On Packers LB Quay Walker: 'The guy works'

Key comments from Green Bay’s coordinators

LB Quay Walker

Special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia

On Keisean Nixon bringing the ball out from deep in the end zone:

We'll see what happens this week. He took 'em out when we wanted him to take 'em out last week. And we're working on not jumping. We'll see if we can get our hands on the ball without jumping on the back end. But we'll see what this week brings. The Saints haven't given up a kickoff return yet, in two games.

On the delay of game for the FG unit:

We should have called a timeout at that particular time, but to be real honest with you, I just thought he was going to go and kick it, standing right next to the official. So it became an issue, obviously. We were out there in plenty of time, it's been addressed, and we'll see what it looks like going forward. It's just one of those things that you'd love to have it back, and I know coach (LaFleur) has addressed it and blame is to some degree a side street to a solution, so you can look right here. It's my fault operationally and hopefully we've gotten it fixed.

On the Saints' special teams:

They are a rush team, they blocked a couple (punts) last year. Now they started off the season with a block and they got real close twice against Carolina. So protection will be paramount for us in the game.

Defensive coordinator Joe Barry

On the review of the defensive performance in Atlanta:

There were a bunch of opportunities there where that game could have gone in a different direction. But bottom line it's my job to put those guys in positions to make plays all the time. So, we sat and we watched it and learned from it, and I tell you what, they guys came in on Wednesday and we've had two good days of work so far. But it's hard when you lose in this league. It's brutal. It hurts.

On not setting the edge:

I think it's a fine line, especially for an edge player. We want to get into passing situations so we really can get after the passer and pass rush. When it's a game like that and we're defending the run, everything starts with setting the edge. Those guys, they run the stretch outside zone blocking scheme that we talked about last week, they're as good as anybody in the league. I think at times we played it well but from a consistency standpoint, we did not set the edge and we lost the edge. When you have a back like they have, he's going to make you pay, and he did a few times.

Obviously, we gotta play the run a lot better, there's no doubt, than we did.

On the start to Quay Walker's Year 2:

We're always fighting for consistency. I do think the truest measure of a performance is just being consistent. That's probably the biggest challenge for especially young players early on in their careers, just finding that consistency week in and week out, year in and year out. Quay, the best way to answer why he's doing what he's doing is the guy works. He shows up and he works and he prepares. He loves football and it shows in his play. It's early but I love where he's at right now.

On the Saints' usage of Taysom Hill:

It's two different offenses. It really is based on who's at quarterback. Taysom, he, in essence, is a tight end but they'll line him out at No. 1 and he runs route like a receiver. They line him up in the backfield as a halfback, use him in protection, but then also use him in the passing game out of the backfield, but he truly is a weapon when he's the old wildcat … a completely different offense when Taysom is behind center. He is a legitimate weapon just because of the different hats that he can wear within the offense.

Offensive coordinator Adam Stenavich

On Rasheed Walker:

Athletic. He does not lack confidence. At all. He believes in himself, and you can feel that. That coupled with just good physicality, good mentality, he's got a lot of tools. So yeah, he's twitchy, he's strong and he's confident.

On the Saints' defense:

Their DBs are very physical, very athletic and they're veteran players. Lattimore's a very, very good corner and their safeties are very solid. They do a good job there. Their linebackers are instinctual. They do a great job getting into the windows of certain throwing lanes. They're all tied together pretty well on the back end. And then obviously, pass rush, that's always a big thing to help with the passing game, getting pressure on the quarterback. It's going to be a big challenge for us this week for sure.

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