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Lions' defense is 'a pretty aggressive bunch'

Key comments from Green Bay’s coordinators

Falcons WR Drake London; Lions S Brian Branch
Falcons WR Drake London; Lions S Brian Branch

GREEN BAY – The Packers' coordinators met with the media on Monday. Here's a sampling of their key comments.

Special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia

On Anders Carlson's game-winning PAT:

We have a saying that the most important point in football is the extra point. Right? So I thought the operation went pretty well, the protection was really well done. They had one of those creepers out there like New England pulled earlier and I thought Josiah did a really good job with that on the edge as well. So, it was good to get the point, because we needed it.

On the Saints' punt return TD:

It was a combination of a few things. We were punting into the wind over there, and it was actually coming that way from our right to left, and I don't think (Daniel Whelan) got all the ball he wanted to. It got there pretty quick and we lost lane integrity and then we lost leverage on the ball. So, it was just kind of a combination of the lane integrity getting out versus a six-man front, they were double-double on the outside and I think he'd like to have a little bit better punt coming out of there.

On Keisean Nixon returning punts instead of Jayden Reed:

He's been involved with it the whole time, you know? So it's just going to be where we are on the field and what the situation is. And, No. 11 has been playing a lot of plays on offense, a lot of deep routes, a lot of crossing routes. So it was just time for a change a little bit but they're both going to be involved throughout the entire year.

Defensive coordinator Joe Barry

On the strong finish defensively:

With me being up in the box, that's the one thing you don't get to feel truly is what's going on on the sidelines. But from what I witnessed, the guys, they just kept playing, kept fighting, kept believing and bottom line, we made plays when we had to, got off the field when we had to, limited them from obviously explosion plays which is always huge.

On Rashan Gary's three-sack game and getting a game ball:

I'm going to try not to get emotional because it means so much to him and to witness him just -- to truly sit here and witness what he's gone through -- I'm the most positive, upbeat person on the planet as you guys know. Still, I was like, 'Ah, god, there's no way Rashan's going to be ready Week 1.' And just to watch what he's done Week 1, Week 2 and then to see that, it was really, really cool. So it was a cool moment to be a part of, not only the entire game, but just the postgame and you could see how much it means to that kid. I mean he is, you talk about all in, and it's really neat that he was able to accomplish what he was able to accomplish with what he's gone through the last 10 months.

On the Saints' final drive:

In that situation, you're just saying, 'We can't give up any more yards. We've got to make it as long a field goal as possible.' And then on the third-down play, talking about Darnell (Savage), made an unbelievable play on a flat route and a great tackle. In that situation, once they do get in that position, you're just saying, 'OK, if they are going to attempt a field goal, it's got to be as long as possible.' Thankfully, Sav made a great tackle on the guy to make it a long field goal that, thankfully, he pushed.

Offensive coordinator Adam Stenavich

On what changed in the fourth quarter:

Well, it seemed like we were shooting ourselves in the foot a lot, obviously with penalties and things like that. It's pretty hard to execute consistently when that happens. And then, it was a good look in everyone's eyes. They stuck with it. They stayed together. That was a pretty special moment for our team just coming back like that.

On coaching so many rookies:

You've got to keep it as simple as you can. The one thing about those guys, though, is there's no quit in them. They don't have a lot of scars. They just had a good look on them the whole game, which is really cool to see. No matter what the score was, they just went out there and tried to do their job and played for each other. I think the biggest thing is just keeping it as simple as you can but then allowing them to do what they do and get them the ball. But it was fun to watch those guys go out there and compete.

On dealing with Detroit's Aidan Hutchinson:

We've got to account for him, and they've been moving him around a lot. He's not only playing over the tackles, they've been moving him inside. We have to have a good protection plan for him, for sure.

On Detroit's run defense:

They're very similar to New Orleans as far as their structure. Their linebackers are very aggressive, and I think they're very instinctual players. But their interior guys do a really good job, just getting off blocks. They're very disruptive. So that, and a combination of they're always trying to have an extra hat in the box with the safety, 32 (Brian Branch). They're a pretty aggressive bunch. They did a good job versus Atlanta.