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Inbox: There's plenty of evolution ahead

That’s what all the other work is for

RB Josh Jacobs
RB Josh Jacobs

Patrick from Elkhorn, NE

What day is it today?

During the dead zone after a few days off, your guess is as good as mine.

Will from Milwaukee, WI

Welcome back from Brewers Heaven Mike! While in Cream City, you sure had a chance to see the cream of the crop at AmFam Field. I was able to catch the Monday and Wednesday games against the Rangers, and they were incredible. Each featured a grand slam, and the inside the park home run by the rookie Chourio certainly bodes well for the future and the rest of this season. Thank you for bringing the magic to the park with you! Any favorite moments or memories you can share?

It was a great series to take in. To see all that you mentioned, plus a walk-off win in the 10th to close out the sweep, was way more than I ever could've asked for. This particular version of the Brewers is fun to watch because they're got no formula for winning. They just figure it out as they go and take their best shot each day.

Larry from Hudson, WI

Surely Wes needs to watch Airplane again.

Don't we all?

Mark from Greenville, SC

I keep reading that Doubs was asked to "open up his stride." What does that mean?

Stretch out his stride to cover more ground in fewer steps. It helps when trying to get separation deep downfield, and when trying to sell the deep route to the DB before doing something else.

Gerard from St. Germain, WI

We all know that Ed policy will be taking over as CEO and President for Mark Murphy. Who will be taking Ed's current job as COO and general counsel in 2025?

I don't know, but Ed's got a full year to make that hire.

Kane from Jacksonville, FL

For the new president's monthly column title, why would you look any further than "Ed's Policies"?

Please see yourself out.

Etienne from St. Joachim de Tourelle, Canada

Good morning II. More a comment than a question here, but the Cleveland Browns have a hell of an history and legacy. as well as the Al Davis Raiders. Not an easy task to rank teams' histories.

Agreed it's not, and when I initially answered the question over a week ago, I certainly thought of Cleveland but felt Art Modell ruined much of that franchise's legacy when he moved it to Baltimore.

Jeff from Montclair, VA

For fans wanting to decide who the "legacy" teams are, I highly recommend stepping inside the Packers Museum and Hall of Fame when visiting Lambeau. Curator Brent and his team have an awesome Gantt Chart on the wall as you walk in that outlines the lineage of every team in the NFL. Thanks for all you do, Brent and company!

This will sound like an absurdly biased comment, but I can assure you it's my 100% honest opinion based on personal observation: The Packers Hall of Fame is a better, more enjoyable museum than the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Dan from Minneapolis, MN

Unfortunately, the Packers' share of the $14B NFL antitrust fine regarding the Sunday Ticket trial works out to $437M, about what they have in their reserve fund. Of course this ruling will be appealed, to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary, but this could really be trouble for viability of the franchise, it seems. Thoughts or comments on this development? Thank you!

I don't know the ins and outs of the legal case by any means, but I expect there'll be a rather protracted appeals process that would significantly delay any impact on the Packers' finances should the NFL not ultimately prevail. The players have shared in Sunday Ticket revenue via the CBA/cap, so any refund of that revenue would presumably affect the salary cap down the line, but we're a long, long way from that. The figure you quote as an individual club's potential share of the judgment would not wipe out the Packers' corporate reserve fund, which has grown through investment gains since last year's reported value.

Juan from Miami, FL

Speaking of No. 88, how ironic that the Packers drafted a running back as the 88th pick in this year's draft...I am sure that crossed your mind...GPG

Oh, it was lost on no one, including a devoted segment of this readership.

Jim from De Pere, WI

Greetings Mike and Wes. How many receivers do you think the Packers will keep on their roster, not including practice squad?

My best guess is six, though I could see it dropping to five if bubble players at other positions are at greater risk of getting claimed on waivers. Seven is also a possibility but I'd say least likely.

Mike from Winchester, TN

Hi guys, with all the excitement surrounding the 2025 NFL Draft, I'm wondering if the Packers organization has assembled a team to begin working on the details. If so, are they coordinating with the city and county as well? As crazy as it will be, do either of you have any anxiety regarding the workload? Any load management planning? I'd be OK with both of you taking a week off afterwards. I'll volunteer to handle the Inbox for you. Yep and nope are in my vocabulary.

The internal team and coordination with local officials were in place and underway in the push to get the draft here, so everything just ramped up immediately once it became official. As far as Wes and I are concerned, our workload will remain focused on covering the Packers' draft as we always do. I honestly don't see us being involved in all the other hoopla.

Mike from Niles, IL

Ah yes, "The Snake," probably my most favorite non-Packer player. His last second, spur of the moment, game-winning "fumble" against the Chargers in '78 was probably the most brilliant football play I've ever seen. Otherwise known as "The Holy Roller." Old Charger fans never forgot or forgave.

It'll also never happen again, as it prompted a significant rule change regarding fumbles in the last two minutes that's been in place since '79.

Richard from Telford, TN

Only two Packers, Love and Alexander, on Prisco's top 100 list. Bulletin board material?

No offense to Pete Prisco, but I doubt more than a few, if any, players in that current locker room know who he is, so I doubt they care.

Jeff from Omaha, NE

Are game uniforms laundered and worn again for the next game, as long as they are not torn or damaged, or does every player wear a new uniform every week?

They are laundered, and damaged uniforms are repaired by the seamstress crew if possible.

Tony from Chanhassen, MN

After the draft, when we learned Enagbare had not needed ACL surgery, Gutekunst seemed proud they had kept that info under wraps. Why was he proud of that?

I suspect because it kept other teams believing the Packers would be more strongly in the market for another edge rusher during free agency and/or the draft than they actually were. Anytime you can keep your opponents distracted from your true intentions, it might work to your advantage.

Aaron from Tucson, AZ

Loving how media outlets talk about the Packers making a costly mistake by not having JL10's contract extension completed already. Like there aren't two sides at the table? I'd be shocked if Love's agency wasn't keenly aware of the other QBs being extended this offseason. Both sides needs to be happy, and that's the key. Love needs to feel like the Packers care enough to be patient while situations in other cities play out, if that's part of the equation for himself. It's done when it's done.

Oh, they're keenly aware. Very keenly.

Jack from Chicago, IL

The consternation over QB contracts as a percentage of the cap is overblown. If you have a franchise-level QB on a non-rookie deal there is a strong consensus value for that player. So for years it was 10%, now it's 20%. Honestly it doesn't matter. If most of the teams are paying it then the playing field is even. As soon as some team finds a different way to build a winning team/strategy/cap allocation that works others will copy it. For now your options are hit on a rookie or pay a franchise QB.

There you have it.

Adilson from Rotterdam, Netherlands

Reading last Friday's Inbox, Mike from New Orleans' question about players who, over time, developed into stellar interviews reminded me of a story from Jason Wilde about Tramon Williams. One time as a rookie he was being interviewed by Tim Van Vooren and apparently Tramon was so inexperienced, he took the microphone out of TVV's hand every time he answered a question and gave it back for another question. It's one of the funniest locker room stories I ever heard. Tramon is an absolute treasure.

No lie told.

Edward from Appleton, WI

Which loss is the most gut-wrenching for a team: losing the last game of the season to miss the playoffs, losing the NFC/AFC Championship Game, or losing the Super Bowl?

The first option is a distant third. I think losing the conference title game is the most gut-wrenching for fans, but losing the Super Bowl is hardest on the players and coaches.

Bill from Fort Worth, TX

Thursday's Inbox talk of the offense being a strength to carry the team early on got me thinking. Aaron Jones was a catalyst that elevated the entire offense. When he was off the field due to injury, the impact was undeniable. I'm excited to see what Josh Jacobs can do, but I worry we lost the piece that made the sum greater than the parts.

It's an understandable reaction/concern, but a new era has arrived in the Packers' backfield and it's on everyone involved to keep the offense on its current trajectory. LaFleur and his staff might've helped maximized Jones' abilities more so than any other player's to date, but they'll be just getting started with Jacobs while a stable of young receivers and tight ends starts coming into its own. There's plenty of evolution ahead.

Mike from Baraboo, WI

Would you take the over or under with 9.5 wins for the Packers this season?

Gambling remains illegal at Bushwood, but I'd take the over without hesitation.

Scott from Norwalk, CT

GM Mike. Please let the Hodster know there is also a Weston, CT. If he likes, I can hoof it over there and post something from my phone.

Duly noted.

William from Stateline, NV

So now it's PICKLED asparagus. I never caught the pickled part before. That changes everything. Pickling might hide the asparagus taste and if it is fresh packed it might not be mucky. I retract my previous critique until such time as I have actually tried pickled asparagus (which may never happen and guaranteed it won't be on a brat.)

I have no interest in retracting my previous critique.

Damien from Perth, Australia

Just want to say thank goodness that Randall Cobb and family are OK after events earlier this week. May not be a Packer right now, but always liked him and knew what to expect each week when he was out there for us.

Thank goodness indeed. What a scary situation, and glad nobody was physically harmed. All the best to the Cobbs.

Adam from Pattaya City, Thailand

A sentiment shared by many about any team named "St. Louis Cardinals."


Megan from Charleston, SC

What is your favorite part of your job as a Packers reporter?

Gameday. For me, that's what all the other work is for: to relay in real time, and immediately after, to a massive audience's favorite team, the why and how of what's transpiring in the moments that matter most.

Jeff from Cedar Rapids, IA


Because? Happy Friday.

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