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Packers Serve Lunch, Smiles


Marco Rivera lobs passes at Holy Family School.

The Packers didn't hold practice Tuesday, but that didn't keep Andy Eby from taking a few hits.

In fact, on a chilly autumn morning, sweat poured down Eby's face like it was the middle of training camp. But it wasn't football Eby was playing at Holy Family School in Green Bay, it was a more simplistic game, appropriately titled, "I Have The Ball, And You Can't Get It."

On another area of the blacktop, Marco Rivera tossed passes to a gaggle of young girls with the giggles, Ryan Longwell booted footballs to eager return men, and Javon Walker quarterbacked a game of two-hand touch.

Inside, several of their teammates served lunch.

Craig Nall passed out cartons of milk. Ahman Green and Paris Lenon divvyed out buns. Aaron Kampman tried to hand out hotdogs, but struggled to keep up with Cletidus Hunt, who was offering bratwurst.

Kevin Barry, Mitch White and Marcus Wilkins took turns scooping corn. Karsten Bailey provided crisp vegetables. Donald Driver seemed to work all the stations before settling at the condiment post where he proved to be a master of the catsup pump.

Meanwhile, GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman greeted several of the grade-schoolers, who were all smiles in the midst of their sports heroes.

In fact, looking out over the cafeteria at Holy Family School, it was difficult to pick out the largest smile -- at least until a 300-pound center reentered the room.

The third and fourth graders having been called back to class, Eby ambled up to a table of fifth graders and asked innocently, "Don't you guys get to come out for recess?"

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