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Packers at Titans Halftime Chat

Senior writer Mike Spofford took questions during halftime of the Packers-Titans game. See his take on the first half.

I'm sure everybody is in a great mood. Let's go.

Comment From Brandon 

Welp not sure what to say Mike

I'm not either. The offense woke up, but the defense sure didn't.

Comment From Nathan 

Could we see Rodgers hit 60 attempts today?


Comment From Taylor 

Worst half I've ever seen the Pack play.

It was pretty bad. As bad as it was in the first quarter, the fumbled punt return by Davis might end up being a turning point.

Comment From Eric 

this is the hindenburg of football games

Can't disagree so far.

Comment From Guest 

Our defense is highly overrated. even with Randall coming back soon I don't see it helping much. Hyde/Burnett simply can't cover anyone.

It's not just those two, it's everyone in coverage today. They knew coming in Walker was the Titans' best pass catcher, and he has torched them.

Comment From Guest

I've had a bad week, what needs to get done to get the miracle comeback

The defense needs at least 1-2 turnovers in the second half for the Packers to have a chance.

Comment From Carl 

Another week this team is not ready at kickoff. McCarthy's fault.

The start was on the coaches, on the players, everybody.

Comment From max 

last week you said the 3qus against the colts were rock bottom, what do you call this?

I don't know. I really thought the Colts game was rock bottom. I did.

Comment From Guest

If the defence can get a couple stops they can definitely still be in it

The offense is rolling right now. Tennessee DBs can't cover Nelson and Adams. But the GB defense has to do something.

Comment From Guest

All I can hope for is another Vikings loss.

That would help.

Comment From Mike 

What was with that delay of game penalty on Clinton Dix??? I was confused.

He made a quick move at the line of scrimmage to simulate a snap, forcing the offense to jump. That's a fairly new rule they put on against defenses.

Comment From Wade 

Our defense looks tired, lethargic and confused. What do you think?

That pretty much sums it up. They've had some third-down chances and guys have been wide open.

Comment From Ben 

Who's making mistakes on Defense?

Take your pick. Joe Thomas ran into the TE trying to get out and cover the RB on the wheel route, and Murray was wide open on third down. Hyde got beat one-on-one down the field. Brice had a bad play on Walker early before the good hit later. I never got a good look at a replay on the first long run, but it looked like Martinez got fooled by all the misdirection in the backfield.

Comment From Calvin 

Sure would of been nice to go after some free agents. I feel for the coaches having to settle with players not up to their normal schemes

Youth is definitely killing the Packers in this game, but just about everybody out there on defense is young because of the injuries.

Comment From Guest 

The defense looks confused more than anything. What's say you?

The Titans definitely ran some things they weren't expecting and it knocked them on their heels from the start.

Comment From Israel

Mike Daniels was cursing in the shower last week after the colts game saying no one better get a good nights sleep this whole week. Yet, first play for the titans offense he jumps offsides then gets turned around and then allowed a 75 yard touchdown? He can't yell at everyone else and then not step up himself

Fair point, but I don't think Daniels was just yelling at everyone else. He took his share of the blame too.

Comment From Tim 

If they lose 4-5 I don't see them going 6-1, or for that matter 5-2, stick a fork in them.

It will be a very difficult road to climb from 4-5, but nobody is running away with the North. 8-7-1 did it 3 years ago.

Comment From game over. 

they can't tackle who do you blame for that the players or the coaches?

Players have been tackling since they were kids. If they're missing tackles, that's not on the coaches.

OK, kickoff coming shortly. Gotta go.

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