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Meet Packers players with Packer Fan Tours



PACKER FAN TOURS has TWO great ways for you to meet players!  The ULTIMATE way to attend a Packers Home Game and get the FULL Packers Weekend experience is with a PACKER FAN TOURS "GOLD" PACKAGE,which includes the*"PFT PLAYER AUTOGRAPH RECEPTION"Enjoy lodging at the beautiful TUNDRA LODGE, the famous PFT Tailgate Party, great souvenirs, all transfers, game tickets and attend the Packer Player Autograph Reception on the night before the game, a unique feature of PFT.  Enjoy food and beverages while you meet players, get autographs and photos with them and get insight on the next day's game direct from the players. AND every Gold Package purchase gets aFREECommemorative2010 CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALLyou can get autographed at the Player Reception! The PFT Player Reception can ALSO be added to ANY otherPACKER FAN TOURSGame Package.   Another great way to meet and hang out with players is the AnnualPACKER FAN TOURS"PACKERS RESORT VACATION".  The 2013 version in February takes you to a luxurious all-inclusive resort in Jamaica with FIVE players, where you will join them on a multitude of sessions and adventures. For DETAILS on the PLAYER RECEPTION and the PACKERS RESORT VACATION,CLICK HERE.*

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