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Inbox: You can tell how much this means to Brazilian Packers fans

The Packers are the people’s team, and the people spoke


Eric from Reedsburg, WI

So, I was looking for something to do in Brazil in the beginning of September. Any suggestions?

Boy, do I have a deal for you!

Jeff from Indian Lake, NY

Well, it's official, Mike and Wes are going to Brazil! The Packers, too, I guess. How's that for manifesting an event through sheer speculation? Even though Rule No. 1 is don't talk about the Inbox, you should never underestimate its power.

It felt like a snowball that kept gaining speed and momentum until we reached this point. The Packers are the people's team, and the people spoke…loudly and clearly.

Flavio from São Paulo, Brazil

Hello, Insiders! Not a question, just an exhilarated comment: The Packers are playing in my hometown! It was never published in II, but I called it the very day the Brazil game was announced. Looking forward to meeting you guys here in São Paulo! Now, if you´ll excuse me, I´ll try to battle some tickets!

I'm sorry we didn't get your submission in, but parabéns on the NFL and Brazil securing this historic matchup. Professionally, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Packers to play the first NFL game in South America. On a personal level, it's a chance for me to go to the birthplace of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. But more than anything, I'm thrilled for Packers fans in South America. They made their voices heard the past two months. Based on social media alone, you can tell how much this means to Brazilian Packers fans.

Bruno from São Paulo, Brazil

Good morning II! Longtime reader (since Ask Vic days), hopefully first time published. Just got the confirmation that my beloved Green Bay Packers will be playing here in São Paulo. Couldn't be more thrilled. As a huge Packers fan from another country, I dreamed about the day I could watch this team play. I could never imagine it would be here in Brazil. I guarantee I'll there cheering with all my heart, wearing green and gold, and carrying the G here in São Paulo. Go Pack Go from Brazil!

Stories like this have warmed my heart over the past two months and softened me up for another international trip. Admittedly, it took time for me to warm up to the idea of a second international game in three years, but this is an obvious no-brainer. There will be challenges, but the memories make it more than worth it.

George from Green Bay, WI

I know other II have/will have asked this. With the Packers going to Brazil this year, does that reset their next international game to another eight years?

It does not, but the eight-year window has already been tossed out the, um, window with the expansion of the NFL International series. In December, league owners passed a resolution that compels each team to play an international game every four years starting with the 2025 season.

Lud from Urbana, IL

What is the playing field like in São Paulo? I think it is a soccer stadium, so hopefully grass?

That is quite literally the only thing I know right now, though I'm excited to learn more about Corinthians Arena in the months ahead.

Chris from Waukesha, WI

I just saw the announcement of the Brazil game, and it mentioned that NFL football will have been played (once the game begins) on five of the seven world continents. The game has been played in North America and Europe. Apparently, there are two more continents for which I don't remember games. The Brazil game takes South America off the list. Antarctica would be an obvious choice for a continent still on the list. Were NFL games played in Asia, Australia, or Africa? When?

Africa and Antarctica. In 1999, Denver and San Diego played a preseason game in Australia. Meanwhile, the Packers actually have already played a preseason game in Asia (Tokyo, 1997).

Stephen from Chicago, IL

Mike/Wes: Excited for the São Paulo game and look forward to going. My wife and I spent a week there last year and the food is amazing, happy to give suggestions. That said, Portuguese is not a common language spoken in the US, so my wife, a native Brazilian, can help in any way necessary. I can order sandwiches and beer, or root beer for Wes. Sorry for the non-question, but please feel free to forward or respond if the organization will be in the need of volunteer translators during the trip.


Joshua from Pineville, LA

I was going to ask why the NFL hates having a season opener at Lambeau Field, but then I checked the data. Sure, this coming season will mark the sixth consecutive away opener for GB, and the 10th of the last 12 years. But from 1986-2003, the only Packers' road opener was in 1996. I suppose we have some catching up to do.

One of the detractors to opening in São Paulo is the fact Matt LaFleur must wait at least one more year to lead the Packers onto Lambeau Field for a Week 1 home opener. According to my research (WCBW), the Packers' streak of six consecutive seasons opening the season on the road is the longest in the NFL. Coincidentally, there is only one other team with a road-opening streak that extends into the 2010s – Philadelphia, which last played Week 1 at the Linc in 2019 and is "hosting" this game in Brazil.

Darren from Warrington, UK

Well, so much for a long-awaited home opener how many years now?

It shouldn't have come to this, though. The Packers should've opened at home in 2022 or 2023. There's no reason for the streak to have gotten this long.

Paul from Ledgeview, WI

Wes, after playing in Brazil, do you think the Packers get a home game on Sunday, Sept. 15, with a noon kickoff? When was the last time the Packers opened the season at home?

I don't know about date or time, but you'd hope the Packers will be at Lambeau for Week 2. At the same time, Green Bay went 92 years between back-to-back road games to open a season and now have done it twice in the last eight. So, who knows?

Shanna from Corunna, IN

Hey II, I sincerely appreciate all the hard work and effort you all put into this column. With that being said, I would like to apologize for EVERY Packers fan who is now going to ask 3.8 million questions regarding fueling, flight schedules, and all the other oddities that will need to be accommodated for the game in Brazil. Just let people do their job and figure it out. If we couldn't do it, they wouldn't schedule. GPG

Thank you, Shanna. While I appreciate everyone's thoughts on the matter, it's not like Spoff and I are responsible for flying the plane. I promise the NFL and Packers will figure it out. They're already probably there (or close to it).

Kai from Melbourne, FL

Hi II, recently I've been thinking about how much Shohei Ohtani impacts his team when playing on both sides of the ball, and just how much of a star Travis Hunter was for Colorado. And with players on the Packers (Keisean Nixon) having been used in every facet of the game, do you think there's a possibility GB ever takes a look at potential two-way players, in terms of value for having "two players for the price of one"? Or do they even try and add an offensive element to a defensive player's game?

There's room to sprinkle in more Nixon on offense, but the NFL game is too fast and too physical for a full-time two-way player. Injury risks aside, conditioning would be a huge challenge over a 17-game regular season – especially for a cornerback/ball carrier.

Craig from Niagara, WI

Do you believe Keisean Nixon could be looked at as the other safety? He plays bigger than his stature and is a big hitter. I've wondered why this hasn't been discussed.

Because Nixon isn't moving. He's the nickel cornerback. The whole point of the Packers re-signing Nixon was for him to play nickel cornerback again after he did it for the first time on a full-time basis last year.

Bill from Brooklyn Park, MN

Spoff, when someone asks if Kool-Aid McKinstry would run through a wall for Jeff Hafley, the proper response is, “Oh, Yeah!"

What I enjoy most about the Prospect Primer series is it builds my own anticipation for the draft's top guys. McKinstry's primer even starts with Ha Ha Clinton-Dix in the frame. If the Packers want to go cornerback in the first round, they could have four or five intriguing options depending on where the picks fall. McKinstry brings something on punts, too, if Green Bay wants to graduate Jayden Reed from that role.

Jeffrey from Eveleth, MN

There is no way the Pack can draft Kool-Aid. That would make a secondary with McKinney, McKinstry, Carrington Valentine, and Corey Ballentine. Heck, I can hardly type it, can you imagine Wayne Larrivee trying to announce it?

I don't know how Wayne and Larry do it. It took me all of three months to finally get "Ballentine" and "Valentine" straight. Just ask Spoff how many takes were required to shoot my cornerback segment during our training camp preview show last summer.

Mark from Big Bear City, CA

Good morning, Wes, Prospect Primer ILB Edgerrin Cooper looks like a really good fit in the new defense. I've been looking at the Packerswire and the players they think are a good fit for the Packers. There have been a few edge rushers that seem to be undersized for the position. Could they possibly move them to ILB? Just wondering what you think. Thanks again for what you and Mike do.

Cooper has an All-American pedigree and those physical gifts translated to his showing at the NFL Scouting Combine. The nice thing about those "tweener" linebackers is they often bring some pass-rush prowess (e.g. Cooper's eight sacks last season). He's definitely a guy I'll have my eye on later this month.

The Packers Tailgate Tour continued on Wednesday morning with visits at Indian Trail High School in Kenosha and Badger High School located in Lake Geneva.

Paul from Ellensburg, WA

Hey fellas, following up on the legendary Dean from Leavenworth's question: I think it's pretty safe to say Steve Spagnuolo of the Chiefs didn't phone in an easy game plan against Love with lazy disguises. I think that's even more true with Quinn and the Cowboys. That was a playoff game with Love having shown for multiple weeks that he's an elite game-changer. There's no way Quinn thought he could just overwhelm him by that point and at that stage.

I don't know if anyone overlooked Love. Hindsight is 20/20 but you also have to be who you are. Spags and Quinn are coordinators who favor pressure. I'm sure there are things they both wish they'd done differently in those matchups, but sometimes you have to tip your cap and give credit where it's due. Love didn't stroll through KC and Dallas – he simply overcame what they were trying to do to him.

Joe from Hampshire, IL

The Packers had DL Kenneth Odumegwu via the International Player Pathway Program in 2023. With the exciting Brazil news, are any athletes from Brazil, or even South America, on an NFL team in this program? It would be astounding PR if the Packers sign such a player prior to Game 1.

There weren't any South Americans among the 2023 NFL Player Pathway contingent, but inroads have been made. In 2014, Chicago kicker Cairo Santos became the first Brazilian born player in NFL history. When he was 15, Santos moved to Florida as a foreign exchange student and earned a scholarship to kick at Tulane. More recently, Chile's Sammis Reyes (2021) and Brazil's Durval Queiroz Neto (2019) participated in the IPP.

TK from Grafton, WI

How hard is it for a rookie QB to adjust to the NFL? Nigel and I are thinking 11 on a 1-10 scale.

Bryce Young and Carolina would say it's pretty difficult, right? C.J. Stroud and Houston? Maybe not so much. But this game is not easy. Big or small, there's always a learning curve in the NFL. It just depends on the specific quarterbacks and their situation.

Kevin from Tinton Falls, NJ

Packers vs. Eagles in Brazil? What a matchup. Remember when international games were between Jacksonville and, like, the worst team in the league?

Remember when the Packers and New York Giants played the first London game in 32 tries between two teams with winning records?

Al from Green Bay, WI

Loved Spoff's eclipse story. In Green Bay, we had clear skies for the 85% moon blockage. While it was a bit eerie at the peak, that last 15% is incredibly meaningful, and I'm glad Team Spoff encountered it. I'm sure there is a football analogy in here somewhere, so I'll let you provide that if you wish!

Much like yourself, I took in the 85% eclipse from atop Lambeau Field. What was even more meaningful, though, was helping my son prep his glasses/facemask on Sunday night to watch the eclipse at school. He got a kick out of it. It's the little things.

Lori from Brookfield, WI

Wes, it's that time of year...Mike had an eclipse adventure. My children and I once followed some hot air balloons, driving through twisting backroads and the woods of New Jersey to see where they landed. (One came down in the middle of a baseball field during a game. The other came down in a busy strip mall parking lot.) What was your greatest family adventure?

There have been many but bringing my son to Disney World for the first time after the league meetings might never be topped. That filled my cup.

Robert from Georgetown, TX

My wife, son, and daughter-in-law were fortunate to witness the eclipse from Augusta National Golf Club! It was my fourth time being drawn in the lottery and I am always amazed by the beauty and awe of that place. And we traded more than a few "Go Pack Go's" with some of the other patrons!

Fourth time?!?!? What's your secret?

David from North Potomac, MD

My company has offices in São Paulo. Any tips on convincing them of the value to have me onsite for in person meetings in early September?

Just tell 'em you gotta see a man about a horse.

Greg from Perkasie, PA

So, we now know the Packers' season starts in Brazil and ends in New Orleans. I'm very excited to see what happens along the way.

I see what you did there.

Dan from Saint Paul, MN

Counting exhibition games, Corinthians Arena will be the 143rd different stadium in which the Packers have played. That is all.

You deserve a Brazilian root beer for all that research. Have a great Thursday.

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