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Inbox: This is only the beginning of a much larger story

When opportunities are presented, the Packers must capitalize

TE Luke Musgrave

Matt from Fitchburg, WI

Kudos to Scott from Sussex, that was a top 10 all-time Inbox joke.

Wait, that was a joke?

Chris from Weston, WI

Someone tell Mike that when he blue-face rants, that the only proper way to end his answer is: "Hallelujah! Holy (cow)! Where's the Tylenol?"

Ranting Spoff is the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.

Randy from Westminster, CO

Living in Colorado we get to see Russell Wilson every week, and he definitely is starting to look like the Russell Wilson of old, when it comes to scrambling. But he's also been prone to get the ball stripped more than I remember in the past. The Packers defenders when Wilson is running need to go after the ball and get the turnovers.

Wilson will get his yards, one way or another. The key for Green Bay has been, and will continue to be, generating turnovers and converting those takeaways into points. Digging into the numbers, Green Bay has fared better statically against Wilson than any other NFL teams he's faced (72.7 passer rating). He has done some good things this year, but the Broncos haven't been able to overcome the turnovers. When opportunities are presented, the Packers must capitalize.

Rich from Grand Rapids, MI

There are any number of reasons a fast start is beneficial to this team, but high up on that list is momentum. An older, more experienced team will have a "been there, done that" mentality earned over time and reps. Young players – and young teams – lack that experience. Based on nothing more than the eye test, this team thrives on positive momentum, and suffers when the ball starts to bounce the wrong way. Would love to see them start fast to gain confidence and momentum.

A fast start is always important, but I'd argue it's even more imperative this week after the Packers had 13 days to think about that loss to Las Vegas. Momentum is real and the Packers need to get it on their side ASAP on Sunday.

Mark from West Des Moines, IA

What are the key matchups to watch this weekend, in the Packers game?

Christian Watson and Patrick Surtain Jr. is a big one, though Romeo Doubs also may see Surtain. The Broncos have two experienced safeties in Justin Simmons and Kareem Jackson on the back end, but Watson is off the injury report and ready to test the top of Denver's defense. Nick Bonitto and the Packers' offensive line, and Courtland Sutton and Rasul Douglas also are matchups that intrigue me. I felt like Douglas had his best game of the year in Vegas.

Bill from Wilmington, DE

Hi Wes, how is the health and development of our young TEs so far in this young season? GPG!

Matt LaFleur sees a lot of promise, especially with Luke Musgrave. When asked about the tough spot Musgrave has been in playing right away at a position that usually requires time to develop, LaFleur praised the Packers' second-round pick for his growth over the past six months and the way in which Musgrave "attacks everything." I enjoyed LaFleur's anecdote about how hard Musgrave practices during routes on air, saying: "I'm like, 'You don't have to go 100. Maybe 90 miles an hour.' … (But) you'd rather have guys with that mindset, with that mentality and try to rein 'em back a little bit." Musgrave is on pace for 61 catches, which would tie the Packers' single-season record for a tight end (Jermichael Finley, 2012).

Kerry from Lakewood Ranch, FL

I know it's a small sample size but what would your grades be on the draft class so far?

A solid B. That group has been thrown into the fire quicker than most draft classes in Green Bay and responded well. Like I was saying with Musgrave, this is only the beginning of a much larger story for that rookie class.

Michael from Baraboo, WI

What can the team do to come out with more aggression in the first half and keep that momentum going for all four quarters?

First downs. Conversions breed confidence and that translates to playstyle.

Jeff from Woodlawn, TN

Get the ball out quick and create rhythm. It's similar to a golf swing, where rhythm is everything. Smooth hips, drop the club and good things happen. The deep ball will come.

Like Chubbs once told Happy, "It's all in the hips."

Chuck from Henderson, NV

How about creating turnovers by punching or ripping the ball? And getting Aaron Jones involved in the passing game, for more yards after the catch?

Both work for me.

Guy from Telford, UK

The two biggest leagues in the world are the NFL and the EPL (English Premier Soccer League). The EPL has financial fair play rules, but they are based on each club's turnover (and are regularly abused with legal cases taking many years to progress and no meaningful penalties have ever been imposed). The top six (Liverpool, Man U, etc.) totally dominate and most of the other teams classify a top half (20 teams) as an exceptional season. The NFL is infinitely more competitive. Is the NFL model perfect?

The NFL isn't perfect, but it has the best model in all of professional sports. The structure is durable enough to allow teams that draft and develop well to be perennially successful, while also being flexible enough for teams to rebuild quickly with savvy personnel moves. The most important thing to me is the average NFL fan knows the investment they're making with their hard-earned money can support a championship. Not every sport is like that.

Yotam from Atlit, Israel

After watching the Jaguars game, I have a small question about injury reports. Do teams sometimes overemphasize some injuries to confuse the opposing team? Trevor Lawrence was reported to be battling a knee injury all week, but in the game, he looked anything but hindered. Could the team have him on the report just so the defense won't expect QB rushes from him?

That would be against the spirit of the rule, but I suppose there's also only so much the NFL can do to police it. I don't think the Jaguars did anything deceitful, though. Lawrence was playing on a short week with a banged-up knee. A few weeks ago, the Packers were in the same boat with a few veterans against Detroit.

Paul from Ledgeview, WI

Wes, the average starting field position for the Packers during one of Brett Favre's best years was the 38-yard line as I recall. Two less first downs required to score. Margeaux is on to something!

You don't have to be Vince Lombardi to understand the likelihood of scoring increases the closer you get to the end zone. It's also no coincidence the Packers' win streak last season coincided with the spark Keisean Nixon created on kickoff and punt returns.

Gary from Davenport, IA

Like many of your readers, I hoped Mason Crosby would catch on with another team this year. It's too bad his consecutive games played streak had to end at 258, which is the fourth-longest streak for regular-season games in NFL history and No. 1 for placekickers. At least he was able to overtake Brett Favre's team record. We've been spoiled to have watched a quarterback and kicker have such longevity and durability.

It is mind-boggling. For a long time, it seemed there were a few kickers older than 40 still playing every year. For whatever reason, the NFL has started going young there. Matt Prater, 39, is presently the NFL's oldest kicker and also owns the longest made field goal this season (62 yards). Whatever happens, Mason had a tremendous career that'll one day be celebrated in the Packers Hall of Fame.

Garth from Portland, OR

I hope for nothing but the best for Mason Crosby. My son and I attended a final Lions-Packers game a few years ago around Christmas when the Lions completely blew us out. Needless to say, we weren't kicking a bunch of field goals. My son was wearing a Packer helmet and Mason came up to my son and had a very long conversation with him. After, he signed the helmet. It became a tradition that when Mason had a big kick, the helmet came out and the kick was good. Good luck to a great Packer.

He was the same guy in the locker room. Even after that well-documented 2012 season, Crosby was never anything less than polite and courteous with the media. An absolute professional from start to finish in Green Bay.

Craig from Sussex, WI

If you had a choice, would you prefer to be an offensive coordinator or a defensive coordinator and why?

Offensive coordinator. To be fair, though, I'd rather be a ball boy than an NFL defensive coordinator. That job is a magnet for criticism, especially in today's NFL. I don't need the headache.

Pat from Hudson, WI

Don't think the NFL would ever go to "No Pass Rush" within the final two minutes but going to a "One-Mississippi, Two-Mississippi" system could be feasible!

Could you imagine…the back judge's mic stays on and he shouts the "official" rush to the stadium?

Bob from Jackson, TN

Wes, first time submitting. Me and my wife were in Green Bay on Tuesday Oct. 17, for her to see Lambeau Field. This was always on her bucket list, so I did it one better by getting her one of the tours. She absolutely loved it. The topping of a great day already was we were just outside the Packers Pro Shop when you walked out heading home for the day, I would guess, and you stopped to take a moment out to shake our hands. I would just like to say thank you very much for your consideration.

Oh absolutely, Bob. It was my privilege. It was wonderful to meet you. I hope you had a memorable trip and can make it back to our neck of the woods soon.

Aaron from Denver, WI

Looking forward to seeing you guys in Denver tonight for the pep rally. I'll be the guy wearing the Bill Schroeder jersey. Cheers!

And I'll be the guy standing next to Spoff while he signs all the autographs. See you there.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

A moon has passed since a Sunday clash,

But the sun will shine, and the Pack are fine.

Easy completions, sneaking suspicions

The Pack will be back, that is a fact.

Eyes on the prized, potential realized.

Let Love spin and take home a win.

It seriously feels like a month since Las Vegas. I'm ready to cover a football game…and then finally get a few of these back at Lambeau.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

A week to rest and now a reset for the Green and Gold

To a city where the Packers haven't fared well. Time to change that

For fans a season with no expectation evolved to expectation

Now a chance to reset and reevaluate

For coaches the standard never changes

Your best every week

The path remains straight ahead, Green and Gold

Well, we're off to Denver. There's a rally to be pepped and a game to be won. Have a great weekend, everyone.

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