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Inbox: They're forgetting one simple fact

Some games were meant to be watched only once

QB Aaron Rodgers
QB Aaron Rodgers

Sean from DeSoto, TX

Did Mike just put a reference to "A Few Good Men" in the Inbox with that first question of the day? One of my all-time favorite movies.

You weep for the summer and you curse the Wisconsin climate. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know – that Wisconsin summers, while brief, are still better than Wisconsin winters. Good morning!

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

Aaron Rodgers' passer rating from 2009 to 2014 was pure GOAT. From 2015 to 2018, borderline Pro Bowl. National writers and talking heads have ripped the Packers for not doing enough this offseason to fix the offense. I see a new offense, new playbook, new coaches, help and depth on the OL, more depth at RB and TE, and what I anticipate will be a big jump in second-year receivers. The Packers need AR to be AR 2009-2014 again and reasonably good health. It sounds simple. Is it?

The talking heads have forgotten one simple fact – how good this team is when Rodgers is healthy and at the peak of his powers. But Green Bay remembers. The North remembers. OK, maybe I got a little carried away there, but it doesn't take away from the fact the Packers are perennial contenders with a healthy Rodgers under center. History has proven that, and if Rodgers is healthy in 2019, I expect Green Bay to be in the hunt once more.

Eric from Sauk City, WI

Spoff was right on when he answered Aaron Rodgers could benefit most from a new offensive system. Doesn't it make sense his receivers will, too, then? Last year, if the rookie WRs had a question for Rodgers or even Davante, the vet could answer it based on history. This year, all parties involved may have to seek out the coach for the answer, thus building camaraderie and a sense of "team-first" learning?

That's what Adams was saying during voluntary minicamp. Everyone is in the same boat this year. There may even be a time when the young guys pick up a thing or two faster than the veterans. The Packers have been pretty straightforward with their approach to their receiving corps. Personally, I'm excited to see what Matt LaFleur and his offensive coaches come up with for them. The talent is there.

Benny from Modesto, CA

It has been stated that Savage went into college playing cornerback due to his physical attributes, but then was moved to safety. Any idea why he would have made that change? Hard to believe he was not also playing at a high level while playing cornerback.

Plenty of defensive backs can play both spots well, but setting a player's position is more about putting him in the best spot to succeed. In Savage's case, the Maryland coaching staff felt he had the necessary physicality and football IQ to excel as a safety. Based on where Savage was picked last month, I'd say they were correct.

Chuck from Antigo, WI

Who will make the biggest improvement at WR for Packers in their second year?

Equanimeous St. Brown. He's only 22 and would have been a member of this draft class if he hadn't left school early last year. He has tremendous size for the position and speed out of his breaks. St. Brown is not a finished product by any means, but I like what I saw in his limited action as a rookie.

Brian from Fanwood, NJ

"You don't shift players away from what they do best unless you absolutely have to." Clay Matthews moved inside temporarily, but returned outside for the majority of his time the following seasons. Ty Montgomery moved to RB and has spent his time since then as a running back with Baltimore and now with the Jets (with horrendous new uniforms by the way). What do you think the difference was between Matthews moving back and Montgomery staying at RB?

Matthews was already an All-Pro outside linebacker. Montgomery was seen as an offensive tweener entering the league and already was starting to be groomed as a running back before the injuries to Eddie Lacy and James Starks.

Brian from Sussex, WI

I don't think special teams equal a third of the game, but do believe each play has more possibility of being high-impact to the game. So I'd support best player, including starters, playing on special teams even if it means they take a play or two off after the special-teams play. This would also allow young players to focus more on their position then also having to worry about special teams.

Is it even across the three phases? Probably not, but special teams can have a profound impact on a team – positive or negative. Sometimes, as the Packers know all too well, it's the difference between a good year and a championship season.

Josh from Melbourne, Australia

The Packers have a history of letting star special-teams performers such as Micah Hyde and Jeff Janis leave. Is it fair to say special teams were sacrificed for other aspects of the team? Are they prioritizing ST performances more now?

You made the right point, but used the wrong examples. Hyde got paid like the All-Pro safety he is in 2017 and Janis stuck four years before Green Bay moved on. I think a better example would be Chris Banjo. He was a "core-four" player and a special-teams captain in the 2015 playoffs. I see Banjo as a modern-day Jarrett Bush – a versatile special-teamer who's smart and can stand a lot of posts in the defense. I think the prioritization is there now in Green Bay after James Crawford made the roster last summer.

Mike from Fort Wayne, IN

Who would be on your Packer all-star special team since you have been covering them – at least the top five? I can think of Jeff Janis and Jarrett Bush.

Bush, Banjo, Hyde, Ryan Taylor and Sean Richardson.

Nick from Benton, MO

I really enjoyed the Total Packers episode on Ted Thompson’s induction to the Packers Hall of Fame. Where can I find a list of everyone who has been inducted so far?

Naomi from Ronan, MT

How soon can we start discussing a long-term contract for Blake Martinez? At the two home games I was at he was on the field first every time the defense took over. His work ethic is unbelievable and I think he is underrated by the fans. Oh and btw, no soup for you!

Extensions can go down at any time. The Packers have several worthy candidates from that fruitful 2016 rookie class, Martinez included. The pattern in Green Bay has been either near the end of camp or during the last week of the regular season.

Steve from Alsager, UK

I saw that Matthew Eaton was released on Tuesday. He signed as an UDFA on May 3 and was released on May 14. Given the limited team activities to date, how does such a decision get made in just 11 days when there has been little opportunity to any person to show whether they can compete for a role or not ?

That's the NFL. The front office takes stock of its roster for situations like these – a player (in this case Mike Tyson) that the scouts liked came available on waivers and someone needed to go.

Matt from East Troy, WI

Gents, what is harder to deal with, armchair head coaches or armchair GMs?

Armchair GMs. No question. At least there's weekly variance with armchair head coaches. Armchair GMs beat the same dead horse all offseason.

Chad from Rhinelander, WI

Hey Wes, you should definitely showcase your supreme athleticism by participating in the Cellcom 5K or Packers 5K (or both). We need one of the writers to represent, and Michael already took a hard pass. Make it hap'n, cap'n.

I'm only signed up for the Bellin Run at the moment. I did my first Cellcom Half last May and plan to do it again in the future, but took this year off. I ran the Packers 5K the past two years, but I'm questionable for this year's due to a wedding in Door County that same day.

Joe from Asbury, IA

I bought my plane ticket to Phoenix three weeks before the regular season was over. I shot my shot. I was three minutes from going to the Super Bowl, and for that I hate Seattle. Can we please move on from comments and questions regarding that game?

It sounds like you and LeRoy Butler had that in common.

Dana from Eau Claire, WI

What did you see from Mitchell Trubisky last year – is he the real deal for Chicago?

I think he's talented, but there are a lot of talented quarterbacks in the NFL. I need to see more.

Max from Troy, MO

Did they really change the paint on the walls? Assuming you mean more than touching up the existing paint job, is this something they do every year? What was the most drastic change?

I think it would fall under the "touching up" category. They just changed the paint leading to the Packers' locker room from a light yellow to white. With a shift to fluorescent lighting, it makes the hallway brighter and more inviting.

Jay from Altoona, WI

Regarding the Packers-Seahawks playoff loss: I still have a 21-year-old VHS tape of Super Bowl XXXII that I have yet to watch since it was originally recorded. The VHS player is still hooked up to the downstairs television. I have re-watched the Packers-Cowboys NFC Championship from January of 1996 under the context that the Packers would win it all the next year. Should I re-watch Super Bowl XXXII and be done with it, or should I hold onto the un-watched tape for another 21 years?

Some games, Jay, were meant to be watched only once.

Gary from Davenport, IA

On Tuesday, Wes wondered why anyone would re-watch the Packers-Seahawks playoff game. I have watched a Packers-Seahawks playoff game on DVD twice, but it's the "Snow Globe Game." I don't get as upset with Ryan Grant's fumbles now as I did watching it live.

I approve.

Nate from Minneapolis, MN

At what point in the season will he hear Rodgers call the "Dracarys" audible?

Also approved.

Raul from Middleton, WI

Do you really think the Packers will be better this year? We were a bad team the last two years. We have added new players to a bad team and a new coaching staff. It will take half a season for everything to jell and by then it will be too late. Personally I see a worse record in 2019 than we had in 2018. In fact I saw a "way too soon mock draft" and they have the Packers picking No. 10. I think that will be about right. Agree or are you going to be a cheerleader and only point good stuff?

Any sweeping proclamations made this time of year are foolish. The only truth I know is the Packers cleaned the entire cabinet this offseason. Now, we wait to see what happens next. I'm going to cite two gentlemen I consider dear friends, Robert Greenfield and Franklin Hillside, as the answer to your question, Raul. They had the perfect satirical tweet Wednesday – Some fans: "The Packers are too complacent. The organization is failing." (Packers make massive changes at every level). Same fans: "This won't work."

Karen from Everett, PA

Wes, I look to the 2020 NFC Championship Game to be the "Creed" to 2014's NFC Championship Game's "Rocky V."

So I take it that makes the 2016 NFC title game "Rocky Balboa"?

Don from Mascoutah, IL

Insiders, I read that Ty Summers has played everywhere in the defensive front seven after having played QB in college. Sounds like he's pretty versatile. If the Packers find a use for him at a different position than linebacker – wait for it – what number will Ty wear?

I am dead inside.

Steve from Kansas City, MO

Don't know if Browns fans are more energized, but I do know they are incredibly rude compared to Packers fans. One's first thought about attending an away game should not be what one's chances of being assaulted are.

It's hard for me to weigh in on this topic. There was nobody at the game I attended in Cleveland.

John from Flanders, NJ

As I opened II this morning I realized I am on the Packers site every day. How great is that? Thanks guys!

That's pretty freaking great.