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Packers fans can be trusted

Happy new year, everybody


Jerico from Oakridge, CA

Vic, I was reading articles about who should be MVP, Watt, Rodgers or Romo. After seeing fan reactions, the bias and controversy is incredible. This is exactly what the NFL wants, isn't it?

You bet it is.

Dale from Phoenix, AZ

You pretend to be a tough guy from Pittsburgh, but you are really an Al Bundy that knows little or nothing about football. How did a hack like you get a job like this?

It's amazing, isn't it?

Michael from South Jordan, UT

Am I wrong to compare Suh with Jack Tatum of the '70s?

Compared to Tatum, Ndamukong Suh is Shirley Temple.

Jonathan from Norco, CA

Vic, I remember in the beginning of the season you saying Week 1 doesn't matter, but now look. We would have gotten the No. 1 seed had we beaten Seattle. Do you still think Week 1 doesn't matter?

You don't have to go any farther back than Week 15.

Jacob from Madison, WI

Vic, speculation points toward the NFL expanding the playoff format by two teams next year, with the No. 1-seeded Seahawks earning a bye and the No. 2-seeded Packers hosting the No. 7-seeded Eagles. What are your thoughts on this format?

I favor an expansion of the playoffs. I would have no problem with 16 teams and no byes. In my opinion, when you get to this point in the season, more football is better than less football.

Pete from Oakham, England

Vic, as it is the new year, I thought I had best apologize for a couple of disrespectful questions I have sent in the past. I live in England, have never been to Green Bay, yet, I live for the Packers. I just wanted to say you are a legend in England, too. Happy new year. Hope your health keeps and I will try and send some nicer questions from now on.

No, don't do that. I like the bad stuff. Happy new year.

Trevor from Atascadero, CA

Vic, so I came out for last year's playoff game. I found tickets online from a season ticket holder. The transaction was all but complete. I was then explaining I was coming from California. The deal was off the table. He said he would eat the tickets before selling to 49ers fans. I had to prove I was a Packers fan before he would sell to me. I trust our fans.

That's what the Packers need for the divisional-round playoff game. Lambeau Field needs to be full of Packers fans, otherwise, it won't be the home field advantage it should be.

Mike from Shawano, WI

I think moving forward we are going to see Richard Rodgers stepping into a larger role. With Aaron's limited mobility, I believe we will see more check downs. Thoughts?

I agree.

Robert from Terre Haute, IN

Vic, I know you want this Suh thing to go away, but don't you think the NFL is losing any credibility it had with fans. I am a 60-year Packers fan and I have never seen as much bad press and stupidity on the part of the NFL as this year. I have just about had it. If they truly are concerned about player safety, actions speak louder than words.

Controversy sells.

Sean-Luc from Oceanside, CA

In your opinion, which team would be the most ideal competitor for the Packers to take on in their first playoff game: Cowboys, Cards or Panthers?

My expectation is that Dallas will be the Packers' divisional round opponent.

Ramon from Paramount, CA

Assuming the Cowboys beat the Lions, how do you feel about them coming into Lambeau? They have the running game needed to play in cold weather.

The Cowboys would present a stern challenge. The Packers and their fans will be ready for it. Happy new year, everybody.

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