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Inbox: Something had to be done

Jaire Alexander was the right pick at the right time for the right price


Derek from Eau Claire, WI

Sixty degrees in Wisconsin today. How's Arizona?

Eighty-five and sunny. I am glad to know I'll be returning to some decent weather this evening, though. Good morning!

Roger from Eau Claire, WI

I am confused. Everything I have read has talked about the replay change for called and non-called PI is because of the non-call in the Saints game. But I thought it was determined the ball had been tipped so it was not PI. Not against it, just curious about the description for needing it. Am I wrong about the ball being tipped?

Nickell Robey-Coleman said the ball was tipped, but it sure didn't look like it. I get defensive players may not love the change, but the coaches put together a united front on this matter. They wanted a sky judge, owners countered back with this compromise and ultimately both sides determined something had to be done. The NFL means too much to too many to get the calls wrong. I agree there needs to be some form of checks and balances to make sure egregious oversights don't affect the outcome of games.

Matt from Hoboken, NJ

The reviewable PI rule is interesting to say the least. Is it just PI and nothing else because the NFL wants to see a sample before adding other called/non-called penalties into the mix? Or do you think it's only PI due to the magnitude of that potential foul and nothing else will be added down the line?

Precisely. Speaking to reporters Tuesday evening, Mark Murphy said pass interference was the starting point because of how much of an impact it's having on games. Murphy said he expects the conversation to continue.

Todd from Brighton, MI

With the new pass interference replay, will we now see penalties called on Hail Marys?

No. That was very important to everyone to not have flags flying on the final play of every hotly-contested game, which is why it'll be automatic booth review inside two minutes. Everyone understands the nature of Hail Marys. There's going to be contact. Referees will officiate the play like they always have.

Jeff from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Do you guys need a volunteer to show you around Winnipeg around the third week of August? If so, I would like to be considered for the position.

I know everyone is excited and rightfully so, but there are still details to be ironed out with a potential preseason game in Canada. Hopefully, we'll get some clarity in the coming weeks.

Jim from Marietta, GA

I like Coach changing up practices, particularly practicing against another team. Do you agree it helps in the evaluation process?

Matt LaFleur had a great line Tuesday about why he liked practicing against another NFL team – "good-on-good work." It's a measuring stick, a chance to see how you stack up against true adversaries, not teammates. It's been 14 years since the Packers have done something like this. It should be a cool experience.

Erik from Sisters, OR

Does LaFleur have any idea how big the Bears rivalry is? Does the new coaching staff push harder for that win over any other win? This is more than football, this overflows into my cubicle world!

LaFleur understands what the Bears rivalry means to the organization, but there's something bigger at play this time. This is the NFL's 100th season opener. The entire country will be watching. It's an opportunity to put 2018 in the rear-view mirror and build a new narrative. A win in Chicago would catapult Green Bay into the season.

Ben from Pensacola, FL

Injuries in onside kicks were always fewer. Players moved fast, but there was less time for full speed contact. In light of that, to keep surprise for the onside kick, the formation of the players remains the same. There is no declaration of onside kick, but the players start running how they used to. Then, the opposite team knows it's an onside kick. At that point, if the kicker fakes and goes for regular kickoff, penalty is given.

We already know kickoffs aren't changing. The owners voted Tuesday to make those new rules permanent. The only question now is what becomes of the on-side kick in the long run. One thing is certain – it will not take the form of a fourth-and-15 play. Not this year. Murphy said he's in favor of the idea, though.

Daniel from Algoma, WI

With the departure of Randall Cobb, who do you believe will rise to the challenge to fill his cleats? St. Brown or MVS or do you think Allison will be the new "main" slot receiver

I'm going to be writing a story on this in the coming days, but it sounds like Geronimo Allison has a big fan in LaFleur. The Packers' head coach also believes Allison could be effective in the slot. Either way, the fourth-year receiver probably has the inside track on one of those open spots.

Gary from Sheboygan, WI

II, there has been some call for the Pack to draft a slot receiver with little thought of one of the current receivers manning the spot. Wouldn't it be wiser to put one of our current receivers there than to put a rookie in the position?

You guys have heard me say before how difficult it is for a rookie receiver to come into the league and just set the world ablaze. It takes time, particularly in this offense. I know they aren't traditional slot guys, but Allison and the three rookies have a leg up on any rookie the Packers pick up. And before anybody asks, LaFleur said he views Jake Kumerow as a perimeter receiver, for what it's worth.

John from Yakima, WA

Agree or disagree on a schedule prediction: 200th meeting of Packers and Bears on MNF and likely in early November?

Honest question: Can you have two prime-time games in the same season against a division opponent?

Carl from Sussex, WI

If the internet is correct, 2019 is the 14th straight season with a prime time Packers-Bears game. Is there, or has there been, a longer prime time streak between any other two teams?

I believe the Cowboys and Giants have the same streak. If those two play in prime time again in 2019, that would also mark their 14th consecutive season playing each other in prime time, as well.

Evan from Stephens City, VA

The NFL kicks off its 100th season on Sept. 5. I honestly believe the Packers' Week 17 game will be against the Bears. How perfect would that be? Celebrating 100 years of football to start the season, and finishing the regular season on the 200th Packers-Bears game on Sunday Night Football to decide who will be kings of the north. We haven't finished the regular season against the Bears since 2013, so I think it's past due.

And that 2013 game sure was a doozy.

Jim from Mazeppa, MN

The NFL kicks off 100 seasons with Packers @ Bears. Excellent and predictable choice. Must we wear color rush uniforms? Seems like throwbacks would be more appropriate.

It's no longer a requirement to wear the Color Rush uniforms. It's strictly up to the teams. My guess is the Packers won't wear them in the opener since they'll likely be playing another Thursday night game later in the season.

Al from Green Bay, WI

I wonder how many brand new NFL head coaches have the opportunity to kick off their legacy on the opening Thursday of the NFL season. Maybe none until Sept. 5?

I have neither the time nor patience to find that answer, but I'd bet a good amount of Spoff lunches the list isn't long.

Jeff from Dorr, MI

With the both teams possessing the ball in overtime rule: If first team scores, then the second team has to go for the win. Say the first gets a touchdown and extra point, the second team has to go for two. Should the first team get a field goal, the second team has to score a touchdown. Both teams' offense and defense get on the field and games don't drag out.

Yes, but the winner of the coin-toss still has a big advantage, right? If you win the toss, wouldn't you just defer? I don't know if this solves the problem.

Mike from Las Vegas, NV

You said the price was too steep to trade up from 12 this year. Was there anyone in last year's top 11 that you would have traded up for?

Roquan Smith was enticing because there weren't any other linebackers quite like him in last year's draft. However, the Packers really needed a cornerback and Jaire Alexander was the right pick at the right time for the right price.

Andrew from Shalimar, FL

Even with the FA additions to our defense, I feel that our first pick should still be the BAP among OL or a defensive player that's not a CB. That being said, do you think the presence of Jimmy Graham and Marcedes Lewis as veteran mentors makes it smarter to take a TE early?

LaFleur likes tight ends and being multiple with his formations, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if the Packers drafted one early. You won't find two better veterans to learn from than Graham and Lewis, either. At the end of the day, however, everything depends on who's available and where.

Dean from Vienna, VA

I know it was mentioned before but I can't find it. When will the preseason schedule be announced? Thanks for all the great writing and info, gents.

Last year, the preseason schedule was released on April 11.

Bob from Sydney, Australia

I didn't understand the move at the time. But it seems like it worked out all right getting what's essentially a fourth-round comp pick for losing Ha Ha, while also bringing in another starting safety and adding three more free agents?

What the Packers received was better than a fourth-round comp pick. It also worked out since the Packers wouldn't have received a compensatory pick if Clinton-Dix left as a free agent.

Jaime from Nevis, MN

What is taking the Packers' front office so long to sign Tre Boston? Let's do this. We can still draft a safety, but Boston and Amos for the next two years would be awesome and the rookie could learn from them and play special teams!

They're very busy people. We'll see how things unfold over the next month. It's pretty clear Tramon Williams is moving back to cornerback, so there likely will be a starting spot open at free safety.

Kyle from Mt Juliet, TN

How comfortable do you think the Packers are with their backup QBs? Do you see them drafting one as early as the third or fourth round if one falls?

I'd say they're comfortable, but you never know until the dust settles after the draft. LaFleur coached DeShone Kizer for one year, so there's history there. The organization also is high on Tim Boyle as a developmental prospect.

Thomas from Milwaukee, WI

Isn't the greatest skill availability? If so, doesn't that make Tony Gonzalez the greatest tight end ever?

It's an ability, but I don't know if it's the greatest ability. Gonzalez is a Hall of Famer because he did it at a high level for so many years. Rob Gronkowski is a Hall of Famer because he did it like nobody else before him.

Trevor from Carmel, NY

When the Saints lost, I hinted the bad call might net us someone that wouldn't have been available at No. 31 or 32. Now it's official and the team at 32 has a huge void at TE. Step in your what-if machine for a moment. If the pick becomes a TE who enjoys a successful, championship-winning career with Rodgers instead of Brady, does the Nickell Robey-Coleman no-call become an unofficial part of Packers lore?

A true NFL butterfly effect.

Craig from Seymour, IL

Will the Packers draft Iowa tight end Noah Fant?

I'm not sure. I'm sorry. This isn't Insider Gute-Box.

Jon from Collinsville, IL

Do you think Robert Kraft's legal troubles influenced the NFL's decision to begin the season with Packers-Bears instead of the Super Bowl-winning Patriots?

The decision to not have the Super Bowl winner play in the opener was put into motion last year.

Trevor from Seattle, WA

I noticed you put together a Primer on the running back out of Iowa State. He seems like he's got some potential. Any word on if he's willing to change his number?

I used to like you, Trevor. You get a ban.

James from Spring Valley, MN

So if the Packers draft RB David Montgomery can they give him No. 88? Asking for a friend.

You get a ban.

Luc from St. Thomas, Canada

If we end up drafting David Montgomery, can we convert him to a WR in two seasons but keep him in his RB number?

You get a ban.

Walter from Long Beach, CA

Hello Insider, appreciate you keeping us fans entertained and informed during the off-season and all the info you give us during the regular season. My question is if we draft RB David Montgomery, will he wear No. 88?

And you get a ban. Jim from Monroe, Gary from Wrightwood, Bob from Grand Rapids, YOU ALL GET BANNED!!! I'm just joking…I think.

Aaron from Seattle, WA

Wes, tell us the story of why you wanted your son's first jersey to be Jayrone Elliott. There has to be more to it than just he was a great guy.

Because Jayrone is the man. He's one of my favorite people to ever come through the Packers locker room. He's humble, personable and authentic. I root for those people. Also, Aaron is now my favorite Seattle-ian. Or is it Seattle-on? Seattle-een?

Andrew from Pleasantville, NJ

Wes, if this wasn't your job and you could only pick one of these April events to watch which would it be: WrestleMania 35, new "Game of Thrones," "Avengers Endgame," or the NFL Draft?

"Game of Thrones" by a landslide. That show is a lifestyle for me. Then, I'd go "Avengers: Endgame," the NFL Draft and Wrestlemania 35 a very distant fourth.

Charlie from Morgan Hill, CA

"Dickey wasn't the hero the '80s Packers needed, but he was the one they deserved." What a brilliant line that perfectly described an entire decade in one sentence. Well done Wes!

The Packers may not have won a lot of games in the '80s for reasons beyond the offense, but don't tell me the Dickey Years weren't entertaining. OK, the past 1 ½ weeks have been great, but fortunately Spoff will be back Thursday. I'm going to take some much needed RFIR – Rest from Inbox Relaxation. Enjoy the rest of your week, world.