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NFL trying to make preseason more attractive

How good can the Packers offense be?


Andrew from New York, NY

If the league is trying to do away with two preseason games, then why would they create intriguing preseason games like Packers vs. Patriots or Seahawks vs. Broncos?

I think the league made a special effort this year to make the preseason more attractive. Preseason games aren't likely to decrease in number until the players agree to increase the number of regular season games, and the players remain opposed to increasing the number of regular season games. With that in mind, the league had to do something to make the preseason more attractive, so it did.

Nick from Dacula, GA

When will the regular season schedule be released?

I'm hearing late next week.

Josh from Saukville, WI

Vic, do you think the Packers should sign a guy like Hakeem Nicks or Reggie Wayne to get some experience and add another weapon to the Packers receiving corps?


Joe from Manhattan, IL

If you had the authority to change a rule pertaining to a penalty, what would it be and why?

I would make offensive pass interference in the end zone the defense's ball on the 20.

Daniel from Phoenix, AZ

When Frank Caliendo can do a spot-on impersonation of a dumb announcer like John Madden on Letterman and you place Madden high up on the announcing totem pole, people may need to question your ability to judge. Agree? Especially since you and Madden are essentially in the same profession of reporting.

Your logic is irrefutable.

Joe from Rock Island, IL

Do you hate Christian Laettner?

Why would I hate Laettner? Did something happen? Actually, I have a fun story that involves Laettner. We both lived in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, and my oldest son worked at the hardware store there. One day, he saw Laettner coming through the checkout line. He rang him up, counted out his change and then said, "Nice shot." Laettner gave him a big smile. My kid loved it.

Rich from Mifflinburg, PA

Vic, I don't understand your disdain for the Masters. You speak often of the lack of respect or reverence for the old-timers in the NFL, especially from today's casual fans. The Masters is all about reverence from days gone by. Palmer, Nicklaus, Player, Snead, Hogan and others are still revered by today's fans young and old alike. It seems as though this is exactly how you wish today's fans would think of yesterday's heroes. Please explain.

I like it. I'll watch every round of it. I think it's a spectacle. My dislike of it is the field is too restrictive and the event is too stuffy and celebrates itself too much, especially when you consider the course is not as challenging as a majors course should be. Look at the scores! Ninety percent of the field is under par. The leader is -14 through two rounds. That's a major? I love the history part of Augusta. I thought Ben Crenshaw was sensational in his farewell on Friday. My concern is for the course. The golfers' skill and the ever-improving equipment they use are going to make the course obsolete if something isn't done to stiffen Augusta. They better find a strain of grass that'll produce high rough or -30 is going to win this event, and that would be an embarrassment.

Chad from Tarpon Springs, FL

Vic, based on your knowledge of the holy wars between the Steelers and Raiders in the '70s, do you see the same thing happening between the Seahawks and Packers?

The Steelers-Raiders rivalry was built on pure violence. Pete Rozelle used those very words in a letter he wrote to each team. The Seahawks and Packers rivalry has nothing to do with violence, and everything to do with dramatic finishes. It's completely different.

Scott from Lincoln City, OR

Vic, does need ever factor into the draft board ranking of players?

If you change your board to accommodate need, you're lying to yourself.

Mike from Whitefish, MT

Vic, in the comments on your recent ILB/CB prospects article, there was a concern expressed about Byron Jones' shoulder injury. To what extent can teams do medical assessments on draft prospects during a pre-draft visit?

That's what they do at the combine. That's why the combine was created. It was a central location at which teams could do medical examinations, and then somebody suggested that while everyone was there, they should run a 40.

Rich from York, WI

Vic, are you expecting much heat in the run up to the Steelers game? I am personally looking forward to your responses.

It'll be a huge preseason game. I'll have my towel ready to go.

Aric from Oshkosh, WI

Good thing the Packers play their preseason game against the Steelers in Pittsburgh. I'd hate for you to have to try to sneak your Terrible Towel into Lambeau.

I got it into the press box for the game in 2013.

Dustin from Indianapolis, IN

With their three best WRs locked up for the next three years, and Aaron Rodgers at the helm, how good can this offense be?

The best offense in the history of the world?

Mike from Palm Bay, FL

Vic, I know you're a Steelers fan – sorry, by the way – where do you think Troy Polamalu will rank among the greats, such as Lott?

I'm prejudiced for Polamalu since I'm a Steelers fan, of course, but I think it's safe to say he'll be remembered as one of the great playmakers in NFL history. Hall of Fame? Not so sure. I think his hair will help him. He has great hair.

Jon from Towanda, PA

In light of Bell's recent suspension, thank God for Eddie Lacy and Green Bay's scouting department. Tough guys, not high guys.

I don't like those kinds of comments because every team has its players with issues, and comments such as yours invite embarrassment.

Michael from Wauwatosa, WI

Vic, are the "Prospect Primers" you show about a player you think the Packers are interested in or players you are interested in and would like to see drafted by the Packers?

Neither. Our video guys just shoot everyone at the combine that talks. Hey, if they're at the combine, they're a prospect, right?

Brian from Vancouver, WA

I recently got a chance to meet Curt Warner, RB of the Seahawks and Penn State. I asked him what player scared him the most. He smiled and said no player ever scared him. There were players that got his attention. So I asked him what player got his attention. He said he started one game and was about to get a hand-off from Dave Kreig. Then, all of a sudden, he saw a flash and he fumbled the ball. Once he got his composure after the play, he looked to see who got him. It was Lawrence Taylor. He then said L.T. was on the punt team. It was kicked to the Seattle sideline. He said L.T. came flying in and blew up the punt returner. Curt said no man steps to another team's sideline, but L.T. stepped to the Seahawks bench after nailing the punt returner and let out a scream. He said the Seattle players looked at each other and moved out of the way.

There's a legendary story from early in Joe Greene's career. In a game against the Bears, Butkus was raging, frightening everybody. He made a vicious tackle along the sideline and Joe ran up to Butkus and spit in his face. Andy Russell tells the story. He said the players on the sideline were immediately afraid of what Butkus would do, but he got up, looked at Joe and did nothing. Russell said no one was afraid of Butkus anymore.

Dale from Sheboygan, WI

Do you mind if a fan asks more than one question a day?

I would prefer they only ask one a day. Let's give everyone a chance, OK? Secondly, unless you can sneak an extra one by me, you're probably wasting a good question. Save it. You just asked three in a row; two of them are wasted.

Thomas from Butternut, WI

Vic, I gotta ask about one guy I've seen all over the place in mock drafts, from late round one to round three, CB Eric Rowe from Utah. Tony give you anything about him?

Yeah, Tony likes him. It was in the story I did this week.

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