Player Nickname Winners Announced


The votes are in. After sifting through more than 4,000 submissions, announces the fans' choice for best player nickname.

"Samkon oh my Gado" received 30% of the vote in the final fan poll.

That particular nickname was submitted by ten fans. In a random drawing of those names, Chris Porto of Sarasota, Fla., was selected as the winner.

Congratulations to Chris and our four finalists (also selected in a random drawing when duplicate nicknames were submitted):

Winners will be contacted within 4-6 weeks.

Brett not Favre from Canton

Jason Schindhelm of Eden Prairie, Minn.

Bubba beans and Franks

Mark Schlender of Waunakee, Wis.

Aaron pack your bags, we're going Kampman

Rob Gambsky of Johnson Creek, Wis.

Donald would you like a 3 wood or a Driver?

Brent McClure of Des Moines, Iowa

Below is a list of some of the funniest nickname submissions:

As always, thanks you for your participation! Go Pack Go!

Ahman Green

Ahman Green acres

Ahman gang Green

Ahman show me the Green

Dave Rayner

Dave I've seen fire and I've seen Rayner

Dave Rayner shine

Marquand Manuel

Marquand the instruction Manuel

Marquand to get past me you better read the Manuel

Aaron Kampman

Aaron pack your bags, we're going Kampman

Aaron summer Kampman

Samkon Gado

Samkon oh my Gado

Samkon you Gado be kidding me

Arliss Beach

Arliss day at the Beach

Arliss storming the Beach of Lambeau

Arliss just another day at the Beach

Kevin Barry

Kevin Barry them alive

Kevin my favorite cereal is Boo-Barry

Kevin straw-Barry fields forever

Brett Favre

Brett not Favre from Canton

Brett that ball's going Favre

Brett Favre from finished

Brett how "Favre" can you take us?

Brett, still #1 by Favre

Brett he sure does throw that ball Favre

Marc Boerigter

Marc I give that a 9 on the Boerigter scale

Rod Gardner

Rod plant you like a Gardner

Rod stay out of my tomatoes Gardner

Johnny Jolly

Johnny eat, drink, & be Jolly

Johnny for he's a Jolly good fellow

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron won't you be my neighbor Rodgers

Noah Herron

Noah the great blue Herron

Jerome Nichols

Jerome dimes and Nichols

Jerome has Nichols...what's in your wallet?

Tom Arth

Tom how great thou Arth

Tom where for Arth thou?

Tom Arth-ur Fonzarelli

Tom Arth, Wind and Fire

Chad Clifton

Chad I'm as big as a Clifton

Nick Barnett

Nick no holds Barnett

Nick raises the Barnett

Charles Woodson

Charles layin the Woodson

Donald Driver

Donald backseat Driver

Donald I can't Driver fifty fiver

Donald get in, sit down and hold on, cuz I'm the Driver

Donald please take a left at the next light Driver

Abdul Hodge

Abdul get outta Hodge

Ben Brown

Ben what can Brown do for you?

Junius Coston

Junius Coston a lot of havoc

Michael Montgomery

Michael it midnight in Montgomery

Marviel Underwood

Marviel comics Underwood

Josh Bourke

Josh if it ain't Bourke, don't fix it

Al Harris

Al a whole lot of Harris

Tim Goodwell

Tim good night and Goodwell

Atari Bigby

Atari don't call me playstation Bigby

Atari 2600 Bigby

Chris Francies

Chris don't call me Francies

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