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Increase the playoffs by four teams, four games

Drum roll likely to happen for Thursday’s press conference


Casey from Minneapolis, MN

The past few weeks, the drum roll has been for the Friday press conference. Judging by Mike's comments, he'd like to make a Rodgers decision before Friday. Has the drum roll begun for Tuesday's press conference? Or will we spend Christmas wishing for good news on Thursday?

There's no press conference scheduled for Tuesday or Wednesday. The Packers begin practicing for the Bears on Thursday and I feel strongly Mike McCarthy wants to go into that practice knowing who his quarterback is for Sunday, so I think we get the news in Thursday's press conference following practice.

Patrick from Paducah, KY

McCarthy stated Pittsburgh had gotten six other teams to jump offsides on field goal attempts this season. What did they do to draw us off?

As soon as I saw Mike Tomlin high-five Kevin Colbert on the sideline, I knew it was a set up. The Packers had it scouted. They alerted their players to it. I looked for a hand flinch on the tape, but couldn't find one. The holder bobbed his head when he hard-counted, but the linemen aren't looking at the holder's head, they're looking inside at the ball. I don't know what happened, but I'm convinced there's intrigue involved. What defenders have to know is that when it's less than five yards to go for a first down, cool it.

Jerry from Wilmington, NC

Vic, thanks to you my wife gave me copies of "Total Football" and "Total Football II, The Official Encyclopedia of the National Football League," as early Christmas gifts. I'm loving them!

Thanks for reminding me of the wonderfully dedicated man who co-authored those books, Bob Carroll. Because Bob loved pro football history as much as he did, we have a point of reference we otherwise wouldn't have. The founding fathers were great promoters, but lousy historians. Football's history is every bit as good as baseball's and getting better all the time. It's a shame we don't know more about players such as Jim Thorpe.

Kyle from Asheville, NC

Vic, over the past several weeks, I've seen you mention you would like to see the NFL increase the number of teams that make it into the playoffs. What exactly would you like to see?

I'd like to see the playoff field increased to eight teams per conference and byes eliminated for the one and two seeds. It would give us four extra playoff games without increasing the length of the postseason. Cut the preseason down to two games. Who needs it? It's already been moved to September. The games that are being played now are too good to keep to a minimum. We need more of them.

Arod from North Liberty, IA

Win and in; pretty cut and dried to me. No need to overanalyze it, right?

But we will and you'll read it because we can't get enough of it.

Wally from Springfield, MO

Vic, what do you think about how the refs handled the clock on that last play? It totally cost the Packers at least one more play. I know it doesn't matter in the playoff race and all, but they gotta do something about these refs screwing over games like this.

The referee and the umpire were out of sync and it cost the Packers a play. I would also remind you that Carl Cheffers might've erred on the blocked field goal call. Some would say that's your touchdown, Wally.

Wesley from Jacksonville, FL

Vic, of all the moments you have absorbed this year, which do you believe will be your favorite, or do you think that moment will come this Sunday? Everything's set; I propose to my girlfriend today. I had to say it to you because I follow your column every day.

I believe my favorite moment of this season is yet to come. What do you think will be your favorite moment? You know what I mean?

Justin from Oquawka, IL

Bears vs. Packers. You called this one.

Yeah, I saw it in a dream. I was sitting in the press box at Soldier Field, but why was my friend Mel Tucker angry at me? What does that mean? It's driving me crazy.

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