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Medical timeout rule is going to cause controversy

Georgia Tech tight end has look of Jermichael Finley


Gavin from Kilmarnock, Scotland

Vic, there's a lot of talk the Packers need to get some help at the tight end position. Do you think Colt Lyerla will be back?

That would not be my expectation.

Paul from Kilrush, Ireland

Vic, before the influence of the television companies, how long would a game last?

In the run-the-ball era, two-and-a-half-hour games were common.

Josh from Los Banos, CA

With Boykin going to Carolina, and given the fact he was a restricted free agent, what compensation will the Packers get in return?

They won't receive compensation because the Packers didn't tender Boykin.

Jeremy from Garden Prairie, IL

GM Vic has the 30th pick this year, but the second and third rounds hold the most value. How hard do you try to move back?

By the time draft day arrives, teams have targeted specific players they'd like to draft. They have a pretty good idea where those players fit and will try to move to those spots.

Rick from Cedar Rapids, IA

Vic, since we need a tight end that can stretch the field, tell me what you think of Darren Waller, Georgia Tech, 6-6, 245, 4.45 at combine. Tight end or wide receiver?

This is a really interesting guy. He's Jermichael Finley. Waller was largely hidden in Georgia Tech's wishbone offense, but had a breakout season this past year. He plays to his length and he makes big plays. He's more receiver than blocker, but I think he offers intriguing matchup potential as a tight end. Waller could become the steal of the draft.

Duke from Ann Arbor, MI

Writers love to create conflict and drama. I think you are exaggerating the unrealistic wishes of Packers fans and making a caricature out of people who see the value of free agency. I don't like free agency much, either, but it's not the eighth deadly sin.

I disagree.

Steve from Fort Myers, FL

To what extent do you believe the Packers use the disabled list to stash players, particularly drafted rookies with relatively minor injuries, when they know the player isn't ready to play at the next level but believe the player can make an impact in their second year with work on the playbook or in the weight room?

Every team does that. When a rookie sustains an injury in training camp and misses time that curtails his development, it often means he won't be able to catch up quickly enough to compete for playing time. That's when you put him on injured reserve. It's using every means available to a team to retain and develop football talent.

Michael from Burleigh Heads, Queensland

If you could cover any team other than the Packers this season, who would it be? I'm guessing Oakland, based on some of your recent comments.

I think covering the Raiders could be fun this season, but the Eagles are the team. That was obvious at the NFC coaches breakfast; Chip Kelly drew a huge crowd.

David from Cleveland, OH

With such a deep pass rusher class, maybe the Packers should put Clay Matthews inside and draft an edge rusher. What do you think?

Your highest paid defensive player a full-time inside linebacker? Rule of thumb is that it's much easier to find a thumper on the inside than it is to find a sacker on the outside.

Trevor from Waukesha, WI

Do you support Mike McCarthy's withdrawal from play-calling duties?

The notion that he has withdrawn from the play-calling process is ridiculous. He'll have the headset on, he'll hear every call that goes into the game, and he'll be in communication with Tom Clements at all times. The plays that'll be used in games will be decided during the week, and Coach McCarthy will sign off on that call sheet.

Mike from Simi Valley, CA

Vic, how does an established veteran quarterback such as Matt Schaub just fall off a cliff production-wise so young, relatively speaking, to the other quarterbacks still playing well into their 30s?

Schaub took a lot of hits while playing for the Texans; he missed a lot of time due to injury. I think injuries took their toll on him, plus, he was never what you would call a strong-armed guy. It's a tough game. It'll beat you up.

Stewart from Dunfermline, Scotland

How do you choose which player to review in the Prospect Primers?

Our video crew was in the media room at the combine as the prospects came in to do interviews. The plan was to do as many video interviews as possible. Don't ask who, just shoot 'em.

Tyler from Madison, WI

Vic, I first want to say I love the picture of breakfast used for "Ask Vic Saturday". After hearing about the medical timeout rule, I was thinking the doctor should be someone from another country who cares more about soccer and cricket than football, and would hopefully be totally unbiased. Is that even possible to demand and regulate?

I don't know what that would accomplish. What I can tell you is I am absolutely sure this rule is going to lead to controversy. Faking a concussion will become a new talent.

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