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Inbox: That's the energy you're looking for

It all adds to the anticipation

LB Ty Summers
LB Ty Summers

Jorge from San Juan, Puerto Rico

This season feels different and it's refreshing! What should we expect this year from this team?

Creativity and a lot of fun. I know fans are antsy to see the starters on the field, but for me, it all adds to the anticipation. Like I said Thursday, I can't wait to see how it all fits together. Good morning!

Tony from Chanhassen, MN

Dexter asked if anyone remembers anything from a preseason game. I definitely remember Desmond Howard returning a punt for a touchdown in the preseason, and knowing he just made the team. I felt the same way about Ty Summers yesterday. They don't happen often, but that's why we watch, right?

I don't know what today holds for Ty Summers, but that was a cool moment for the rookie linebacker and also the crowd. The enthusiasm in the stadium was infectious Thursday night. It was a fun atmosphere to be a part of and it was never any louder than when Summers crossed the end zone on that return. The bar has been set. That's the energy you're looking for. It also was a reminder meaningful football is right around the corner.

Jonathan from Paducah, KY

I am so glad someone asked if anyone has had a memorable preseason moment. I will never forget the summer filled with all the Favre controversy and being nervous about what might happen during the first home preseason game. I got goosebumps when the Lambeau crowd gave Rodgers an ovation as he took the field for his debut as "The Man." The play of the game was when James Jones finished the catch and run to the end zone after getting hit and losing his helmet. DD was hyped on the sideline!

When factoring all the off-the-field distractions, that probably is the most important Packers preseason game I can remember. There was no letup with Rodgers that summer. He started all four preseason games and completed 37-of-54 passes (68.5 percent) for 436 yards, three TDs and one INT for a 103.6 passer rating. "The Man" had arrived.

Lori from Brookfield, WI

Are you more intrigued to see the outcome of competition between Crosby-Ficken or Kizer-Boyle? Any predictions?

I'm more intrigued with backup quarterback and whether the Packers keep two or three. And where does Manny Wilkins fit into everything? Tim Boyle impressed me with how he protected the football and his ability to finish drives to the end zone, but DeShone Kizer has a lot of experience, too. Both have value. I'd keep three, but that obviously doesn't mean much. We'll see soon enough if Gutekunst agrees.

Karl from Fort Collins, CO

It is a tribute to BG and his staff that so many hard decisions will have to be made on the 53 and practice squad. How many people will be in the room when the discussions are held?

Ted Thompson weighed the opinions of his scouting department when setting the initial 53, so I'd imagine Gutekunst takes a similar approach with his scouts. At the end of the day, however, it's his call to make on whom the Packers will take into Chicago.

Rob from Buckinghamshire, UK

Of the inactives from Thursday, which ones were non-injury related? I would assume they are almost guaranteed a place on the 53.

As far as non-starters, Jake Kumerow, Tony Brown, Raven Greene, Josh Jackson, Tramon Williams, Kyler Fackrell, Rashan Gary, Lucas Patrick, Alex Light, Elgton Jenkins, Geronimo Allison, Robert Tonyan, Marcedes Lewis and Tyler Lancaster were all healthy scratches to the best of my knowledge.

Sal from Hailey, ID

The only things I remember from preseason are the injuries. I wish they'd just play guys vying for a spot instead of sending star wide receivers out to tear their ACLs. What's the main reason we play seasoned vets before game day?

Davante Adams played seven snaps in the preseason. Marquez Valdes-Scantling had like two dozen. I'd say the Packers were pretty safe with their top three wideouts.

Nick from Plainwell, MI

Hello Insiders! I have a two-part question here. Do you think there's a possibility to trade one of our kickers just like Baltimore did to recoup a fifth-round pick? With us opening the season this Thursday night, do you see an urgency for practice starting Sunday for a shortened week?

I think the Packers would be happy to strike a deal with a team in desperate need of a kicker, but as always, it takes a willing trade partner. The urgency is there with the veterans on this team. They're champing at the bit to get going. Several guys talked in the locker room this week about already having an eye on the Bears.

Shaun from Whitefish Bay, WI

I assume the GM has the final say come cut-downs but how much does LaFleur's opinion on defensive players come in to play? He is the head coach but he is mainly offensive-oriented.

Gutekunst keeps LaFleur in the loop on every roster decision. LaFleur said it at the podium on Friday afternoon that Gutekunst frequently pops into his office to bounce ideas off him. I doubt the position has anything to do with it.

Sights from around Lambeau Field from Thursday night's Packers-Chiefs game.

Scott from Hamlin, NY

Can the Packers put in a claim for anyone they cut? I'm thinking they keep someone to put them on IR and then claim one of the guys they cut but wanted to keep.

No. The player must clear waivers before the Packers can re-sign him.

Cameron from Wayland, MI

On to the Chicago Bears! How does our defense match up with the Bears' offense? What matchups do you like most? I can't wait to see the (free) Agent Smiths. They are going to take over Chicago just like they took over the matrix.

I think it's a good matchup for the Packers, but they need to keep Mitchell Trubisky in the pocket and contain Chicago's run. If Trubisky gets comfortable and extends plays, it could be a long evening. The Smiths and rest of Green Bay's pass rush need to keep the pressure going all night.

Jim from West Salem, WI

When will the defensive backs start grabbing on tackles? It is so frustrating watching them get hurdled when trying to throw a shoulder at the ball-carriers' legs? Thanks.

Defensive backs, in today's NFL, are encouraged to tackle low for two reasons – it avoids leading with the helmet and also most aren't equipped to take on skill-position players head-on. Sorry if you don't like that, Jim.

Dana from Eau Claire, WI

All baloney and other lunch meat stop now! I think our defense will have to be fantastic against the Bears for the game to be competitive. I say two turnovers by Da Bears and zero by the Pack wins the game. What in your mind needs to happen for a V?

Turnovers and tackling. If Green Bay's defense does those two things, Aaron Rodgers' track record at Soldier Field suggests it'll be a good night for the Packers.

Al from Green Bay, WI

We can only imagine the consternation felt by the many players who are on the bubble as Saturday afternoon approaches. Do most players have a "sense" for whether they'll make the 53, or are many truly blindsided if they get cut?

There are a handful of players every year who are completely blindsided, but I think the writing is on the wall by the end of the preseason. If a player is first getting on the field in the fourth quarter, it typically doesn't bode well for his chances at making the 53 in most cases.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

For NFL teams the next 24 hours are about primarily filling needs with depth and "best available regardless of position" is out the window. You won't know the final numbers until 3 p.m. today but which position groups do you think the Packers will pay the most attention to when they're studying the list of available players?

I wonder if the Packers take a long, hard look at inside linebackers if a veteran comes available like last year, when the Packers traded for Antonio Morrison and signed Korey Toomer. Mind you, that stance is without knowing the specifics of Burks' injury and his timeline for return.

Dale from Aurora, CO

Wayne Larrivee, on WTMJ Radio, praised KC QB Kyle Shurmur and said he was the son of Pat Shurmur, former Giants coach. Isn't Pat the son of Fritz, the longtime Packer coach?

Pat is Fritz's nephew.

Andrew from Green Bay, WI

Do players get paid to participate in training camp?

Yes. They get a weekly stipend.

Tom from Birmingham, MI

OK, let's talk Carli Lloyd a little more. Based not on her gender, but on size and weight, would she make it in the NFL? Kickers can and should do a lot more on many plays after the kick that involve blocking and tackling. I'd love to see her given a real shot, but is she big and strong enough?

If you need your kicker to make a tackle, you have bigger problems than who is kicking the ball. Honestly, this is the only time I've ever heard this argument about kickers needing to tackle. If a human begin can routinely make a 55-yard field goal, I couldn't care less if that individual is male or female.

David from Minneapolis, MN

I have to disagree with Decker from New Jersey about no vivid preseason memories. I was 7 years old in 1993 when my dad brought me to my first Packers game in the preseason against the Indianapolis Colts. It is the very first memory I can vividly recall as a Packers game and cemented my fandom. I still remember that we blew them out and how happy I was to be there. As Vic would say, memories make us rich.

Besides 2008, I have two prevailing preseason memories – watching Tim Couch try to play QB in 2004, and the thunderstorm delay against Tennessee that resulted in the game being completed in the wee hours of the morning. I believe that was the game when Brett Favre went home and fell asleep before the game was even over.

James from Chicago, IL

Feels like this might be the last chance to talk about ex-Packers with the regular season next week. Just had to give a plug for the feel-good monster play that Jayrone Elliott had in his preseason finale with the Steelers.

I'm sorry, but I'm going to keep shouting from the top of my lungs how Elliott is an NFL player until somebody proves me wrong. All the guy does is make plays when given the opportunity to do so, including on special teams. He did it last year in New Orleans, too. I hope the Steelers keep him. Because otherwise, spoiler alert, he's going to lead the XFL in sacks this spring and we'll be doing this same song-and-dance next preseason.

Don from Riverton, UT

If Mike's "got Wes by an inch and a few (too many) pounds," that could be a disadvantage if you were jointly being pursued by a Bear!

This question and answer made me think of the Delaware North employee who asked if I work in IT on my way to the press box on Thursday afternoon.

Bob from Rossford, OH

Mike and Wes, I agree with David from Rogers City, MI. We need to "beef you two up" being stuck between Kuuuuuuuhn and Larry's finger. Maybe makeup can give you each a distinguished scar. To quote Shane Falco: "Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory lasts forever." OK, two out of three ain't bad.

I have a scar on my forehead from when I fell off my bike as a kid. Does that count?

Kelly from Kimballton, IA

Did anyone lose their job due to Thursday night's performance?

Maybe the streaker?

Lee from Leesburg, FL

What can we expect in the Packers-Bears opener?

Fireworks, Lee. Fireworks.