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Packers team of destiny, but what destiny?

Aaron Rodgers to Randall Cobb for winning TD in the script


Al from Dickinson, ND

You were pretty close on the movie, just a little less drama without the flag.

I immediately began looking for a flag. I like the ending without the flag better.

Chris from Eau Claire, WI

Vic, we should've pulled the plug three games ago. This whole getting to the playoffs thing is boring me.

In my 42 years of covering football, never have I experienced a more ridiculous fan and media opinion than the growing swirl of insanity that would have had the Packers shut down Aaron Rodgers for the season and play for the higher draft pick, even though the Packers were still alive in the playoff hunt. I'll cut the fans that supported that opinion a break because they have an emotional involvement that often causes them to be irrational, but every ex-jocko or non-jocko on NFL Network, ESPN, etc. that would have had the Packers shut down Rodgers needs to check himself because he doesn't get it. They embarrassed themselves, their media outlets and the game of football. Imagine what they would've cost us in the way of excitement and historical consequence had they had their way.

David from Maribor, Slovenia

All is well that ends well, but on that final TD play, isn't it safer for Cobb to take a knee inside the 5-yard line, run out the clock and kick a field goal?

You mean the play where Mason Crosby's field goal attempt is blocked and the opponent is flagged for illegal batting, and then the referee won't allow a coach's challenge, giving the ball back to the Packers at point-blank range to do what Randall Cobb should've done in the first place? You're thinking too much.

Max from Lincoln, RI

Vic, we haven't beaten the Niners since 2010. How do we now pull off the victory?

It begins with running the ball and winning time of possession. That's the new Packers and I like these Packers.

Rich from Lake Zurich, IL

Oh, what a regular season the Packers could have had if they were all healthy, but my favorite stat from yesterday's game is time of possession: 35:09 to 24:51.

They're all 0-0 now.

Brian from Santa Clarita, CA

Did you notice on Cutler's final "Hail Mary" that his foot was across the line of scrimmage? It didn't matter, but if the Bears did complete the pass, it would have.

Every part of the passer's body, including the last cleat of the shoe on his back foot, must be across the line of scrimmage for it to be a violation. As I saw Jay Cutler creep up on the line of scrimmage, I thought to myself: He knows the rule; I'm impressed.


WR Jarrett Boykin

Bo from Maxwell, IA

I can see why you hyped that trick play. It was a doozy. I don't think anyone saw a "fumble that looks like an incomplete pass" coming. McCarthy is a genius.

You've heard of the Fumblerooski? This is the Fumblepasski.

Matt from West Chester, OH

All that talk about "The Natural" made me somewhat disappointed the stadium lights didn't explode when Rodgers hit Cobb for the go-ahead TD. I guess I need to cool my expectations. Man, I love to watch!

They didn't explode for you? They did for me.

Nick from Appleton, WI

Vic, I haven't ever had to buy meat from the store, and I need one more deer before the end of the season to insure that remains true. I was going to go hunting on Sunday but you have me too pumped up.

I am completely out of deer meat.

Tyler from Aberdeen, SD

Vic, I read your "Ask Vic Halftime" every week after the game is over to see if any of your predictions turn out. "This one will come down to a big play in the fourth quarter. I can feel it." Good call.

I wasn't convinced the Packers would be the team that would make that big play. It could've been the Bears. They were one play away. What if John Kuhn doesn't see Julius Peppers coming unblocked? What if Peppers had sacked Rodgers? That would've been the big play.

Daniel from Jerusalem, Israel

My comment is about your idea of expanding the playoffs, as you have suggested. The idea that doing this would make getting to the Super Bowl harder rubs me the wrong way for the same reasons others have pointed out. Can we compromise and say that it makes it harder for higher-ranked teams to make it to the Super Bowl once they are in the playoffs?

Yeah, sure, whatever. My point is that these games are so good, why not have more of them? The No. 6 seed in the AFC was decided by a controversial official's decision in the KC-SD game. It knocked the Steelers out and put the Chargers in. Is there really a significant difference between those two teams? Let 'em both in. It's winter and I've got nothing better to do. When your product is this good, more is better than less.

Dave from Janesville, WI

Vic, there isn't a team left in the tournament that doesn't have weaknesses. We have weaknesses; so do they. We have "The Man" and a coach that has the guts to play to win. I don't see a team that can match the latter in the NFC. Love our chances!

Janesville knows its football, baby.


Clete Blakeman

Richard from Madison, WI

Of all the words that will be written about that fluke play where Jarrett Boykin finally realized he could run it in for a score, how many of them do you suppose will give credit to the referees for not blowing the whistle?

Clete Blakeman had some tough times this year, but not yesterday. He was at his best when the game was the biggest. I loved his explanation of the Fumblepasski play. When he got to the part where he said the call was confirmed, he all but shouted it for everyone to hear. I sensed some edge in Clete's voice.

Hermes from Richmond, CA

Getting Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb back for the Bears game is a perfect example of the players, not plays philosophy. Oh, what a difference great players can make, huh? Loved your Mel Tucker dream, by the way.

I have no doubt the "Spider Y2 Banana" boys are gonna kill Mel for his attack game plan, but I thought it was genius. When I saw Rodgers' reluctance to run, I thought to myself, "Mel got it." He was facing a quarterback with seven weeks of rust and a shoulder injury that was worth testing. Mel flipped the switch and forced a struggling defense to be aggressive. For a while, it was working, but the bottom line is that great players defeat great schemes. Rodgers is a great player.

Brian from Albertville, AL

Fourth-and-8 at the 48. I think the numbers are a good name. What names have you heard?

You da man, Brian. Forever, that play will be No. 48.

Matthew from Maffra, Australia

Team of destiny?

Yes, the Packers are a team of destiny, but what's their destiny? That's the question left to answer. Is NFC North champions their destiny, or are they destined for something greater? The fun is in the finding out.

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