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Packers fans have respectful confidence

Eddie Lacy, Marshawn Lynch similar running backs


Andy from Green Bay, WI

In past years I let my love and bias for this team cloud my judgment in making game picks. This year, however, I have been completely honest with myself and correctly predicted, if you will, every loss the week before the game. For this week, I get less of that jittery feeling than I did last week and for the Week 1 contest. Although I'm sure my feelings have absolutely nothing to do with the outcome of each game, I'm feeling pretty good about this one.

I think most Packers fans have a more confident feeling about this game than they did for the opener and I think it's because familiarity helps us cope with anxiety. We know what the Packers will be facing in CenturyLink Field. We have a feel for the noise and for the quality of the Seahawks. We know what the Packers have to do to win, and I think we know the Packers have what it takes to do what it'll take to win. There's only question that remains to be answered: Will they do it? I sense a respectful confidence in my inbox.

Kalib from Wichita, KS

There was a wild-looking play Capers called where there were two players rushing in a two-point stance on one side and three players rushing in a three-point stance on the other side. I love that stuff.

Did it work? I love the stuff that works.

Ralph from Paris, France

Is there any way to beat the Seahawks without winning the physical battle?

You can beat the Seahawks by winning or tying in the physical battle, but not by losing it.

Anthony from Brisbane, Australia

Coach McCarthy is a coach that does not receive enough accolades. In line with his Super Bowl ploy of getting measured for rings, I wonder what you think he might spring on the team to focus them for Sunday?

Mike McCarthy is a great coach because he fixes what's broken. He fixed the running game in 2013, fixed the defense in 2014, fixed the offense in the second half of Sunday's win over the Cowboys, etc. The rings thing was just a little fun to help break the tension. That's not the kind of stuff that makes a coach great. Having the vision to identify problems and fix them is what makes a coach great. Developing talent is what makes a coach great. McCarthy is a consummate manager of football. He has a feel for the game and for his team and he is in constant fix mode. Rings, schmings. That's drama. Hey, I thought he didn't like drama.

Rod from Cuerna, Morelos

Vic, why don't you answer questions that are mostly non-American? Do you think America is the best country in the world?

I think I answer a lot of questions from fans outside our boundaries, but I sure like being an American. Our markets are at all-time highs, gas is under $2 a gallon, things are pretty peaceful right now, and the Packers are in the NFC title game. Life's good.

Lou from Vancouver, WA

Vic, what was the deal with your hair in the "Countdown to Seattle: Tuesday"?

You noticed, huh? I had my hairdresser touch up some of the brown that was beginning to show through.

Brett from Green Bay, WI

Vic, do you think Peyton Manning will come back next year?


Bill from Raleigh, NC

Vic, I see this game as a 20-point game. No team has scored more than 20 points against Seattle for over two months. And can the defense hold Seattle to under 20 points? I'm nervous on both fronts, Vic. How do you see it?

I like that storyline: First team to 20 wins. Yeah, I like that a lot.

Sara from Denver, CO

Vic, last Friday I had a mental breakdown and bought a flight and tickets to the game. It is almost entirely your fault – well, you and everyone who wrote in about purchasing tickets and the tundra takeover. There were way more Cowboys fans on Sunday than I would have liked, but I have to say thank you. You were right. I'll always remember where I was for that game, and it was 100 percent worth it. I'm ready for Seattle.

Memories make us rich.

Roger from Jacksonville, FL

If you are Jack Del Rio and you have financially similar offers from Denver and Oakland to be their head coach, which would you take? Denver is a stable franchise that is staring down the salary cap monster; Oakland has questions everywhere but is set to rebuild, perhaps in a new market. I've always admired Del Rio and I think he's a strong candidate for both jobs. What do you think?

Jack is from Oakland. This could be an opportunity for him to save the Raiders and become a hero in his hometown. I love those kinds of stories. I hope it happens.

Isiah from Germantown, WI

I feel like Rodgers' comments about how it was easier for him to move to the left is some kind of tactic of his to get them to bring pressure from the left so it opens the field up opposite of Sherman. Your thoughts?

Listen to everything; believe nothing.

Jake from Franklin, WI

Vic, does the Rooney Rule really work? I feel like it is more of a PR move by the NFL than something substantial.

I think it has greatly advanced the careers of minority coaches. I think the Rooney Rule is one of the NFL's great sources of pride.

Mark from Sheboygan, WI

Do you feel Green Bay's running game is solidly established enough this season for it to be relied on more during games to help take some pressure off Rodgers?

The Packers' running game is much more than a diversion. It's a weapon.

George from Los Fresnos, TX

Ted Thompson had a chance for Lynch a few years ago and didn't pull the trigger. Fast forward to Sunday. Advantage Packers and Lacy or Seahawks and Lynch?

I think they are largely the same guy, which is to say they are between-the-tackles pounders that, when they break the line of scrimmage, require multiple defenders to bring them down. I don't see an advantage, and that's what Lacy does for the Packers in this game. He levels the field for Aaron Rodgers.

Mike from Rockford,MI

On the first offensive play of the game, the Packers run at Sherman and Lacy delivers a crushing blow. How would that be for theater?

It's more than theater, it's football. I'm a big believer in running at great pass defenders. I think it can help soften them against the pass. It's tiresome having to tackle Eddie Lacy. He can hurt you, too.

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