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Inbox: That's what we all want right now

Bart Starr and Lynn Dickey don’t get enough credit

Lambeau Field

Paul from West Allis, WI

If the Packers have had to adjust their ways to prepare for the season (Preparation A, B, C...), are we nearing Preparation H?

And yet people really have the gumption to ask why we take a break from reader questions to run Outsider Insider every July.

Nick from Hopkins, MN

What percentage of players don't actually live in Green Bay? For those who don't, what does the housing situation look like in season? Do they own a second home in GB, rent an apartment, get put up in a hotel or pitch a tent in December if they're uber-macho?

Most don't live in Green Bay year-round but every player on the 53-man roster has a home or apartment in the area. Quite a few players are roommates. This question reminds me of one of my favorite locker-room stories from the 2019 season when a player (who shall remain nameless) asked me with a straight face where I live during the offseason. My reply, with a confused smile, "Um, here."

Terry from Rothschild, WI

I send my kids a quote every week. I started with Vince Lombardi, and now have mostly made my way through Martin Luther King Jr. I am ready to switch back to a Packer. Who would you consider to be the next most quotable Packer that I could use to share and inspire?

Charles Woodson. That's the first person who came to mind.

Levi from St. Paul from MN

On the subject of Lynn Dickey. I know he gets some props from fans and this column, but I don't know for sure if he gets everything he deserves. I'm 46 and have had a great run the last almost 30 years of Packer success. But as a young kid, the Packers were horrible until Lynn was back there slinging it to James Lofton and John Jefferson. Their defense was atrocious, otherwise they make the playoffs several years under his command. I want to thank him for giving a young fan some hope. Do you agree?

Lynn Dickey is the man. I've said this before, but his 32 touchdown passes thrown in 1983 broke Cecil Isbell's 40-year-old franchise record. The offense scored 429 points that year. Bart Starr and Dickey don't get enough credit for how innovative those offenses were…if only the defense was a tad better. It really is a shame. The time when Starr was probably the most prepared to be an NFL head coach coincided with when he was fired.

Rob from Wilmington, NC

The post about Mark Murphy reminded me of this. Several years ago, I took my wife to her first regular season game at Lambeau. It was a cold day in December. We (along with my parents) were waiting in the atrium having a drink before heading out into the stadium. Mr. Murphy casually came walking through the crowd asking people how they were. I don't know how many people recognized him but I did. He took a few minutes to talk to us and ask us what we thought of the renovations.

And that's no act. That's Mark, through and through.

Christoph from Wattens, Austria

Dear II, a friend and I would like to attend the next regular season game between the Seahawks and the Packers. He is a Seahawk fan and I am a Packers fan. It seems that will be 2021 when the NFC North and NFC West face off again. Where will this game be played?

The two teams are scheduled to play at Lambeau Field in 2021 based on the NFC North's three-year rotation with the NFC West.

Dan from Toledo, OH

Somebody made a list of every team's worst mistake over the last ten years and had the audacity to say the Packers' was drafting Jordan Love and not the last five minutes of the Seattle game. People just can't stop hating.

It sounds like somebody needs to step away from the computer in their mom's basement. Subjective lists and rankings are for people with nothing better to do. The Packers, like every NFL team, have made their share of mistakes over the past decade but drafting a quarterback in the first round who has yet to take a single NFL snap is not one of them. Fifteen years ago, they were saying the same thing about Aaron Rodgers.

Larissa from Minnetonka, MN

I've seen a couple different lists refer to 'best' or 'most' successful RBs out of Wisconsin and none of them included James White. I know he's not really a traditional star back and doesn't have the counting stats so he may not be a better player, but in terms of career hasn't he accomplished more than most? Dude should've been SB MVP and has got it done on a couple different deep playoff runs.

Man, everyone and these lists. Knowing the thought (or lack thereof) that goes into assembling some of these, they probably forgot to include him. Seriously.

Doug from Freedom, WI

I'm surprised to see negative feedback on Outsider Inbox. I thoroughly enjoy it. I hope it stays forever. Also, no one chose John Jurkovic for their party? I always thought he had a great sense of humor.

I figured someone would just say "Whichever player is wearing No. 88" just to stress me out. Thankfully, no one did.

Jake from Shoreview, MN

I hear some of these sports stars from other leagues complaining about living in "the bubble." Plenty of people have to go away for work, months at a time, and make a lot less money (e.g. the military). In today's world, maybe we could use something to bring people together and give people some entertainment and hope, and sports can do that. If it can be done safely, should we feel any kind of sympathy for these highly paid athletes?

Feel sympathy or don't. That's up to you. My answer to this question remains the same it's always been. You cannot compare "plenty of people" to the best 1,700 football players walking the earth. It doesn't work that way. Yes, these players are well compensated but doesn't make them Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robots without rights, opinions or emotions. They're the best at what they do in a league that generates billions in revenue each year. That's why they're paid the way they are. Even then, they have a small window to maximize their value.

Damo from Nottingham, UK

Hello II, can I just say that as a UK Packer, I always enjoy reading people's experiences of match days, tailgates (something we don't do over here unfortunately) and especially the brats! Lambeau is a special place that I WILL visit one day (when I've saved the money) but my question is will I ever get to see the Packers play in London? They are the only team to not grace UK soil! What is it that is stopping them from playing over here? Keep up the good work and keep safe!

Quite frankly, it already should've happened but now I'm really not sure when that day will come. The international series already has been scrapped for 2020 and a lot that needs to happen between now and 2021 for it to resume next year. We need to get life back to normal. That's what we all want right now. Once we get to that point, then we can start exploring those international options again.

BeansAndCheese from Houston, TX

Some Packers fans posted that they're worried about BLM taking over the football season. This game brings people in America together like no other game we have. A year of sacrifice to make an adjustment to our country's moral compass is well-worth it. As a Packers fan, a military veteran and a black man, I would like to think that the place that Lombardi built (on his impact on race equality and not just his wins) would embrace this movement with more passion than anyone. What are your thoughts?

How good was this submission? So good I broke my rule about nicknames to post it. You are spot-on in your assessment. A majority of Packers fans are good, kind-hearted and caring people. I understand this is a hot-button issue that's become highly politicized, but it's my hope fans can keep an open mind and open heart as we continue to tackle these issues as a country. I don't know what the players are going to do this season, so don't ask me, but I challenge you today to listen to their message.

Sean from Chicago, IL

Hi Insiders. Recently a member of the Eagles posted an extremely anti-Semitic quote and I am very disturbed by the reaction, especially as a grandchild of a Holocaust survivor. There has been very little response against the post and unfortunately, some individuals have even come forward to agree with it. My goal with this submission is to remind the Insiders community that hatred against any group is unacceptable and we cannot allow it to exist in any form. Only then will we see true change.

Thank you for your comment, Sean, and very well-put. I also appreciated what Julian Edelman had to say on the matter Thursday morning and sincerely hope DeSean Jackson takes him up on that offer. I went to the Holocaust museum in 2006 and it changed my life. We have to understand each other's perspectives to fix these problems in society and the first step to accomplishing that is by listening.

Bill from Kronenwetter, WI

Morning Wes, just a random thought but is the Ivy League shutdown the first domino to fall? Now all of their non-conference opponents have a hole in the schedule. It would not take too many of the major conferences to close to end others seasons. Thanks for the hard work that keeps us smiling.

Possibly, but the Ivy League also is a unique conference. It doesn't hand out scholarships to its athletes like Power-five schools. I think the more likely scenario is what some of these conferences reportedly are doing in cutting their seasons down to in-conference games only.

Joshua from Houston, TX

How do you tell which interns to keep when there is no preseason? You can't even tell who gets the best coffee.

You can learn a lot about a person on Slack.

Chipper from Albert City, IA

This is just to show how big of a fan I am. I read the Vonnie Holliday story and it mentioned that 2002 was the inaugural season of the NFC North. How did I live through that and miss it? And what happened to make the NFL form a new division?

What happened? Dom "Freakin" Capers' Houston Texans entered the group chat. That's what happened.

Clay from Goodyear, AZ

Loved the OI, especially the rosters and obscure players. I thought I would combine them. QB- Jim McMahon. RB- Samkon Gado and Gerry Ellis. WR- Jared Abbrederis and Phillip Epps. TE- Tom Crabtree. T- Don Barclay and John Michels. G- Ron Hallstrom and Rich Moran. C- Evan Dietrich-Smith. DL- Howard Green, Matt Brock and Cletidus Hunt. LB- Brady Poppinga, Frank Zombo, Ron Cox and Fred Strickland

CB- Tim Lewis and LaDarius Gunter. S - Charlie Peprah and Tiger Greene. K- Al Del Greco. P- Don Bracken. KR/PR- Vai Sikahema.

It looks like we have our first question for Outsider Inbox IV. That's a tough list to argue with, though I don't know if a first-round pick like John Michels qualifies as obscure.

Matthew from Saskatoon, Canada

I understand players want to get paid but in the Dak Prescott situation he has done just mediocre work. As the NFL goes pass happy, 5,000-yard seasons are the new norm. In the next five years, at least 10 quarterbacks a season will be doing it. When Dak throws for 5,500 yards, then he can make those demands. In contrast, Patrick Mahomes has proven he can do it! What are your thoughts on quarterbacks demanding so much, having only done pedestrian work in the league?

That's up to the Cowboys, but believe you me Dak Prescott's price is higher today than it was a week ago at this time. If I've learned anything over the last 10 years, it's that the NFL's highest-paid quarterbacks aren't always the best quarterbacks – they're the best quarterbacks whose contracts are set to expire.

Sean from Menominee, MI

"I wish I could have posted every submission, but each column would've been like 20,000 words." Should that matter? You're in digital now, Wes, not print!

I'm just trying to be considerate of everyone scrolling down to the comments.

Arthur from Altoona, WI

If the season gets canceled, would the Packers organization lease out the stadium for other programs like limited concerts, weddings, divorce parties, fundraisers or just let the stadium and field just have an R&R period (repaint and refurbish)?

Tell me more about these "divorce parties."

Scott from De Pere, WI

I know I am a little late to the party as I am catching up on II, but I actually have an II T-shirt (albeit not official). My brother-in-law Keith gave me a green shirt with yellow lettering that reads "I had my question published in Insider Inbox!" It makes it into the rotation quite a bit!

"Albeit not official" as opposed to the "official" II shirts that do not exist. Also, your brother-in-law actually took the time to make that shirt? Wow. Buy that man a beer.

Al from Arvada, CO

This is more of a couple thoughts for Lori in Brookfield, WI. I, too, have lost my spouse in recent years. Some of my best memories were our watching Packers games. Please know - the II Packers community is pulling for you and praying for you. God's grace is sufficient for you!


Robert from Bear, DE

Mike, Wes and Insider Inbox: I started with Vic when he began his column, and being Vic's age and being raised with the same 1950-60s football mentality, I loved "Ask Vic." But I must admit you young whipper-snappers with your excellent talents have really taken Insider Inbox to new worldwide Packers relationship levels. II community is powerful and speaks to our hearts. I also appreciate you keep the forum positive. Super job, well done. Thank you.

You the man, Bob. One more day of me and then you get your Spofford back.

Kyle from Osceola, WI

Jon from Raleigh doesn't like Outsider Inbox. It goes to show you can't please 100% of the people more than 99.04% of the time, I guess. Or something.

Insider Inbox: Trying to please all 99.04% of ya. Or something. Six days a week. 312 times a year. Have a great Friday, folks.