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Inbox: It's a fine work of art

You can already tell whom Packers fans have their eye on at the combine


Tom from Scottsdale, AZ

Question: "Finding good players. There, everything feels normal again." Seriously? That is your "answer" for a question someone legitimately wanted an answer to? I stopped reading this column years back because of Vic. Now I have been trying to get back into it, because it's a great concept, but you guys are headed down the exact same path. Not answering questions, answering with condescending attitudes, etc. How hard is it for to find someone to answer questions in a mature way?

About as hard as finding someone to ask them in a mature way. Good morning!

Zach from Harrington, DE

We have two first-round picks. Who do you hope/speculate we will go for with the 30th pick? I am from Delaware and I like Nasir Adderley. Who are you guys hoping for?

You can already tell whom Packers fans have their eye on at the combine. I don't know, but I promise I'll be mall-walking the fastest I've ever mall-walked to get to Adderley's podium in Indy.

Matt from Manhattan, KS

While the B.J. Raji pick-six has to be the most entertaining TD I've seen in and of itself, Rodgers to Cobb on fourth-and-8 to win the division has a special place for me. My brothers and I had all been off at college (or beyond) for years, and that game was the first time in years we were all able to get home in Michigan together to watch the Packers. I'm pretty sure they could have heard us cheering from all the way across the lake.

What a great memory and an even better reminder it isn't always the play on the field that makes those special moments truly unforgettable.

Matt from Waunakee, WI

Kareem's skyhook was all but unstoppable. He's the all-time leading scorer in NBA history. It's hard to believe it hasn't been copied with any great success. Can you think of another athlete who had a unique move which lead to greatness and hasn't been duplicated?

I can think of other athletes with unique traits (e.g. Craig Counsell's batting stance), so let's limit it to the NFL. The first thing that came to mind for me was Aaron Rodgers' back-shoulder passes. Now, I understand Rodgers isn't the only QB capable of making that throw, but I cannot think of anyone who does it with as much regularity as Rodgers. It's a fine work of art. I'll also throw in Kurt Warner's side-arm throwing style in there. Let me know if you have others.

Nathan from Portland, OR

Did everyone forget about Geronimo? He was playing well until he went down. I don't see anyone taking the No. 2 spot away from him.

We've talked about Allison a few times this offseason, but I feel it's important to mention he averaged 4.8 catches and 72.3 yards through the first month of the year before the core muscle injury started giving him problems. If Allison stayed healthy, he was on pace for 76 catches, 1,156 yards and eight touchdowns.

Take a look at photos of Packers P JK Scott from the 2018 season.

Mark from West Des Moines, IA

Wes, excellent article on Mason Crosby. Mason has been an integral part of our team for many years. However, he is on the back nine of his career. When the time comes to find someone to step into his kicking shoes, does history show that it is best to draft a replacement or find an accurate kicker in free agency?

So if Crosby is on the back nine, what do you make of Adam Vinatieri? He should've been in the clubhouse three days ago. I don't favor one particular approach over the other. NFL teams have had success finding kickers through the draft and free agency. For example, the Colts signed Vinatieri in the same 2006 offseason the Patriots drafted Stephen Gostkowski.

John from Cornwall, UK

As a huge Packers fan in the UK, I'd love an international game. However, I'm of the opinion that to truly appreciate the whole Packers experience and be part of the community of Green Bay, if only for one day, I need to see a game over with you. As such, I'm saving my money for a visit within the next couple of years and look forward to being part of the crowd. See you all there.

I agree a trip to Lambeau Field needs to be on the bucket list of every football fan. At the same time, I think having the Packers play overseas would be good for the growth of the game in international markets.

Mariah from Milwaukee, WI

Of all the Packers games you have attended, which one has been your favorite? And why?

The 2016 NFC Divisional playoff game in Dallas. That game had it all, including a dramatic ending to send a team left for dead at 4-6 to the NFC Championship Game.

Anthony from Eden Prairie, MN

With Eric Reid signing his contract, does this make it harder for the Packers to get their man in FA (say a Collins or Joyner) if they are indeed after a safety this offseason?

I don't think so. Reid is a talent, but there are a ton of high-quality safeties set to go on the market (if that's the direction Brian Gutekunst chooses to go). Landon Collins, Earl Thomas, the Honey Badger, Lamarcus Joyner and Ha Ha just to name a few.

Ned from Laguna Woods, CA

What would be the problem with occasionally having both Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams in the backfield at the same time? Should make for some difficult defensive choices.

The Packers toyed with the idea of playing Jones and Williams at the same time before Jones' knee injury in Chicago. We'll have to wait and see whether Matt LaFleur wants to venture back down that road.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

Does LaFleur have a history of backfield by committee or is he a coach that likes to feed one guy?

He's coached in both styles of offense, but the Titans played both Derrick Henry and Dion Lewis for a majority of last season until Henry's December breakout.

Nick from Portland, OR

I know why you guys don't like the college football OT rules for the NFL. Because if the NFL adopted them no one would be complaining anymore and you wouldn't have anything to talk about in the offseason!

This is the best argument I've heard for the college scoring system yet. It's also the last question I'll be taking on the topic until next month's NFL owners meetings. If Spoff wants to talk more about it, the microphone is his.

Andy from Verona, WI

The Patriots seem to have one of the most diverse offenses in the NFL. Since the NFL is a copycat league, other than having "the man" at QB, which part of the Patriots' offense do you feel teams most often try to emulate?

How the Patriots attack the middle of the field with tight ends, slot receivers and running backs.

Justin from Wausau, WI

Mike's response to Paul from Beaver Dam did two things: it gave me a minor headache, and it got me wondering...who is responsible for tracking the minutia and nuances of these contract stipulations and league rules to be sure all players get their due? Is it someone in the NFL offices? Somebody on the team's staff? Someone else?

If it involves money, the NFL, NFLPA and agents are all aware of it. As complicated as proven performance escalators sound to the layman, it's written into the collective bargaining agreement. Once the season is over, the list of qualified players is compiled and made available to anyone who wants access to it.

Nathan from Denver, CO

Remember when Charles Johnson was the latest proof in the pudding that our management had to go?

Funny how some fans rush to conclusions about skill-position players, huh? Instead of using those experiences to improve their judgment, however, they immediately move on to the next superstar. To each their own.

Andrew from Falls Church, VA

I was curious about some of the AAF rules and how they compare to the NFL. The biggest for me was adding an extra booth ref to make calls based on reviews (such as bad penalties or player safety concerns). Aside from the extra ref, do you think any of the rule differences could benefit the NFL as well?

Access to the audio of officials discussing booth reviews is awesome. Even if it doesn't run in real time, I think there's value in hearing what factored into the decision. The only avenue reporters have right now is for the PFWA to request officials after the game. Even then, it typically only elicits sensitized, curt responses.

The Green Bay Packers continued the "Empower" leadership event for the second day in Milwaukee for middle school students.

Guy from Hudson, WI

How long is the AAF season? I think the CBS network has hit a home run. The first game with little or no advertising beat the NBA in the ratings Saturday night. Show a few highlights on SportsCenter and watch the ratings explode. After all, the NFL Draft routinely beats NBA playoff basketball because of media coverage. The quality of football was better than preseason football and the appeal of football is much higher than other competing late-winter sports. Saturday night will be owned by CBS.

The season is 10 weeks long. I tuned in Saturday night to watch Jayrone Elliott play for San Antonio and came away impressed with the game. I like how the AAF has invested in young players on the cusp of being on NFL rosters and practice squads. I also didn't mind the absence of kickoffs as much as I originally thought. My one gripe is the somewhat sloppy play. You can tell the teams had shortened camps. Now, the XFL had great ratings during his first week, too. Hopefully, the Alliance can maintain its momentum.

Jerry from Erie, PA

What is the pay scale for the new football league of eight teams? I noticed thanks to you many ex-Packers in the league.

I read in a preview on all players are signed to three-year, $250,000 contracts.

Brandon from Maple Grove, MN

Wes, thank you for bringing up "Hang Time" in "Unscripted"! I, too, grew up enjoying that show. It was my introduction to Dick Butkus. My dad expanded on it and educated me on the Packers-Bears rivalry, thus growing my love for the Packers. Who in the NFL today do you think could one day step into a "Hang Time" role like Butkus? From the Packers, I could see a personality like Mike Daniels pulling it off.

Older Packers fans are going to hate me for saying this, but I knew Dick Butkus as Coach Mike Katowinski before I knew him as the Bears' Hall of Fame linebacker. That show was an essential part of my childhood and ahead of its time in tackling problems kids deal with at a formative age.

Margeaux from Tallahassee, FL

To placate those who love Lori from Brookfield questions and "thumb your nose" at those who don't, for Valentine's Day you could do a full II of Lori's Best.

There are a lot of folks who could learn a thing or two from Lori. Instead of writing insult-laden complaints, why not try asking the short and smart questions nobody else is asking.

Joshua from Houston, TX

What do writers such as yourselves use LinkedIn for?

Technically, I have a LinkedIn. However, I forgot my password and the email I registered the account with is my deactivated Press-Gazette email. So I guess I use it for nothing.

Zach from Delavan, WI

Hey, with Wes being compared to the Lama (who's a big hitter by the way), can he grant me total consciousness on my death bed? If I had that going for me it'd be nice.

Well, as a writer, you know there will be no money.

Keith from Normal, IL

Are you guys going to Steak 'n Shake when you hit Indy again this year? If so you should try the Frisco melt w/lettuce and tomato. I worked there for many years and the first one opened here in Normal. It has a lot of history.

I can't speak for Spoff, but I hit it up at least once during every trip to Indy. Our other tradition is eating breakfast at Café Patachou. My colleague, Tyler Gajewski, is a big fan. Last year, we even had a table between Mike Pettine and Ron Rivera.

Kevin from Louisville, KY

When someone like Randy from Mukwonago, WI, throws a hissy fit and vows never to read again, is it similar to the Yelp "critic" complaining about menu prices and wait times? Sure seems like it. If you don't like the experience, just move on. That's how you end up with high blood pressure.

If you're complaining, you're still here.

Gretchen from Dousman, WI

It's the offseason. I would much rather read about Wes's puppy and what Mike does outside of work than yet another mock draft or comment bashing the front office. Don't let the door hit you in the rear in your way out sourpuss.

Why do we write Inbox 312 days a year when we could be taking PTO and hanging out with our families? We do it for Gretchen! WE DO IT FOR GRETCHEN!