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Inbox: There are lessons to be learned from that

The result would not be an exoneration

Packers vs. Saints | Week 1 - 2021
Packers vs. Saints | Week 1 - 2021

Jeff from Janesville, WI

Getting my new lawn put in today. If I seed it with Lambeau grass seed, will it grow out fully marked?

And once again we're off, so we might as well get going.

Mark from Kalispell, MT

Unless Favre was on the opening-kickoff kicking or receiving unit he didn't actually "start" any game he played in. Consecutive or not, Crosby by virtue of his game-opening kickoffs has more starts than Brett Favre. Love the column, never miss one.

You can go talk to the folks at the Elias Sports Bureau if you want that change made to all the stats kept, like, forever.

TK from Grafton, WI

Rookie linebacker wants to impress the coaches. On a given play, in an exhibition game, his assignment is to drop into coverage. Immediately after the snap he sees an unexpectedly clear path to the QB, so he rushes in and sacks him. Did his stock just rise or fall? (Dead zone, shmead zone!)

Players can free-lance to make plays like that when they've earned the trust of their coaches and teammates. Rookies have not earned such trust. Chances are his impulsive decision to abandon his assignment created a big-play opportunity for the opponent, which a backup QB playing in the preseason might not have seized. The result would not be an exoneration, and the film would tell the story.

Paul from Random Lake, WI

Ughh. Wes finalized the entries for Outsider Inbox RIGHT after the question which would have made a great entry: What is the most inane question sportswriters ask in interviewing athletes? If one of the entries drops out because of illness or injury could you consider that as a replacement?

I'll post it here for Wes to give it bullpen consideration.

Ken from Arvada, CO

Morning, II! I'm curious about one thing regarding the Adams trade. I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with skill position players that have continued their greatness with a second team, or the one after they "made their name." The list seems short – Brady, Deion Sanders, Charles Woodson. Seems like there should be more. Think it's a reflection of the situation and supporting cast? Carr is good but he's no AR12.

The list is much longer than you think. I did a quick perusal of the Hall of Famers who played in my lifetime and, in addition to the three you mentioned, I'd classify all of these as players who had significant achievements (Pro Bowl, All-Pro, etc.) with multiple teams: Champ Bailey, Jerome Bettis, Dave Casper, Eric Dickerson, Chris Doleman, Marshall Faulk, Brett Favre, Tony Gonzalez, Kevin Greene, Charles Haley, Ted Hendricks, Steve Hutchinson, James Lofton, Ronnie Lott, John Lynch, Peyton Manning, Curtis Martin, Sam Mills, Joe Montana, Warren Moon, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Jerry Rice, John Riggins, Willie Roaf, Junior Seau, Richard Seymour, Shannon Sharpe, Fran Tarkenton, Kurt Warner, Reggie White, Aeneas Williams, Rod Woodson and Gary Zimmerman. The true greats will succeed wherever they go.

Mike from Socorro, NM

Seems odd to me that when talking about scary opposing running backs no one has mentioned Gale Sayers. That guy terrorized the Packers every time he stepped on the field. As a fan of the Packers I held my breath every time he got the ball.

At least a half dozen other readers also sent in submissions mentioning Sayers within about an hour's time span. There's a reason the guy made the Hall of Fame in basically five seasons. He finished with seven, but he only played a total of four games his last two years.

Cindy from Mesa, AZ

Good morning! I know they haven't put pads on yet, but did any of the WRs show off their blocking chops in OTAs?

Nope. That probably would've gotten the Packers docked a practice like a handful of other teams experienced.

Bruce from Jackson, WI

Mike, I respectfully disagree with Wes regarding the importance of not laying another egg this year in our opener. If the starters weren't rusty last year how else do you explain a 38-3 whooping, AR throwing 15/28, 133 yds., zero TDs and two of his four interceptions for the year? When was the last time AR was pulled when they weren't leading? A road opener at a division foe is more important. No one wants AR to take unnecessary risks but give the starters a preseason series/quarter to get the rust off.

There's no question this year's opener is more important, but I agree with Wes that whether or not the starters play in the preseason will have zero impact on the Week 1 outcome. Preseason football is vanilla football and it doesn't prepare veteran players for the real deal. Any experienced player would tell you that. The Packers weren't prepared well enough on either side of the ball for Week 1 last year, and there are lessons to be learned from that, lessons I believe LaFleur will apply after roster cuts when work on the opener cranks up in earnest. But having veteran starters take snaps to run basic plays and risk injury in preseason games is not the answer.

Bob from Kennesaw, GA

Just some tips for shareholders who will be attending the meeting: hydrate, wear a big hat, hydrate, wear serious sunscreen, and last but not least, hydrate some more. If it's a hot, sunny day (somehow, it always seems to be), sitting in the sun in Lambeau Field is very much like sitting in a frying pan. The last time I attended, I got heat stroke. That said, it was still a blast!

Let's be careful out there.

Christopher from St. Louis, MO

Good morning. I like our potential starting five on the O-line even without Sean Rhyan starting. But I'm curious. When you draft a guy in the third round you expect him to be starting at some point within the first three years in the league. Who do you think they drafted him to replace? He couldn't just be a depth piece could he?

He's a guard/tackle prospect who will be given time to develop and see where it leads. Maybe, because he's simply better, he replaces somebody who's already starting and the former starter becomes the depth piece. Maybe he settles in at guard and Royce Newman starts playing more at tackle as time goes on. We really don't know, and those aren't questions the personnel department concerns itself with on draft night when it has a chance to draft a player it likes.

Jeffrey from Eveleth, MN

I asked last year what position is harder to recover from an ACL injury, running back or offensive line. I originally thought running back no doubt. After watching David Bakhtiari and Elgton Jenkins, I'm rethinking that. Do you agree?

Not really. I think it's more about the specifics of the injury and surgery, the player's body and its history, perhaps age, and other factors I'm not thinking of, more so than the position the player plays.

The Green Bay Packers held practice on Tuesday, June 14 at Ray Nitschke Field for the final week of organized team activities.

Kary from Sheboygan, WI

Wes all but guaranteeing the Packers start the season 0-0-1: "The Packers will either win in Minnesota or they'll lose in Minnesota."

So we got that going for us, which is nice.

Arthur from Eau Claire, WI

I came across an interesting NFL record stat. Dan Marino was sacked in Indianapolis on Sept. 25, 1988, and was not sacked again until Oct. 29, 1989, in Buffalo. That was 19 games without a sack in an era that was not as protective of QBs as nowadays. Yes he had an unbelievably fast release but 19 games? He also completed 759 passes during that span. To me these are two records that will never be challenged, let alone beaten. Do you think these records are unbeatable?

Hold the phone a second. You're right that Marino went an incredible 19 straight games without being sacked, but he had 759 pass attempts (not completions) in that time. Regardless, that's insane. I can't imagine any QB ever again going longer than a full season and throwing more than 750 passes without getting sacked. I believe the next closest to Marino's streak is Mark Rypien at 252 pass attempts without being sacked – almost exactly one-third the number. My favorite part about Marino's sackless stretch is the game before the streak started, he was sacked four times.

Kerry from Lakewood Ranch, FL

As an Auburn grad I unfortunately have seen way too much of dominating Georgia defenses lately. They play the most fundamentally sound defense in the country, and combined with elite athletes that is a recipe for winning championships. I have no doubt Walker and Wyatt will contribute in a big way this year. Are you hearing the same from coaches and fellow players?

There's a lot of promise in what those two first-round picks will bring to the defense, but they have to prove themselves at this level. So far the impressions are positive.

Sam from Harlan, IA

A lost flip flop, khaki shorts, a helicopter ride, pulling the blinds for soccer games, to chortle or not to chortle, the baloney stopping, laser goalposts, Mt. Rushmores, root beer, chips in a football, baseball and football instant replay, four most important positions in football, eye-in-the-sky judge, fish and chips, etc., have all been discussed in the Inbox over the years. What important topics could we be missing? We need something to chew on during the dead zone.

Don't forget lawn mowers. But something will emerge. Or not. I'm not fussy this time of year.

Jeremy from London, UK

Gentlemen of the II. Am I correct that neither of you have visited London before? If so, I'd like to offer chaperone services to you both for the October weekend hence. As a 25-year resident of this magnificent city, I'll keep you entertained, educated, well fed and watered, out of trouble (or in trouble if you prefer) and make sure you enjoy the very best of London. My recompense is very simple. Get me into the bloody game.

If I had that kind of pull, I could visit the queen for tea as well. Happy Wednesday.