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Inbox: The answer is always Nick Collins

The interior of the stadium is where it hits

Packers Hall of Fame S Nick Collins
Packers Hall of Fame S Nick Collins

Steven from Silver Spring, MD

So was the lack of mustard or one-strapping your backpack the primary cause of your shoulder being injury-prone?

Oh boy.

Alan from Honea Path, SC

Considering your response to Bob from Taycheeda, I usually skip the name and place and read the question. Which do you notice first? Does an unusual name or place have any bearing on the question being chosen? (Mine is pronounced Honey-uh Path).

I always read the question/comment first, and it either goes in the trash or remains in the Inbox for consideration. Beyond that, my selection for the actual column follows no specific process. If it weren't at least somewhat whimsical it wouldn't be any fun.

Steve from Middletown, KY

Would it be safe to say that the QBs will wear red jerseys against Houston?

In the practices, yes. In the preseason game, no.

Marin from West Lawn, PA

Will the Packers plan to invite NFL referees to officiate the scrimmages during the joint training camp with Houston?

Good question. A set of officials visits camp every year to go over rule changes and points of emphasis with the players and coaches (and the media). If the league wanted to chalk off two teams in one trip, it would make sense to come to Green Bay for those few days.

Paul from Cumming, GA

If you were tasked with making up a sports-related statistic, what sport would you choose, how would it be calculated, and most importantly, what would you name it?

For me it would have to be baseball, so let's see … how 'bout a stat for the number of pitches thrown that barely miss the outside corner, say, within a baseball's width of catching the edge. Call them Ueckers. Juuuust a bit outside.

David from West Fargo, ND

Will we ever get to a point where a qualitative statistic will be commonly accepted for performance evaluation? Mid- to late-round OTs simply do not get inducted into the HOF without rings because there are no stats to prove DB69 is on a different level than the rest of the league.

If he keeps racking up the All-Pro selections, those are all the stats he'll need.

Jason from Des Plaines, IL

I love how David Carr put Davante Adams in his top-five list for receivers the other day. People don't appreciate his skillset enough. Everyone seems to think it's all about ridiculous catches and highlight plays. When you look at Davante's film and see how paralyzing he is off the line of scrimmage, it's non-debatable that he is a top-five talent. As a receiver, what do you think is more important? Making the tough catches, or beating everyone off the line of scrimmage? I say, get open.

I think if you asked any quarterback if he'd rather have a receiver who makes crazy catches or one who gets open all the time, he'd take the latter without hesitation.

James from Orlando, FL

Mike, Scott from Georgia mentioned that if you took away the preseason that he was losing 1/4 of a season. His math is a little off there. The fraction he is looking for is 1/5. Five groups of four, take away one group leaves you 4/5, therefore the correct fraction is 1/5. Methinks you should have caught that one.

Methinks the humor in the Inbox hath eluded you (and many others, by the way…you're allowed to go back and read again with no penalty).

TJ from Eagle, WI

Should we expect the tight end to have an increased role in MLF's offense vs. McCarthy's?

That would be my anticipation. When McCarthy had Finley, the tight end was an offensive focal point, but I was never quite sure last year why Graham wasn't more involved. We'll see if that changes this year.

Sean from Suamico, WI

I'm looking forward to MVS in his second year. Which player are you most looking forward to watching this season?

Of the second-year players, my pick would be Jaire Alexander. Amongst other young players, I'll say Aaron Jones.

Dennis from Parrish, FL

So your favorite beat was the Friday high school games. To prove it was a labor of love I bet you weren't making $6/hour?

Fortunately, I was making a wage I could live on as a single 20-something. I'm sure my educational credentials factored into my starting pay, but regardless, I'll always be grateful I could focus right away on my career without having to get a second job.

Eric from Kenosha, WI

Not a gotcha, really. There are impressively few mistakes here for the volume of questions you handle. However, since Ted Thompson gets blasted elsewhere for the 2017 draft, can we give him his credit for those three running backs?

You're right, my answer the other day pegged those as Gutekunst's picks. My bad. The point is the strategy is sound when you have enough picks at your disposal, and Gutekunst copying the approach the next year at wide receiver could pay off as well.

Randy from Highland, IL

Spoff, does the NFL have a representative at each team's OTAs and minicamp? How do they know if all teams are following the rules?

There might be a league rep who stops by at some point, I'm not sure. But if the regulations surrounding the number of hours at the facility and on the field, and/or non-contact rules during practice, are being violated, the players can file a grievance through their union.

Take a look at photos of Packers players and fans taking selfies.

Amy from Bayport, MN

Greetings and salutations Mike! Which will have a greater impact on Week 1 in Chicago: the Packers' addition of MLF, or the Bears' loss of Vic Fangio? The Packers have a new head coach and offense, but they still have AR12 and experience in Pettine's defense. The Bears have continuity with Nagy but a new defense under DC Chuck Pagano. Which do you think is the more difficult transition?

I'd say the Packers have the tougher transition. I'm not privy to all the particulars, but I don't think Pagano is changing as much from Fangio as LaFleur is from McCarthy.

Cindy from Oshkosh, WI

When a player fails his physical, is the reason why ever reported or does it just leak out? Is it allowed by the CBA or HIPPA laws? We all know Favre failed his, but Wolf said to pass him (how lucky was that?). Would that ever happen in today's game?

Different teams have different standards, so you never know. If the reason gets out, it usually comes from the player himself or his agent.

Ryan from Somerset, WI

Bob from Taycheedah, WI, had some weak suggestions on towns that should be renamed to Starr Pass. How about Little Chicago, Chicago Corners, Dallas, Urne, Portland, Browntown, Cleveland, Alaska, Denmark, Holland, Sweetheart City, Neopit, Koepenick (close enough to Kaepernick),...then you have your boring names that could use a change...Edgar, Bruce, Joel, Tony, Allen, Marshall, Sheldon, Arnold, Donald, Curtiss, and Stanley. It was not a creative bunch that founded this great state!

As long as the town of Knowlton never changes. That one's sacred to me. It's my middle name.

Bret from Hertel, WI

Dear Mike or Wes, have there been any changes to the player facilities with the new coaching staff taking over during offseason camps?

Other than the paint job and decorations in the meeting rooms that have been mentioned previously, the team also put up a new mural in the players' hallway that runs from the locker room to the tunnel. I don't know how many fans have seen that hallway before, but it has a series of murals representing memorable Lambeau Field moments, from the first contest to the '61 title game to the Monday night shootout (48-47 over Washington) and miracle (Freeman), to the Al Harris playoff pick-six, etc. One was added this offseason to represent last year's 100th season, and it depicts the Week 1 comeback win over the Bears.

Max from Troy, MO

I've caught myself before, saying "they" after a loss even though I typically refer to the Packers as "we." I really try to make sure I'm consistent though. I like the sense of community this team creates, which is undoubtedly made stronger by the Inbox.

I don't think it's appropriate for me to refer to the Packers as "we" but I will speak of the Inbox as "we." So in response to your comment, I'll say: We do our best.

Tom from Lehi, UT

For most positions and most players it seems that they are given at least two years to develop, with the third year being the year where expectations are to be fully met. Does this hold true for the punter?

There must be evidence of progress with no immediate upgrade available elsewhere. I think that holds true for most players, not just a specialist.

Patrick from Peachtree City, GA

Longtime reader, first-time submitter. I promise this is not a math question. Can you provide any stories or insights into how players, coaches or executives from other teams view the Packers' organization – the history, the culture, the unique ownership? Is Green Bay just another stop on the schedule, or do even opponents share an appreciation for all the tradition? Thanks.

I'm not sure they're as tuned in to the culture or unique ownership, but you can't show up at Lambeau Field and not feel a bit of the history in the place, if you've followed football at all. I think the interior of the stadium, with a classic bowl of metal bleachers, is where it hits. I don't spend time interviewing opposing players, but I've spoken in the press box with employees of visiting teams, and many of them who don't come to Green Bay regularly admire how the whole place looks and what it represents.

Scott from De Pere, WI

Mike, the Inbox covers a lot of material throughout the season and the offseason. What is more taxing as a writer: Answering questions in the offseason about rules changes, lasers, who is wearing the No. 88, doing math, or answering questions with people overreacting over a win/loss in the first four regular-season games?

The latter is far more mentally draining, but it's part of the gig and if my honest perspective actually helps someone see things differently as a fan, it's worth the effort.

Jim from Milwaukee, WI

In regards to scheduling games, how did the Packers end up playing the Cowboys twice in the 1989 regular season?

It took me some research but I think I found the answer. Back then, each conference had two divisions with five teams and one with four teams. In the NFC, the two five-team divisions were the Central and East. I don't know how the entire schedule formula worked back then, but part of it had the two last-place clubs in the five-team divisions playing each other twice. The Packers and Cowboys both finished last in '88. The Packers and Giants also played twice in '81 after finishing last the year prior.

Elliot from Minneapolis, MN

Has there been a player either Packer or non-Packer that you think could have had a HOF career if his career didn't end prematurely, during your time writing for the Packers?

The answer is always Nick Collins. And with that, those paying close attention will have noticed I completed an entire week of Insider Inbox with a historical photo and headline each day. This is actually the third year in a row I've done so during the dead zone when Wes has been gone for a week. I like the change of pace and the challenge. Thanks for indulging me.

Jake from Athens, GA

I'm surprised there wasn't more outcry over your mustard comment, but at least we can agree on the One Naked Curd policy. Thanks for bearing with us all week. When's your next time off?

Oh, there was plenty of outcry. I just didn't publish the abuse (all in good fun, I know). But I think you should patent that policy name. I'm taking a week off in July, when I get closer to putting the 2019 Yearbook to bed.

Megan from Quincy, IL

Every week we get closer and closer to football!

Come Monday, the first practice will be a month and a day away.

Josh from Minneapolis, MN

Can you give us that as a fraction of the offseason remaining?

And, scene. Enjoy the weekend, everybody.