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Next four weeks will define Packers defense

Packers need to win the battle of the hitting


Brooks from Oklahoma City, OK

I think the last four weeks have proven this defense is still soft. Your thoughts?

It's not the same defense I saw during the Packers' four-game winning streak. I saw a defense that stood toe to toe with the Ravens. I saw a defense against the Lions that was more physical than the Lions were. I saw a defense shut down Adrian Peterson. Where did that defense go? It's a question that will be answered by how the Packers defense plays down the stretch. Which is the real Packers defense? We're going to find out in December.

Anthony from Janesville, WI

Vic, I think the Packers will be angry on Sunday after being embarrassed on Thanksgiving. Maybe we will see a team that likes to hit people.

If you don't win the battle of the hitting, you can't win anything more than the game, and that's not enough because winning the game only lasts one week. Points come and go; they can be schemed. Hitting lasts; it defeats schemes.

Jack from Highland Heights, KY

Vic, you still question Russell Wilson's arm strength. You are a joke. If you don't like the guy, just say it, don't make up a stupid observation. I am also sick of your players, not plays lingo. That makes zero sense.


Rafe from Brentwood, TN

My smart phone is forecasting snow and very cold on Sunday. Good or bad for our guys?

If it's not good for the Green Bay Packers to play a game in the cold and in the snow in Lambeau Field in December, then something is dreadfully wrong.

John from Hillsborough, NJ

Do you think this defensive philosophy of Dom Capers' (3-4 using tweeners) just doesn't work nowadays?

It's working in San Francisco. The 49ers are No. 6 overall, 11th against the run and fourth against the pass. It's working again in Pittsburgh. After a horrible start to the season, the Steelers defense is back to a very respectable 13th overall and held Matt Stafford to 35 yards passing in the second half of the win over the Lions. Houston is No. 3 overall, No. 2 against the pass. The 4-3 is a time-honored defense. Carolina plays the 4-3 and it's No. 1 in the league. Either one will work. I just prefer the 3-4 because I think it offers more flexibility.

Garrett from Menomonie, WI

Vic, draft and develop has been a flop and I blame the oversized egos of Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson entirely. It's time to use free agency like any other reasonable team does. I'd like to hear you disagree.

I disagree.

Michelle from La Crosse, WI

I'm tired of the hurt, tired of the pain, tired of the fans who do nothing but blame. Every season ends the same, leaving us sad, low and lame, yet excited how close we came. I don't like the quit talk, but we can't walk the walk, so lower the season's ceiling, and control your feelings. Thank you.

I like to watch.

William from Savannah, GA

Last week, I completed a half marathon while in the middle of a course of chemotherapy. I struggled during the race physically, I'll admit, but I never thought of quitting. It just isn't something I would consider, but it wasn't until I caught up on the last few days of "Ask Vic" and saw the comments suggesting it would be better to quit than try to win every remaining game that I really got nauseous.

It was on a Monday, the week of the 2003 NFL draft, that my oncologist gave me the good news: I wouldn't have to go to my scheduled chemo treatment the next day; I was done. I was so overjoyed, so charged with emotion that I went home, put on my jogging shoes and started running. I was certain I would run longer and faster than I ever had in my life, that's how good I felt. Two minutes and 40 seconds later, I stopped. I barely had enough stamina to walk home. I remember it as though it was yesterday. Quitting sticks with us.

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