortable? Injury risk (Wilson of NC St., for example), character (Brenton Cox from last year's undrafted FA class), a big swing at moving up into the top 15? Or would you not adjust your risk philosophy? Thanks for your work.

I'm not interested in taking any more risk than is inherent in the draft itself. There's so much unknown already.

Craig from Laramie, WY

At the risk of comparing "apples to orangutans," is not the fake slide analogous to the fake spike to some extent? Both seem like competitive gamesmanship to me. That said, I do not think a QB should be allowed to "eat his cake and have it too." I say, "Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind!" What do you think? And, what might be an appropriate refereeing adjudication?

I won't declare it apples and orangutans, but the fake spike is a clock-related rule, not a safety one. I've got no problem with the fake spike.

Robert from Oak Creek, WI

As Vic used to say, "You only have your job until they find someone better." Considering all the years these players put into trying to make themselves the best, they are obviously some of the most competitive people on the planet.

Most of them have a mentality I could never summon.

Scott from Sauk City, WI

Mike, your answer about "managing/calling" a baseball game made me wonder. If you did play-by-play for any sport (which essentially you're already doing with the live blog), which would you be best at? For me, there's no way I could call anything other than a baseball game. The only sport slow enough for me to keep up with! Kudos to the Wayne Larrivees, Kevin Harlans and Matt Lepays of the world. But Bob Uecker has the coolest job in the world, IMO.

At one time, I really wanted to be a baseball play-by-play announcer. I wrote a career paper in 10th grade about how to pursue it. Then in 11th grade I had a half-credit slot to fill in my schedule and took "Writing for publication" on a whim, which included working on the school newspaper. I got hooked and never looked back.

Dustin from Kansas City, MO

Mike, when you are managing a baseball game while watching it, do you take more of an analytics-driven approach? Or do you go old-school and stick with your gut instinct?

I'm mostly old-school, though I don't have reams of data in front of me to process decisions differently. There's a place for a healthy blend, I believe.

Alan from Fresno, CA

OK, I'll ask it. Mike, how many takes were required to shoot Wes's cornerback segment during training camp preview show last summer?

At least three, then I stopped counting. Happy Friday.

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