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OK, so what if the Packers switched to the 4-3?

He's banned; thanks for making me look positive


Andrew from Fort Collins, CO

If the Packers were to switch to a 4-3, would Datone Jones be their strong side rusher?

OK, I surrender. I know when I've lost. Yeah, Jones probably would be the blind-side defensive end, unless Nick Perry played there and Jones played left defensive end. I could see Perry as a weak side linebacker, too. Clay Matthews would be the strong side linebacker. B.J. Raji would be the over tackle and Mike Daniels and Jerel Worthy would fit at the under tackle or three-technique tackle spot. The Packers should do that. I don't know if it would make a difference, but it would entertain everybody for a while.

Gary from Davenport, IA

To John in Port Edwards, Ron Wolf was hugging Sean Jones in that picture, not Reggie White.

Maybe Reggie was hugging Brett Favre.

James from Whitewater, WI

Vic, thank you so much for being so positive all the time. Whenever I feel really down about the season or the team in general, I just hop on "Ask Vic" and I always feel better.

That's hilarious. I have been called many things in my life, but I have never been referred to as a positive person. I've been called cynical, glum and even poop negative, but never positive. I love this fan base. It's making me look good.

Brian from Shakopee, MN

Back when we were running the 4-3, everyone was calling for the 3-4. Now that we run the 3-4, seems like everyone wants the 4-3. Stop!

I want "Spider Y2 Banana." Seriously, I'm hoping somebody buys me a football video game for Christmas. I have to find out what's in those things that has created an entire culture of people that perseverate on football formations. Here's what I know for sure: If you have a Reggie White or a Joe Greene on your team, you can run anything you want and call it anything you want. George Perles turned Joe sideways and didn't even have a name for it until we asked George what he called it and he said, "Uhhhh, stunt 4-3." Sideways! He turned him sideways and it worked. He could've turned him backwards and it would've worked. Why? Because he's Joe Greene, that's why.

Scotty from Chicago, IL

Vic, back in the day, one of my favorite plays was the halfback option pass. We very rarely if ever see anybody but the QB throw the ball nowadays. That is understandable; why take the ball out of "The Man's" hand? That being said, what plays do you miss that we no longer or rarely see anymore?

The halfback option pass is still a viable play if you have a guy that can throw it. Dan Reeves was a master of it. So were Paul Hornung and Tom Matte. Maurice Jones-Drew just threw one for a touchdown this past Sunday; it was a thing of beauty. How about the end-around option pass, like the one Antwaan Randle El threw for a touchdown in the Super Bowl? It's all about who's throwing the ball. Randle El was a star quarterback at Indiana and he threw one of the prettiest deep balls I've ever seen. If there's one play I could say that I haven't seen in a long time and I truly miss, it's the quick kick. If you can get those safeties out of the deep middle of the field, the quick kick can flip the field. The problem today is that the passing game era has moved those safeties so deep that it's difficult to kick it over their heads without them fielding the ball.

Bill from Dallas, TX

Vic, I read your answer to Hippo. It made me wonder if I should be reading this since I am not concerned if the Packers are playing a 3-4. The coaches know more than me. I just want to see some wins.

Bingo! That's it. Cut to the chase, baby. Hold them responsible for winning. That's their job and they readily acknowledge it. Forget about all of this play-calling baloney; it's a diversion and it can be used as an excuse. Winning is the issue. Coaches stand on their record. They shouldn't have to explain themselves beyond that.

Terry from Dallas, TX

Can you ban John from Janesville?

Done! He's banned. Now he's going to be disgusted that I'm not disgusted that you're disgusted. This is disgusting.

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