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Packers To Revise Ticket Sale Procedure For Future 'Family Nights'


The Green Bay Packers Wednesday announced plans to revise ticket sale procedures for future editions of the popular 'Packers Family Night.'

'Packers Family Night,' this summer marking its fifth occurrence, features a scrimmage in a game-like atmosphere at Lambeau Field. This year's event includes an opponent for the first time, with the Buffalo Bills on the opposite sideline.

Tickets for this summer's Aug. 5 event sold out in approximately three hours after beginning at 10 a.m. on June 4. Last year's 'Family Night' sold out as well, but not until nearly seven weeks had passed and with no limit on the amount of tickets purchased.

"After it sold out so quickly this year, we visited the following day and determined we would need to implement a limit next year on the amount of tickets that could be purchased in one sale," said Packers President Bob Harlan. "We then took some time to examine the situation, gather information and hear from fans. Based on that information and feedback, we've developed a new policy, and moving forward this effort will allow more fans the chance to purchase tickets."

Plans call for tickets to be limited to a total of eight per purchase during an initial sales period, allowing more fans to have the chance to make a transaction. A group ticket program will be established as well, to continue to accommodate the groups - youth, church, family, company, etc. - that have regularly attended the event since its inception.

"We're pleased this wonderful evening has become such a popular event for families," said Harlan. "Since its beginning in 1999, we've seen so many young Packers fans introduced to Lambeau Field. It's an occasion that is unique within the NFL, to be able to have an experience like this for our fans."

After reviewing the sales data, it was determined that tickets were sold this year at an average of approximately 10 per transaction.

"We sympathize with those that were unable to get tickets this year and have been concerned about the misconception that numerous large blocks of tickets were sold, therefore limiting access," Harlan continued. "With an average of 10 per sale, we were pleased to find that was not the case. As with any of our events, including Fan Fest, we are not pleased to see tickets purchased and then re-sold, but that is common with any popular event today.

"We are confident that by implementing these additional measures, more fans will have an opportunity to purchase tickets, and we'll still be able to accommodate the groups that have contributed to make the night what it is."

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