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Packers vs Bears Halftime Chat

Senior writer Mike Spofford took questions during halftime of the Packers-Bears game. See his take on the first half.

Here we go.

Comment From Matt 

Kenny Clark is having himself a game

No doubt. Good to see.

Comment From Declan 

Don't they kinda look like pajamas?

What's wrong with that?

Comment From Taylor

Defense is playing great - only one field goal so far. Offense is looking not so great.

A couple of Bears runs have picked up too much, but the depleted secondary is holding up well. Gunter is having a solid game.

Comment From Will from Lexington

Did McCarthy just say we lost Don Jackson? Seriously?

He went to the locker room with a hand injury.

Comment From Justin 

Any positives from the first half in your opinion, besides time of possession?

Packers have moved the ball fine. Just not scoring enough points.

Comment From Daniel 

I almost feel bad for the bears injury bug, but I think we have it just as bad.

It's that kind of game, yeah.

Comment From Joe 

Can any of our receivers go deep. The short game is not scoring any points.

They've taken some shots. Got one big DPI call. Other times Rodgers has looked deep but nothing's there.

Comment From Rob 

I would love a healthy season for once

Don't watch NFL football then.

Comment From Marin 

I actually liked McCarthey going for it on 4th and goal. Shows confidence in his players.

He was definitely sending a message there. Tough to know what the best play call is given the RB situation. A bigger back hits the DB in the hole and has a better chance to power through it.

Comment From Guest 

seems o line is having worst time than with dallas

Bears are being more creative with their rushes, more stunts and a few blitzes. Last two opponents hardly blitzed at all.

Comment From Matt 

Even if they scored, I still would have questioned that goal line play. You're struggling, take the points.

That's the other side of it. I think if Janis doesn't get to the 1 on that short pass, and it's at the 2 or 3, MM kicks it.

Comment From Brandon 

1-1 bottom of the fourth Mike!

Thanks for the update!

Comment From Justin

Wow, not scoring enough points? Good insight there body.

Hey, it's been the story of the season in my mind. The Packers have racked up plenty of yards. Too many field goals and other missed opportunities. They haven't had a bunch of 3 and outs since Week 1.

Comment From Randy 

Basically three trip in the red zone and 6 points. This has been a problem for a couple years or more. What could they do better other than execute?

Not much. The opportunities are there. Just have to finish.

Comment From Paul 

Why are these WR having so much trouble getting any kind of separation?

I don't know. Everyone is asking that but I don't know because I'm not familiar with the specifics of the playbook and what their responsibilities are.

Comment From Will from Lexington 

Cobb was so close to two TDs. Make those catches and we're all happy right now, right?


Comment From Raym 

If Cobb drags that second he has a touchdown

I thought on his first possible TD catch, it would have been an easier play. He didn't catch it clean, and he was trying to re-grab it on the slip when the DB got a hand in there.

Comment From Taylor 

Jared Cook would really have helped in those red zone situations - any idea when he'll return?

No. He hasn't been back at practice yet.

Comment From Gilley 

Key for 2nd half Mike?

Stop the run on D, make Barkley beat you. On offense, find the end zone. Somehow, some way.

Comment From Vincent 

What happend on that 3rd an 3 play that Janis looked like he was blocked? |

Not sure. I think if he keeps running rather than stopping, he gets a penalty called on the defense. If you stop, the refs aren't going to throw the flag.

Comment From Sudsman

Deion just confirmed what I posted earlier. There's nothing wrong with Rodgers; the receivers can't get open.

No, they aren't open. You can see it from up here. The question everyone is asking is why, and I don't know the answer.

Comment From Dave 

So who do the Packers use as rb since Jackson is now out?

I don't know how many plays Davis knows. Probably just more 88 and 18, and a whole bunch of Big Five.

Comment From Jack 

Receivers not getting cleared of defender. Hard to complete passes that way.

Of course. But someone has to get open when five are out running routes, right?

Comment From Daniel 

We took the points in Dallas and look how that turned out. Just win baby

OK then.

Comment From Joe 

Do you think Davis will get a chance in the 2nd half?

Maybe. But he can't know very many plays. He just got here a little more than 48 hours ago. OK, there's the kickoff. Thanks everybody.

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